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Secure Your Router From Hackers


Your router is the central hub for your home’s internet connection. It handles who can and can’t use your connection, which makes it a key target for hackers. As such, it’s worth securing your router to prevent any headaches in the future.

For one, make sure you’re using WPA2 for your Wi-Fi key. If you received your router semi-recently, there’s a very good chance it has been using WPA2 since you bought it. Older models will use WPA, or worse, WEP. There are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t use WEP, so be sure to buy a new router if your one uses it.

Is your network secure from password hacking? If you’re unsure, double-check the passwords that your router uses. There are two you need to check: the password to access the network and the password that gives you admin controls over the router itself.

These days, routers use randomized passwords for every model to stop hacks. Older or cheaper models, however, will likely use default usernames and passwords, such as the classic “username: admin, password: admin” standard. If yours has this, be sure to change it immediately!

If you’re feeling paranoid, you can also change the SSID of your router. By default, your router broadcasts a name that gives away what model it is. If hackers find a flaw in your model of router, your SSID will reveal that you’re using a vulnerable router.

Giving your router a fun name hides your model name and makes it harder for hackers to crack your security.

What Is A Good Internet Speed

A good internet speed is at least 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload. These internet speeds are the bare minimum for a broadband connection as defined by the Federal Communications Commission . But youll get better results with an internet plan that supports download speeds between 40100 Mbps.

That said, no one wants to overpay for internet speed. You can use our How Much Speed Do You Need? Tool to generate a personalized internet speed recommendation based on how your household uses the internet. Find that sweet spot of sufficient download speed without overpaying for speed you wont use.

Restart Your Modem And Your Device

First, try unplugging your modem for 10 seconds, then plug it back in. Just remember that your home WiFi connections will be temporarily interrupted during this process.

A restart triggers the modem to re-scan and optimize connectivity for your current WiFi environment. If your modem is hard to reach, you can try the following:

For the Ignite WiFiTM Gateway modem, you can use the Ignite WiFi Hub app to restart your Gateway.

For older modems, you can try accessing the modem settings online.

Also, try restarting your device itself: an issue with your laptop, phone, or tablet may also affect performance.

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What Do I Do When I Encounter A Warning Page

To stay safe, we recommend you do not visit the website and instead choose one of these options:

  • Navigate to a new destination
  • Close your browser
  • Although risky and not recommended, you may choose to ignore the warning and click the white “Continue anyway” button to continue to the suspected site.

    You also have the option to check the box to “Permanently trust this website” if you know it’s a safe site. Checking this box will whitelist the site on all devices currently connected to your modem so you won’t receive the warning in the future.

    Testing The Security Of Your Home Wifi Network

    WiFi Security Master

    Testing the security of your wireless network is a great idea, regardless of whether you’re concerned there might be a security breach. It’s a vital part of making sure you’re protected against any future happenings.

    Testing the security of your wireless network is a great idea, regardless of whether you’re concerned there might be a security breach

    First and foremost, one way to check if your network is secure is to connect to it from a new device, one that has never connected to the network before. If you aren’t asked for a security key on connection, then your Wi-Fi network is open and therefore not secure, and anyone could log into it.

    If you enter your router’s IP address into the search bar of your browser and then input your username and password, the settings page for your router will come up. As most routers come with very basic default passwords, it’s a good idea to change your router’s password to something more secure. Just remember this isn’t your Wi-Fi password, just the password to your router .

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    Factors Affecting Your Wifi Speed

    Usually, when we come across a slow WiFi speed or the connections the often weakens, we are unable to spot the reason behind and assume that it randomly occurs. However, there are several factors that create an impact over the strong WiFi connection making it unreachable. While this happens there is much one can do to improve the connection speed of your Wifi. Let us see the factors responsible for slowing down the WiFi connection one by one.

    Wi-Fi network strength and range: Your WiFi or the wireless access point has a specific reach and hence the farther you get from the modem or router, the poorer connection you would come across and to a certain more distance it would stop permanently. Further, you might come across weaker connection even if you are within the range of the router. The reason behind this could be that your router is lying buried under things in a closet, is placed in some other room and the walls obstruct, has become too old or got broken. To resolve this issue try moving closer to the router or place the router at a location where the signals do not meet with physical obstructions.

    How Can I Avoid Isp Speed Throttling

    ISP throttling is when your provider intentionally slows down your connection. This may happen due to network congestion or your ISP limiting certain types of traffic, such as using torrenting sites. A quick WiFi speed test can confirm whether or not your provider is throttling your connection.

    If you wish to avoid this, start using a virtual private network . The best VPNs can effectively hide your IP address from providers looking to slow down internet speeds and enhance your overall internet experience.

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    Your Speed Is Faster Than % Of Our Speed Test Results

    How does it feel to be on top? You can stream live sports in UHD in every room, download huge files in minutes, and connect tons of devices. The internet world is yours.

    There’s not much that can slow your connection down. With speeds like this, several people can stream at the same time. You also have the bandwidth for intense online gaming, if that’s your thing.

    Not too slow and not too fastthat’s how you roll. Most online activities work great for you, but things might slow down if too many people start streaming in 4K or downloading large files.

    Your connection qualifies as the FCC’s definition of broadband: 25 Mbps. That’s good! But if you need faster load times, there’s plenty of room to upgrade.

    Your connection is fast enough to get the job donejust as long as the job isn’t too big. It works best if you stick to doing internet research, sending emails, and checking the news. Basic video streaming also works on one device.

    What your internet connection does well with your current internet speed

    • Do most anything online fast and on a multitude of devices.
    • Stream Netflix, YouTube, and more in UHD on multiple devices.
    • Enjoy a fully automated smart home.
    • Stream Netflix, YouTube, and more on multiple devices.
    • Game online .
    • Skype and FaceTime with groups.
    • Game online .
    • Stream Netflix, YouTube, and more on a single device.
    • Stream music from iTunes, Spotify, and more on a single device.

    What your internet connection could do better with more internet speed

    What To Do If Your Security Type Is Wpa2

    How To Check Who is using my Wifi | Prevent Wifi Theft in Tamil | Wifi Security Apps

    WPA2 is also a secure protocol, so you don’t need to worry about updating your hardware. However, if you’re interested in staying up-to-date, it’s worth looking at the current generation of routers with WPA3 compatibility. If you liked the sound of the features we listed under the WPA3 protocol, you should consider upgrading to a router that supports it.

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    Test Your Wifi Speed With Accurate Wifi Speed Test Tool

    Wifi Speed Test: Trying to figure out the accurate speed of your WiFi? Our WiFi Speed test can help you to get wifi speed. Get an exact idea of your wifi internet connection speed by performing a WiFi speed test. Each one of us may face connectivity issues from time to time i.e. the wifi connection might slow down frequently for no solid reason and you may realize that it is not the speed that you have been paying your ISPs for. Being a wireless network connection, the speed of WiFi depends on a majority of factors such as the varied computer network types, the distinguishing performance of the WiFi supports as well as the technological standards. Each WiFi standard has been rated according to its maximum theoretical network bandwidth. However, these tend to differ from the assigned theoretical maximums when the actual performance of the wifi networks comes into the scene. the wifi speed test is performed to get an exact idea of your wireless speed.

    How To Check Wifi Security Type In Windows 10

    WiFi security type is the standard protocol that ensures that you are connected to a secure network, and no malicious entity has unauthorized access to your device. While to generic users, security means the password only it is only used to authenticate the users. WiFi security type applies to the entire network that keeps the connection safe. Wireless network security has a broader meaning than just a password. There are different Wi-Fi security types that you can check out below.

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    Change Your Network’s Default Name

    Usually, your network will be set up to be easily identified. It will often include the name of your ISP. This makes it easier for people to guess the default settings for that ISP. So change it to something more anonymous. We don’t recommend anything that has your name or your home address in it. Make it as hard for others to identify as possible.

    How To Find A Network Security Key For Android

    Free Wifi Password Viewer

    3G and 4G LTE-supported Android phones support the use of data or the internet on the handset itself. We just need to enable the mobile data button on the android phone to activate the data services.

    But a network security key is required to make a mobile hotspot from an android phone for pairing it with some other devices through which that device can also access the Internet.

    While smartphones these days have an icon for enabling mobile hotspots in settings, from where we can allow the pairing of devices with Android phones. Remember that the mobile hotspot will only work when the mobile data is enabled on the handset.

    The steps to enable the mobile hotspot and enter the security key are as follows:

    Activating Mobile Hotspot for an Android phone

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    Move Your Router To A Physically Secure Location

    Getting around many of the more sophisticated security precautions can be as simple as someone hitting the reset button on your router. Its vital to double-check that your router is in a secure location with restricted access: a locked cabinet or in an office that is always locked. You can even explore video surveillance options to have the router monitored 24/7.

    What To Do If Your Security Type Is Wep Or Wpa

    If your network is either WEP or WPA , then you’re at risk of a cyber-attack. As a result, you’ll want to upgrade to a WPA2 or WPA3-compatible router to secure yourself.

    It’s also worth checking if your router has been set to use a lesser security type. Read the manual for your current router and check if you can toggle the security type. If you can’t, it’s worth investing in a new router.

    Thankfully, even the cheaper models available today support WPA2 due to the Wi-Fi Alliance dictating that they have to. Furthermore, you can ensure a quality product by looking out for the best brands when buying a wireless router.

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    A Free And Easy Way To Test Your Wi

    If youre wondering just how secure your home network is, heres an easy way to find out. Pure Networks, makers of the popular Network Magic management tool for home networks, has a free diagnostic scan that will deliver a scorecard on your networks security status.

    The Pure Networks Security Scan tool, which works only with Internet Explorer 6 or later, is clearly bait for Network Magic. But its a fun download that can provide insight into your network security in just a few minutes.

    Run the scan, and the resulting scorecard provides a summary status of network devices, the router and network, wireless security, and the computer on which you ran the scan. It advises you of the number of issues tested for each category, alerts you to any worrisome issues found. Click View and it gives you a detailed look within each category.

    Some of the items it tests under Router and Network include whether you are running a hardware firewall, if your password is strong , and whether your router firmware is up to date. Under the Wireless Security tab, the scan checks to ensure that you have changed the factory SSID, tells you what kind of wireless security youre using, and whether there are any SSID name conflicts.

    I tested my home network and scored 98 percent. The only issue the program found was that my router firmware might be out of date.

    How Do I Check Whether My Network Is Secure

    How to Check Who is Using My Wifi | Find Devices Connected to WIFI Internet

    Home Wi-Fi networks are typically created and accessed through a physical device called a broadband router also known as a hub or wireless router. You will need to connect to your router to check its security settings. The most important of these settings are the administrator password, the wireless security key and encryption method. There are a number of ways to check what these settings are, including:

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    Advanced Router Security Tips For Tech

    Change the settings for the administrative Web interface, if your router permits it. Ideally, the interface should enforce a secure HTTPS connection over a non-standard port, so that the URL for administrative access would be something like, to use Horowitz’s example, “” instead of the more standard “”, which by default uses the internet-standard port 80.Use a browser’s incognito or private mode when accessing the administrative interface so that the new URL you set in the above step is not saved in the browser history.

    Disable PING, Telnet, SSH, UPnP and HNAP, if possible. All of these are remote-access protocols. Instead of setting their relevant ports to “closed,” set them to “stealth” so that no response is given to unsolicited external communications that may come from attackers probing your network.

    “Every single router has an option not to respond to PING commands,” Horowitz said. “It’s absolutely something you want to turn on a great security feature. It helps you hide. Of course, you’re not going to hide from your ISP, but you’re going to hide from some guy in Russia or China.”

    Change the router’s Domain Name System server from the ISP’s own server to one maintained by OpenDNS , Google Public DNS or Cloudflare .

    Use a virtual private network router to supplement or replace your existing router and encrypt all your network traffic.

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