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Is AmpliFi Alien WiFi 6 Mesh Router Worth It?

For many people in small spaces, a router is enough. If you have a bigger space, an extender can help out specific areas that your router’s Wi-Fi signal can’t reach. However, because homes and buildings can vary on layout and materials, the quality of that coverage can be spotty. Your devices might not be great at swapping between different networks as you move around.

Mesh Wi-Fi aims to solve these key problems. It’s like covering your home in an invisible spider web except way less creepy. The web is all the connections between the hubs, or nodes, of a mesh network. Each node pushes out a Wi-Fi signal under the same network name, removing any need to swap between signals as you move around.

Because each node talks to each other instead of traveling directly back to the router like links in a chain, the Wi-Fi signal avoids as much degradation. So, you get faster speeds, and your devices don’t have to do any work to stay connected to the best signal. You can think of mesh Wi-Fi systems as smart extenders, widening your wireless coverage in the most efficient way possible.

Is Wifi 6 Worth It Now

WiFi 6 networks and devices offer backward compatibility with previous protocols. This flexibility and convenience allow you to enjoy the best of all available networks. You also experience improved network security and long-term cost savings. WiFi 6 is worth it, especially if increased bandwidth, fast data transfer rates, and overall network efficiency are your key concerns. As the pace of adoption rises, it makes more sense to invest in the latest routers, switches, and other networking devices that help you reap maximum benefits.

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How Do I Check If My Router Supports Wi

Its usually pretty obvious, but you can always look up your router model online. Compatible routers will state clearly they use Wi-Fi 6 or 802.11ax, which both mean the same thing. If youve had your router for more than a year, it probably wont use Wi-Fi 6.

Remember that its also important to see if any of your new devices support Wi-Fi 6. Youll have to make sure both your router and the connected device are Wi-Fi 6 compatible so that they can work without any disruptions.

Manufacturers are already starting work on the next generation of Wi-Fi technology, called Wi-Fi 7. Wi-Fi 7 is also known as 802.11be and the standard promises even faster speeds than the current Wi-Fi 6. It will take several years before Wi-Fi 7 begin to hit the market, and the first devices and routers supporting this new technology arent expected until 2024.

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Is It Worth The Upgrade

First, the easy answer: If youre already in the market for a new router, buy a Wi-Fi 6 router and check out the best Black Friday Router deals we found. The same goes for Wi-Fi 6-powered laptops . Theres no reason not to. Even if you dont have a single Wi-Fi 6 device, youll be futureproofed since eventually, all devices will embrace the new standard.

Second, if you need to squeeze out every bit of throughput you can, consider upgrading to a new Wi-Fi 6 router. One example is my own, where Im often moving large files to and from my Synology NAS device, and its worth it to me to gain the extra speed.

Another example is if you have gigabit internet that provides a full gigabit of service . You wont get that speed to a single device without Wi-Fi 6 but youll have to decide if the extra hundred megabits per second or so are worth the investment for you.

Third, if you have a bunch of devices on your network, youll benefit from a faster router but not necessarily from a Wi-Fi 6 one. As we noted in the beginning, to get the full advantage of Wi-Fi 6 you have to have devices that fully support the new standard.

If your current router is relatively new, theres no reason to run out and upgrade. If you dont have Wi-Fi 6 devices or you dont need the extra throughput, then you wont see much benefit. But one thing is for sure: Once weve all moved into this next era of Wi-Fi, well all be better off.

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Is Wifi 6 Backwards Compatible

Redmi Router AX5 WiFi 6 Review

WiFi 6 is backwards compatible with previous wireless standards. This means that your WiFi 5 devices can connect to a WiFi 6 network. However, older devices wont be able to make use of the new technologies that improve speed and performance.

Wi-Fi 6 devices can also connect to WiFi 4 and WiFi 5 routers. So, you wont need to upgrade your devices if you get a Wi-Fi 6 router, and you wont need to upgrade your router if you get new devices that support Wi-Fi 6.

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Should You Upgrade To A Wi

Now that Wi-Fi 6 has been around for over a year, is it worth updating your router? One of the greatest benefits to Wi-Fi 6 is the increased speed and how it better supports multiple devices than previous versions. But you dont necessarily need to upgrade unless youre experiencing problems with your current Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi 6, which is also called 802.11ax, can support multiple devices on one network easier than Wi-Fi 5.1 If you have five devices, your spouse has three, you have a couple smart TVs in your house and both of your kids have a phone, laptop, and tablet, then Wi-Fi 6 is better for supporting all of those connections at once. If you know that your Wi-Fi is slow because you have so many devices on your network, then upgrading will help.

On the flip-side, most households work totally fine on a Wi-Fi 5 router.2 Even with all the devices of your tech-savvy family, you might be fine with the router you have. If youre experiencing problems with your internet, the culprit could be a slower-than-optimal internet connection or even a networking problem or a virus.

Youll also want to consider how old your Wi-Fi 5 router is. Wi-Fi 5 came out in 2014, so your router could be six years old or only two years old. Lets say you have a Wi-Fi 5 router that you purchased and installed in 2018. Most routers last about five years.3 If everythings working fine, then youve still got time before you need to update your router.

List Prices .

Will All Your Devices Work With Wifi 6

WiFi 6 routers are compatible with all devices dating back to the early 2000s, meaning that your old laptop will be able to connect to the internet without interruption.

In fact, because WiFi 6 routers are more efficient, your older devices may see improved performance, especially as you add more WiFi 6 devices to the mix.

Say you replace your old smartphone with a new, WiFi 6-certified smartphone, says Qualcomms Burke. That device is going to get off the air more quickly, consuming just the amount of airtime it needs, thereby freeing up space for your older devices.

And according to Burke, a vast majority of devices being sold in the next few yearsincluding PCs, smartphones, tablets and TVswill be WiFi 6-certified.

Many may already be on your holiday shopping list this year. They include the new iPhones , Samsungs Galaxy S20 and Note 20, new laptops from Dell and HP, and the Sony PlayStation 5though not, oddly, Microsofts Xbox Series X video game console.

The mass-market proliferation of WiFi 6 is happening very, very fast, Burke says.

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How To Get Great Wi

Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E are backwards compatible. This means a Wi-Fi 6E router can connect to devices that only support older standards and vice-versa.

However, performance will be constrained to the slowest standard between the two. Connect a Wi-Fi 5 laptop to a Wi-Fi 6E router, for example, and youll still be seeing Wi-Fi 5 speeds.

Wi-Fi 6 support is common among modern PCs but not guaranteed among budget systems. If you buy a new Dell Inspiron 3000 laptop, for example, you could end up with an older Wi-Fi 5 wireless adapter. The same is true of most laptops and desktop PCs sold on Amazon for $500 or less.

PCs that ship with Wi-Fi 6 support currently use Intel AX200/201 or Intel Killer Wi-FI AX1650 adapters . Both work well. The Intel Killer Wi-Fi AX1650 adapter does tend to hit higher speeds, especially at range, so its worthwhile when available.

Do You Need A New Router For Wifi 6

IS WIFI 6 WORTH IT?? – Upgrading to WiFi 6 with the Asus ZenWiFi AX

You will need a Wi-Fi 6 router in order to utilize all the technologies that the new standard offers. The features of the new WiFi standard are all powered by hardware components that you wont find in older routers.

Companies such as TP-Link, Linksys, and Asus currently offer Wi-Fi 6 routers, which can cost anywhere from under $100 to $400 and over.

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How Does Wifi 6 Work

More speed and greater device communication is brought about by new chips, primarily, with the Broadcom BCM4375 found in lots of new wireless routers. But Intel, Qualcomm and many more are also leading the charge on compatible devices.

What they all have in common is MU-MIMO and OFDMA. MU-MIMO is Multiple User, Multiple Input, Multiple Output. This isn’t exclusive to WiFi 6 and offers a way of broadcasting to up to eight devices at once, rather one at a time as many routers are limited to.

OFDMA, or Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access lets one transmission deliver data to multiple devices. Yup, this an MU-MIMO sound similar. But this is for low-bandwidth, small-packet applications such as IoT sensors.

So if MU-MIMO is adding more virtual delivery trucks to the router to dish out data, OFDMA is allowing each truck to carry more type of package within the larger container.

Faster Speeds Longer Range Andfingers Crossedfewer Dropouts Would Be Nice But Here’s Why It’s Okay To Wait

Consumers shopping for a wireless router should get used to seeing the term WiFi 6, a new technology standard that promises faster speeds, better coverage, and the ability to accommodate an ever-expanding fleet of connected devices, like laptops, smartphones, streaming media devices, and smart TVs.

Technically, WiFi 6 is the consumer-friendly name for the wireless standard officially known as 802.11ax. But because “802.11ax” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, the WiFi Alliancethe trade group that oversees the WiFi standarddevised the easier-to-remember name “WiFi 6,” which you’ll see in ads and on product boxes instead of 802.11ax.

The older standards 802.11ac and 802.11n have been redubbed WiFi 5 and WiFi 4, respectively.

Though a handful of WiFi 6 routers from companies like Asus and Netgear were released earlier this year, expect to see even more of them in time for the holidays.

Thats because the WiFi Alliance this week announced a WiFi 6 certification program, denoted by a WiFi 6 Certified logo, which should make it easier for consumers to know whether a device supports the new standard.

According to the trade group, the benefits of WiFi 6 include expanded range in your wireless network, a reduction in connection dropouts , and enhanced security for your connected devices, thanks to Day One support for WPA3, the latest wireless encryption standard.

This wont be the case for long, however.

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Will My Wifi 6 Phone Work With My Old Router

Again, the short answer is yes. And just like we covered in the last section, you wont have the benefits you would by connecting to a WiFi 6 router. The older router still has its limits and your phone cannot exceed them. Just because you have a Ferrari doesnt mean you can ignore the speed limits.

In Conclusion: Is Upgrading To Wifi 6 Worth It

Best Budget WiFi 6 Mesh (2020)

WiFi 6 boasts clear advantages for public places with many devices, but smaller homes with fewer devices or homes without WiFi 6-enabled devices might not see a drastic change. However, there are plenty of other advantages to having a WiFi 6-enabled router, like longer battery life, increased speeds, lower latency, and less dropped calls. Many of the older gadgets you own wont support the maximum speeds provided by WiFi 6, but a WiFi 6-enabled router will give a little bit of a speed boost to the devices you already own thanks to the bandwidth optimization of this new technology. Another important thing to keep in mind is that the speeds offered by your Internet Service Provider do put a cap on your local area network. As impressive as this update is, WiFi 6 routers arent able to override these limits.

However, if youre ready to upgrade, youll need to purchase a new WiFi 6 router to see improvements with your WiFi 6 gadgets. Likewise, youll need devices compatible with this new standard to reap the full benefits. Your older devices will still be able to connect to your new router, so we recommend starting there.

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Why Should You Upgrade To A Wi

Wi-Fi 6 will solve a series of problems that may occur when using Wi-Fi 5. For example, when multiple people connect to Wi-Fi at the same time, the network speed will decrease. Wi-Fi can give full play to the network speed of the gigabit network, and Wi-Fi 6 is safer and consumes less energy.

If you have a device that supports Wi-Fi 6, then its worth the upgrade. You will get faster speeds and be able to connect more devices without slowing your network down or causing any issues for other people who are connected to your Wi-Fi. If youre planning on buying a new smartphone or any other devices that support Wi-Fi 6 soon, now is also a good time to choose one.

Do You Really Need Wifi 6

While you might not look at WiFi 6 capable wireless routers for speed increases, primarily, what they are going to be very useful for is device range. Since the number of devices in use at home has gone from an average of five per household, when WiFi 5 released, to nine now and is set to hit 50 in a few years this is very much needed.

Older WiFi was fine for speeds, but wasn’t designed to handle the demand of distributing all that data across lots of devices at the same time. Now with 4K and HDR video streaming on TVs, smartphones and tablets, all in the same home not to mention gaming the demand on wireless routers is huge.

WiFi 6 lets routers communicate with more devices. It does this particularly well by allowing multiple devices to get data in the same broadcast. By letting the devices schedule check-ins with the router this is a two-way task that is better managed now.

Another big factor is battery life. Since devices can now plan out communications that means less time keeping powered on waiting for a signal delivery, so to speak. This Target Wake Time, as it’s called, lets routers schedule check-in times with devices so for the rest of the time they can stay in low power mode. This is more aimed at low-power devices like sensors in the smart home.

Security has been improved for WiFi 6 with a new WPA3 protocol making it tougher for hackers to crack passwords or gain access, which is another advantage.

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