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How To Tell If Someone Is Using Your WiFi Network (3 Techniques)
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Wi-Fi networking is absolutely essential to the modern home. From smartphones to games consoles to intelligent thermostats like Nest, virtually every appliance now requires a wireless internet connection.

As a result, there is all kinds of valuable information being transmitted across your Wi-Fi network credit card numbers, passwords and sensitive photos and files. Which makes your network a natural target for cybercriminals.

Someone Steals Your Wifi Learn How To Block Their Connection

steals wifi and block

Here are some simple ways to find outwho is stealing your Wi-Fi and what you can do to block them and protect your network.

It is increasingly common for people to run out of data on their cell phones and make use of neighboring Wi-Fi networks, making use of an unauthorized connection and in some cases causing the owner a slow or problematic Internet connection.

Different methods are used to illegally use a Wi-Fi network:

  • Weak or predictable passwords.
  • Wi-Fi password cracking, either by the use of old fashioned security mechanisms or because the password appears in a dictionary.
  • Default Wi-Fi password created based on patterns.
  • This last point is very common since routers usually come with a generic or pre-generated Wi-Fi network name and a password calculated based on patterns. Many of these patterns have been discovered so that passwords can be easily calculated and figured out regardless of whether the Wi-Fi security is set to maximum security.

    At home, neighbors who usually dont want to pay for an internet connection, may connect to your Wi-Fi network. In places such as bars, restaurants, hotels, which provide free Wi-Fi for their customers, neighbors or even tourists use their Wi-Fi since there are many pages and apps that collect passwords around the world.

    Setting Up A Secure Network

    OK, it’s time to get down to it. Is your wireless network running slowly? Do you have intermittent losses in internet access and you can’t figure out why? First, take a breath. In all likelihood, no one is stealing your internet. Tons of things could cause a slow connection. Your internet service provider might be having issues or is overloaded with traffic. Your WiFi router might be experiencing interference from other electronics, or simply be having trouble penetrating the walls and furniture of your home to get a wireless signal to your computer.

    There’s only one thing you need to prevent 99.9 percent of wireless squatters from using your internet connection: a password.

    The most basic element of wireless security is an encryption protocol such as WPA2, or WiFi Protected Access. Older standards like WEP and the first generation of WPA have been phased out for the more secure WPA2, which is itself now slowly being replaced by WPA3.

    WPA3 is the third and most recent iteration of WPA security, introduced to the marketplace in July 2020. Because this standard requires certain hardware specifications, many millions of older WiFi devices yet aren’t able to use it. Expect WPA3 to become much more common in the next couple of years as WPA2 is gradually made obsolete .

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    How To Tell If Someone Is Using Your Wifi

    Has your internet been running slower than usual? You might have someone piggybacking off your internet. When someone connects to your unsecured WiFi network without your permission, thats considered piggybacking. Most piggybacking cases come from a neighbor who doesnt want to pay for WiFi themselves and sees an opportunity to connect to yours for free. More rarely, it might be a hacker who connects to an unsecured WiFi network, which makes it easy for them to access your personal information. Securing your WiFi will help prevent anyone from connecting to your WiFi, no matter their intentions.

    Probe Lights Of Your Wireless Router

    How Can You Prevent People from Using Your Wireless ...

    Wireless routers are equipped with status lights to show internet connectivity, hardware network connections, and other wireless activities. By and large, checking your routers lights is the simple way to see if theres an unknown device connected to it.

    However, before checking the lights, disconnect all your attached devices from the wi-fi. Now, go and check if the light is still blinking.

    Typically, lights stop flickering when there are no devices connected to the wi-fi network. But if the lights do not stop flashing even after you disconnect all your devices, someone indeed is stealing your wifi connection.

    Although it is a swift technique, it is not feasible if you have many Wi-Fi devices at home.

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    How To Help Prevent Future Wifiintruders

    So what do you do now? Well, you may be surprised by how many devices are actually connected to your WiFi. If you find devices that you know are not yours, there isn’t much you can do to identify who they belong to. But you can immediately disconnect them by changing your password, and keeping it a secret.

    Not sure how to change your password? This is usually done in that same router settings page we discussed before, but some providers or manufacturers allow you to make changes via their own app or website.

    Some tips on keeping the code secure: Don’t use your name or address as a password. Don’t use a password that matches a network name. And don’t share your password with your neighbors, who might then share it with their neighbors, and so on, and so on, until everyone is connected to your WiFi.

    Finding The List Of Connected Devices

    Youll now need to look for the option in your routers web interface somewhere. Look for a link or button named something like attached devices,connected devices, or DHCP clients. You may find this on the Wi-Fi configuration page, or you may find it on some sort of status page. On some routers, the list of connected devices may be printed on a main status page to save you some clicks.

    On many D-Link routers, a list of connected devices is available under Status > Wireless.

    On many Netgear routers, youll find the list under Attached Devices in the sidebar.

    On many Linksys routers, youll find this option under Status > Local Network > DHCP Clients Table.

    On Comcast Xfinity routers, youll find the list under Connected Devices in the sidebar.

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    How To Hack A Router

    In order to know how to protect your phone from cybercriminals hacking into your WiFi network, you need to know how a WiFi network can be hacked in the first place.

    There are three primary ways that a cybercriminal can do this:

    • If your router is not password protected, it is easy for a cybercriminal to hack it.
    • If you give the password away, a cybercriminal can hack it. This can be a visitor to your home who you share the password with, it can also be someone who physically looks at the default password that is written on the router itself. This is why it is important to change the default password.
    • If your router uses an outdated authentication protocol, it is easy for cybercriminals to hack it. This is why it is important to keep your devices updated and to disable WEP protocol.

    It is important that you avoid sharing your password with others, and that you change the default password on your router to something that is not easy to guess. It goes without saying that not having a password to protect your router is a bad idea.

    The last point is the most critical one. If you are still using an old router, your router might still be using WEP protocol. If this is the case, it takes almost no effort to hack into your network. Instead of WEP you should be using WPA2-PSK with AES encryption.

    How Can I Detect Who Is On My Wifi

    How To Check Who Is Using Your WiFi

    If you notice that an iPhone 8 is connected to your home wireless network even though you dont own a single Apple device and are sure that neither do your friends and family, its possible that the iPhone belongs to someone who has no business being on your network.

    If your router allows you to disconnect a connected device from the admin interface, dont hesitate to do so. Just remember to also change your password otherwise the intruder might reconnect the second you go back to minding your own business.

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    We also encourage you to download a comprehensive WiFi analysis application, such as NetSpot, to understand the reason why someone has successfully joined your wireless network. NetSpot can create an easy-to-understand heat map of your wireless signal strength so you can determine how far from your router someone could be and still have access to your wireless network.

    Whats more, NetSpot can also give you accurate information about the security of your wireless network as well as the channel on which the network is broadcasted. With the information provided by NetSpot, its easy to optimize your WiFi so that strangers cant steal your bandwidth anymore.

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    Can Someone Hack My Phone Through Wifi

    Did you know that somebody can hack your phone through your WiFi?

    It is true.

    Cybercriminals are becoming more creative with the ways that they steal your information so you need to learn how your phone can be hacked through your WiFi network.

    This quick guide will help you understand how your phone can be hacked through your WiFi network and how you can protect yourself.

  • Final Thoughts
  • How To Find Out Who Is Using My Wifi

    Is your internet connection being sluggish lately? Do you suspect that someone else is streaming Netflix or downloading games with your Wi-fi?

    Today there are plenty of tools available which people can use to get access to your wifi network. Nonetheless, it is not only unethical as well as theft as youre paying for the connection. In addition, they can also get their hands on shared folders and other resources on the network triggering privacy concerns.

    Luckily, its now possible can find out whos being a wifi-moocher. So you can see who has unauthorized access to your wireless network and put an end to it once and for all.

    Are you frustrated about a sneaky neighbor constantly slowing down your wifi performance?

    This guide will lay out the ways with which you can check whos using your wifi secretly. Moreover, it will also discuss how to increase your router security to the maximum.

  • Take Away
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    Is Someone Using Your Wifi Heres How To Find Out

    Theres no doubt about the convenience of using wireless in your home or office. However, you dont want just anybody hopping on your WiFi, using your network, and breaching its security. Having a unique password doesnt mean you are immune to this problem.

    If you ever notice that your connection is much slower than usual, its worth taking a peek at just how many devices are connected to your wireless network.

    You can download and install a program aptly called Who Is on Your WiFi to know if there are other people connected to your hot spot who should not be. The free version is sufficient to detect intruders, but there are also paid versions with extra features like text notifications, audit logs, etc.

    Once you install the application, all you have to do is follow the tutorial to run a scan of your network and review information about devices that are linked to your connection.

    Initially, you may not recognize which MAC and IP addresses correspond with which device, but theres an easy way to identify them. Turn off all of your devices, then turn them on one by one. If you only have one known device connected to your WiFi, and the Who Is on Your WiFi application is showing more than that device, its a safe bet someone is sharing your Internet connection. Take the appropriate measure of immediately changing your wireless password and only share it with family or designated individuals you want to have it.

    How Do You Remove Strangers From Your Wifi

    How To Find If Someone Is Using Your Wifi

    If you think that someone who shouldnt be is using your WiFi, theres action you can take to put a stop to it.

    The best thing to do is change your password, especially if you still use the default router name and password, as changing it will automatically boot everyone off your network including you, of course. You can do this from the admin page on your router.

    In most cases, a newer, more robust password will be enough to deter outsiders from stealing your WiFi. You, and everyone who lives with you, will have to add the new password to all your devices, but its worth the hassle to get rid of WiFi thieves.

    Another way to block online intruders is by accessing the MAC filtering or device filtering option on your router admin page. Through this you can add MAC addresses you dont recognise to a list of blocked devices. Its worth knowing though, that this merely acts as a sticking plaster rather than a cure as hackers can use different MAC addresses to access your WiFi.

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    Consult Your Router Settings

    If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to recognize all the items on that list, but there may be a few that don’t have enough information. After going through my list, for example, I was left with a couple devices that listed no name and no manufacturer. However, I was able to get a little more information from my router’s web interface.

    You can open your router’s management page by typing its IP address in your browser’s address bar. Once there, look for an option that sounds like “Attached Devices” or “Client List.” This will present you with a similar list as Wireless Network Watcher, but the information may be slightly different. After cross-referencing the unknown devices between the two, I found one of them was listed as “AzureWave Technology, Inc” in my router’s interface, but not Wireless Network Watcher. A little Googling revealed that this was my Rachio sprinkler system, so I was able to mark that down and move on.

    If you see any other unlabeled devices in the list, check around your house for any internet-connected gadgets you might have missed. I realized that my wasnt listed, so after checking the Alexa app on my phone, I was able to match its MAC address to one of the unlabeled items in Wireless Network Watcher.

    How To Block Someone On Your Wifi Network Without Changing The Password

    Despite being secured by strings of letter or alphabets or both , its very possible for an intruder to gain access to your home or offices WiFi network. Could be your neighbor, a passerby or any stranger at all but whoever they are, it is important to know how to detect when an unauthorized or unrecognized device is connected to your WiFi network and ultimately, restrict their access i.e block them.

    And while changing your routers password is an effective way of restricting access of an unrecognized device, it is somewhat strenuous and counterproductive. There is really no guarantee that the intruder wont crack the new password and re-gain access to your network. Also, youd have to re-enter the new password for all of your devices that were previously connected to your WiFi network. Blocking a device, on the other hand, is effective and sort of places a lifetime ban on the device putting it/them in your routers blacklist.

    Listed below are some trusted ways to detect and block someone or devices on your WiFi network without changing your routers password.

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