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Is it Worth It? Nest WIFI Unboxing, Speed Test and First Impressions

All new Google Nest Wifi hardware is on sale now. A router that covers 2,200 square feet is $129. A two pack, with the Google Assistant-enabled point, covers 3,800 square feet for $269. If you have a larger home, you can also get a three pack, with two points, for $349. That will cover a whopping 5,400 square feet.

However, if you have the older Google Wifi hardware, there’s no need to send it out to pasture. The router/mesh points can be pressed into service as Wifi points in your Nest Wifi network, extending your network even further.

Head over to the to learn more and order yours today.

Google Wifi Vs Nest Wifi: Performance

The biggest differences between the Google and Nest versions of Google’s mesh system are in performance and range, with the newer Nest Wifi offering faster throughput and larger coverage areas across the board.

The Google Wifi offered maximum throughput of 464.4 Mbps, which is still fairly impressive for an affordable mesh Wi-Fi system. But the Nest Wifi stepped that up substantially, with a top throughput of 653.2Mbps. That even tops some of the Wi-Fi 6 models on our best mesh routers page.

The Nest Wifi also offers better range, translating into larger coverage areas with the same number of units. Where a single Google Wifi unit covered 1,500 square feet, the Nest Wifi router covers 2,200 square feet. Adding a second or third unit only increases expanded range further, as indicated in the chart below.

Google Wifi
Up to 4500 sq ftUp to 5400 sq ft

Who Is Nest Wi

  • You need a mesh Wi-Fi system that covers a large area2,500 square feet or bigger.
  • You have lots of people and devices using your internet at the same time but in different rooms.
  • You want Google Home and the Google Assistant along with your mesh Wi-Fi system.
  • Your house is home to multiple smart home and security devices that youd like to control through one app or system.

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Shea Ritchie Product Marketing Manager Google

Shea lives in an old San Francisco apartment with high ceilings and thick walls.

She has her cable box in her living room and, as she cut-the-cord last year, good Wifi is essential for streaming TV. Sheas boyfriend works from home and has had issues with getting online due to a poor signal. He now has a Nest Wifi point in his home office.

Shea now has a Nest Wifi point in her bedroom, so she and her boyfriend can listen to a guided meditation at night and wake up to the news in the morning.

Nest Wifi Vs The Old Google Wifi Whats The Difference

Is Google Nest Wifi worth the extra money over Google Wifi?

The following are a few key aspects in which the Nest Wifi differs from the old Google Wifi:

  • Nest Wifi is far more attractively designed and the Nest Wifi Points come in three colours whereas the Google Wifi Points only came in white.
  • Nest Wifi also functions as a smart speaker with voice-activated Google Assistant. This makes Nest Wifi far more functional than Google Wifi, which served only as a router.
  • The total combined speed of Nest Wifi is about 1,200 Mbps greater than Google Wifi.
  • Nest Wifi can be controlled using your voice whereas Google Wifi didnt have voice activation features.

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Google Wifi Vs Nest Wifi: Features

The original Google Wifi offered plenty of advanced features for its time, with simple mesh networking and 802.11ac connectivity that was top of the line when the system was introduced.

Each Google Wifi point is equipped with a pair of Ethernet ports, letting you connect your cable modem to the central unit, or attach other devices to the extended mesh network through the various points around the house.

But the real standout feature back in 2016 was the ease of setup. Using the Google Wifi App , you could set up each Google Wifi device simply by scanning a QR code on the base of the unit, with setup taking roughly five minutes per unit as multiple points were used for the mesh network.

When it initially launched, the Google Wifi mesh kit was notable for its early smart home capabilities, which included IFTTT functionality.

When Google introduced Nest Wifi in 2020, it updated this feature set with a number of new functions.

Smart home features were a major focus, as the Nest name might suggest. In addition to app-based network management, Nest Wifi works with the entire Nest family of products, and major names like Philips Hue, Tile trackers, GE, TP-Link, and Kasa. From smart locks to smart lights and plugs, your whole house full of connected devices should be compatible with the Nest Wifi system.

The only area where we failed to see the expected advancement was in Wi-Fi standards, with the Nest Wifi still using 802.11 AC instead of the newer Wi-Fi 6.

Google Nest Cam Outdoor Integrations

The Nest Cam Outdoor works with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. It also works within the Google Assistant app, so you can connect other devices that also work with Google Assistant, like Philips Hue lightbulbs.

Of course, the Nest Cam Outdoor will also work with your other Nest devices. If you already have a Nest Secure home security system or a Nest Hello video doorbell, then your Nest Cam Outdoor will fit right in.

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Google Nest Cam Iq Outdoor

The Google Nest Cam IQ Outdoor gives you everything the New Cam Outdoor does but more. It has a wider field of vision, a longer range of detection, a built-in LED ring light, and a 4K sensor for better image quality. It also costs twice as much as the Nest Cam Outdoor, but if you want the best tech, its an excellent choice.

The Nest Cam IQ Outdoor is best for:

  • People who like the Nest Cam Outdoor but want an even better version
  • People who want better image quality when you zoom in

Check out our Nest Cam IQ Outdoor review.

For better security than a single camera could ever give you, we recommend a smart security system. Check out our Best Home Security Systems review to compare the best systems on the market.

Is Google Nest Wifi Worth It Should You Buy It

Nest Wi-Fi Vs Google Wi-Fi! Worth The Upgrade?

Google Nest Wifi is an incredibly impressive wireless mesh router. Its an attractively designed series of Routers and Points that you can display openly without hesitation. They also function as smart speakers with voice activation, which makes them far more functional than most other mesh networks. If you dont have a mesh network of your own and want to get a new one, Google Nest Wifi is completely worth it.

However, if you already have the Google Wifi network, then it doesnt necessarily make sense to upgrade to a Google Nest Wifi. Luckily, however, the Nest Wifi system is perfectly compatible with Google Wifi, so you dont have to replace your previous set-up but can instead add Nest Wifi Points to your existing set-up.

More on from SMARTHOME news

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Nest Wifi Vs Google Wifi: How Are The Two Mesh Routers Different

First came Google Wifi, then came Nest Wifi. Make sure you understand the differences between the two mesh routers before you buy in.

    In 2016, made its first foray into mesh networking with , a puckish, three-piece mesh router system. Like other mesh routers, you connect one Google Wifi device to your modem and then scatter the others throughout your home to spread a speedy Wi-Fi signal from room to room. The $300 system tested well and quickly earned a spot as one of CNET’s top recommended routers.

    Then, at the end of 2019, Google unveiled a follow-up. Rather than calling it Google Wifi 2, Google called the system Nest Wifi, which matched the company’s efforts to rebrand the smart speaker and smart display as the Nest Mini and Nest Hub.

    But don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s just the same system with a different name. Though they both make the same basic pitch — steady, reliable, whole-home Wi-Fi — Google Wifi and Nest Wifi come with some key differences. And, with both currently available from major retailers, you’ll want to be sure you understand those differences before you buy in. Let’s run through them:

    Nest Wifi features a dedicated router and smaller range-extending devices called Points. The router only comes in white, but the Points come in white, blue, or coral — and they also feature built-in smart speakers.

    Chromecast With Google Tv

    Our final product is technically missing Nest from its name, but slots in neatly with the rest of the lineup, and its a natural choice for a Google-based smart home. The current Chromecast features a native TV interface, a remote with Google Assistant, and the ability to stream video from Google-compatible security cameras. In effect it can turn your TV into a giant Nest Hub, though youll need at least one smart speaker or display if you dont want to talk into your remote every time.

    See also:

    The Chromecasts main purpose is streaming movies and TV shows. It packs all of your favorite streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube, and HBO Max, and you can use Google Cast to push media from phones, tablets, and laptops. Google bundles it in a $424 Home of Entertainment package with two Nest Audios and a Nest Hub Max, which is a pretty solid way of decking out an entertainment system. On its own, the Chromecast is an extremely affordable $50.

    These are our favorite Nest products, but Google adds new options every year. Check out the most updated list of devices right here.

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    Simple Setup And Powerful Performance

    If you’re wary about Nest WiFi’s somewhat high price not being worth it, let me allay those fears a little bit. Internet signal has been a constant headache in my apartment for more than a year, and Nest WiFi more or less fixed it in about 10 minutes. From a pure performance perspective, it’s tough not to be impressed.

    Setting up Nest WiFi is comically easy, with the caveat that you need to do it through Google’s ecosystem, of course. To start, I had to download the Google Home mobile app, log into my Google account, and unplug the router I normally use. After plugging in the Nest router, all I had to do was follow the instructions in the Home app, most of which involved waiting for the router and the WiFi point to turn on and connect with each other.

    I had to fiddle with the placement of the point a little bit due to the unaccommodating shape of my apartment, but the good news is, you can do that without any real fuss. It takes a good 30 to 45 seconds to boot back up after you plug it into a new wall outlet, but there’s no additional setup needed.

    All told, after 10 minutes or so, the dead zones in my place were brimming with internet life. The extended signal wasn’t as powerful as the one in the same room as the router, but it was more than usable for modern needs like streaming and remote working. For the numbers-obsessed among you, the area that used to be a WiFi graveyard consistently got between 25 and 50 Mbps of download speed.

    Can I Use Special Characters In My Wi

    Google Nest WiFi 4

    Your network SSID can use certain special characters, like periods, but we recommend against it.

    When setting up our Wi-Fi network, we named it ReviewsRouter2.4 and ReviewsRouter5 to designate which band, 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz, it was.

    But the period in ReviewsRouter2.4 gave some of our devices trouble when they tried to connect. Once we renamed it to ReviewsRouter24, the devices connected with no problems.

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    Google Nest Wifi Pros And Cons No Wifi 6

    One of Google Nest Wifis biggest criticisms has been in regard to its use of Wifi 5 rather than the latest Wifi 6. Many critics have seen this as a missed opportunity. However, Google has defended its decision.

    Chris Chan, the Nest Wifi Product Manager, said: You do see a lot of routers with Wifi 6 built-in, but it charges quite a bit of a premium in order to get that, and in fact, you need to have Wifi 6-compatible other devices in order for it to be a faster experience.

    This explanation makes complete sense for several reasons.

    First, Wifi 6 certainly comes with greater speed capacities and anti-congestion features, but those functions are only available if theyre interacting with other Wifi 6 devices. However, in the current landscape, most wireless networks are populated with Wifi 5 or Wifi 4 devices. As such, even if Google Nest Wifi incorporated Wifi 6, it wouldnt make much of a difference to you.

    Sanjay Noronha, product lead for Nest Wifi, said: It’s really only 2022 by which point you’re going to have a critical mass of devices in the home, at which point Wifi 6 will make sense in the home.

    Secondly, Wifi 6 routers are considerably more expensive than Wifi 5 routers. Netgear Orbi, for example, is a Wifi 6 router, but its two-piece setup will cost $700 whereas the two-piece set-up of the Wifi 5 Netgear Orbi only costs $149.

    Has The Coverage Improved

    Again, yes, absolutely.

    Ive been using a Google Wifi 3-pack in my three-bed home for the best part of a year. Before switching over from a Virgin Media SuperHub 3 from my provider, the network signal barely reached my office upstairs, leaving me with a slow, unstable Wi-Fi connection with speeds below 10Mbps.

    After installing a trio of Google Wifi units, I rocked around 60Mbps of the advertised 200Mbps upstairs, with the main unit downstairs hitting 200Mbps with ease.


    In testing the new devices, I made the Nest Wifi my primary router, replaced one of the nodes with a Point, and reused an older Google Wifi router in my office. Im now getting above at 120Mbps in every single room in my house, with each router in the same locations as before. Thats quite an upgrade.

    Dont believe me? Here are the before and after speed test results:

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    Google Wifi Vs Nest Wifi: Security

    Since the first Google Wifi, Google has built security features into its mesh Wi-Fi products.

    The 2016 Google Wifi boasted an Infineon Trusted Platform Module that encrypts network traffic and verifies firmware installations to protect the entire network at the router level. You can also pause the internet connection to one or all devices in the home.

    But the Google Wifi lacks any built-in malware protections, and doesn’t offer any substantial parental controls, like content filtering or deeper access controls.

    The Nest Wifi, on the other hand, adds precisely the sort of features that the Google Wifi was missing. It keeps the TPM-based encryption, and upgrades to WPA 3 security another bit of security that was added to the 2020 version of Google Wifi.

    But the Nest Wifi also gets some better parental controls. The ability to pause Wi-Fi access is enhanced with the ability to schedule Internet time-outs or set routines to disconnect the kid’s devices for scheduled events like homework or bedtime. Parents can also filter content by site, applying Google SafeSearch to block millions of inappropriate adult websites.

    The best part? These parental controls can be accessed right from your smartphone, or through Google Assistant including the Google Home built into the Nest Wifi points throughout the house.

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