Should Wifi Calling Be On Or Off

Troubleshooting Wifi Calling Connection Issues

Should You Use Wi-Fi Calling?
  • Do ensure that you are connected to the WiFi Internet hotspot.
  • Try restarting your Internet modem and router. Then try again to join to the network.
  • Check the Wifi signal, it maybe poor from where you are standing.
  • Check if you have enabled your WiFi Calling services from your iPhone.
  • If it WiFi calling is enabled yet you still cannot connect, try to toggle off then back to on.
  • Try restarting your iPhones WiFi connection.
  • This is probably an iOS glitch, try restarting your iPhone.
  • This is the worst case scenario, restoring your iPhone from your latest backup using iTunes. I hate this idea but if you must, then proceed.

Reasons To Use Wifi Calling

There are many reasons why you might need to turn to WiFi calls.

Lets discuss the most common ones and see how you can benefit from unconventional methods of making calls.

  • Cellular network not available for voice calls

This could happen either because you are too far away from cell towers and the signal is not reaching you, or the signal is not strong enough to penetrate your building the walls are too thick, there is too much metal in them, too much wiring.

The reasons might be numerous.

But the results are still the same no bars on your phone to make a single call.

  • Save money on calls

The other most common reason is to simply save some money.

If you have a plan, probably this doesnt apply to you, as most often than not, on-net and off-net minutes are included.

But what if your minutes run out, and you still need to communicate with the outside world?

Thats right WiFi calls!

However, if you dont have a plan, and you are just travelling to a different place or dont want to spend money on calls, you can always use the option of WiFi calls.

  • Where is WiFi available?

WiFi calls, as we have stated before, are made through the WiFi connection.

You can use it whenever you have access to it.

WiFi is available in many places these days.

First of all, your house and office.

It is also available in such public places like all kinds of restaurants and bars, malls and shops.

There are even WiFi connections available in parks and public transport.

Should I Have Wifi Calling On Or Off

In areas where mobile phone coverage is non-existent, but the wifi signals are good, then keeping the wifi calling On will help save your phones battery life.

In case you have no or very low mobile phone signal, then consider switching off your cellular service. It will help you retain your mobiles battery.

Moreover, if your mobile is not connected to any wi-fi network, switch off your wifi because it will prevent your batterys life from draining.

Are you irritated by the continuous pop-up notification of wi-fi calling on your cellular phone? To get rid of this notification, read below.

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How To Turn Off Wifi Calling Notification

Wi-fi calling is an excellent way to improve the quality of our wi-fi call, but the thing about smartphones is that they always have the urge to notify us about this feature being switched on.

That can annoy a lot of people. So, here is how you can turn off the notification.

  • Press down the wifi calling notification for a few seconds to hide this notification, long-press this notification in the status bar. You will see various options and tap Details.
  • Open the notification details you will see three options. One will be the app icon badge, and the other two will be labeled as wifi calling. So, to hide the notification, you are going to click App Icon Badge.
  • Go to Importance
  • Make adjustments in the notification importance Android arranges notifications according to its importance. In default mode, the notification of wifi calling is either medium or high. To adjust, tap Low.
  • When you change it, the notification will lose its icon. Also, your phones status bar will show a minimized notification.

    What Types Of Devices Can Make Wi

    How To Completely Turn Off WiFi On Your iPhone

    An increasing number of phone service providers support Wi-Fi calls, including:

    Almost all Android and Apple phones now support Wi-Fi calls.

    Alternatively, you can use the Nextiva business app to make work-related Wi-Fi calls. You can sync your work phones contact list to the app. Then, you can use the app to make high-quality phone calls over your Wi-Fi.

    But what if youre using a device that doesnt have a cellular connection, anyway? The Nextiva App is also compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. This means you can make Wi-Fi calls through your PC. You dont need your mobile device.

    Regardless of which device youre using, you can still make a call using a Wi-Fi connection.

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    What Does Airplane Mode Do

    Enabling airplane mode on your device does the following:

    • It stops your phone from sending or receiving text messages or voice calls. This is because flight mode prevents your phone from communicating with cellular towers.
    • It disconnects your phone from a WiFi network. With this mode switched on, your phone will stop scanning for WiFi networks or even attempting to join them.
    • It disables Bluetooth on your smartphone.
    • It may also disable your smartphones GPS functions.

    How To Make Wi

    Now that we know what Wi-Fi Calling is all about, the question that remains unanswered is how does one actually make Wi-Fi Calls on an Android phone? Well, just like setting up the feature, using it is also very easy.

    Just as a reminder, you need to ensure that your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network and that HD Calling is enabled in the Advanced Calling settings. When everything is in place, all you need is to dial the number you want to call and hit the call button as you would do when making a normal call.

    To know that your call is going through Wi-Fi, a Wi-Fi Calling icon will show up on your screen, but note that if cellular data is detected and it offers a stronger signal, it may be used in order to give you the best quality call.

    When outside the U.S., you may want to set your device to prefer Wi-Fi Calling in order to enjoy those free calls back home. This can be done via Settings » Advanced Calling » Wi-Fi Calling » When Roaming » Prefer Wi-Fi.

    Although you might not know it, Wi-Fi Calling is a pretty cool service. If you want to enjoy better quality calls even in areas with no cellular coverage, you might want to enable the feature if your phone and carrier support it.

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    How To Turn Off Wifi Calling In Android Device

    If youre using an Android device, then the options to disable the WiFi Calling Features is quite different. The setting is quite easy, and you can anytime switch back to enable the same from the same settings options.

  • Switch on your Android Device> click on the Setting icon from Menu
  • Now click on Network and then click on SIM card settings options
  • Once the settings are open, click on the SIM card for which WiFi Calling is to be disabled
  • Now scroll down and move to the WiFi Calling option in the same settings page
  • Click on to disable the WiFi Calling and then save the same with the confirm button
  • Thats it, the WiFi Calling on Android devices has been disabled and can be anytime reverted by using the same option to make it enabled. Once the WiFi Calling is disabled, your option will be saved, and your number will not receive any callings services.
  • How To Turn Off Wifi Calling In Ios Device

    iPhone 11 Pro: How to Enable / Disable Wifi Calling

    It is already known that iOS devices which might be iPhone or iPad or MacBook, the setting option differ a lot from regular Android devices. The option to change to disable your WiFi Calling features is given here, through which you can stop receiving calls from WiFi Calling.

  • Open your iPhone and then go to settings options from the Menu bar
  • Now scroll down > Click Cellular
  • Find the WiFi Calling Feature on
  • You can either see this option from the
  • Click on the Green button and let it to off to make it disable for WiFi Calling
  • Thats it, the WiFi calling on your iOS device has been now disabled and your device will not receive any calls further, As well the same settings need to be followed for every device that is working with the iOS operating system.
  • Is WiFi Calling a cost paid feature?

    As per current updates, WiFi Calling is free of cost which does not include any extra amount and customers who want to make WiFi Calling need to have an internet connection through WiFi or mobile data, such that your number will be visible to receive the WiFi Calling.

    Does WiFi Calling need Mobile compatibility?

    Yes, this feature does have a dependency on mobile software. Only the device with the latest version of Android or iOS does have an option with WiFi Calling Feature. Devices without configuration will not be able to use the same feature and thus cannot receive WiFi Calling.

    Does WiFi Calling Eat More Battery from Mobile?

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    Apple Bursts The Carriers Bubble

    Apple released FaceTime Audio in 2013, which for the first time gave iPhone users the ability to choose how they wanted to make voice-only calls in the Phone app. They could use the network of cell towers or use their Wi-Fi or cellular data connection to make phone calls over the internet, a feature that Apple called FaceTime Audio.

    Apple certainly wasnt the first one to do this. Skype, Cisco, and plenty of other companies had been using the internet to make high-quality phone calls for years, but none of them could do what Apple did: They put the old technology and the new technology side-by-side, and people were astounded by the difference.

    Anyone whos ever made a FaceTime Audio phone call realizes one thing right away: The phone calls sound much better.

    But FaceTime Audio isnt without its flaws. It only works between Apple devices, its buggy and calls often break up, and it uses your cellular data connection if youre not on Wi-Fi, which can eat through your cellular data plan.

    Pros And Cons Of Wifi Calling

    Let us start from the good news and discuss all the benefits that WiFi calling can bring.

    Advantages of Internet Calls

    • Drastic improvement of call quality in places where cellular network not available for voice calls
    • Needs no added charges, as the WiFi calls inside and to the USA are usually included in your monthly plan
    • No need to install any applications as most modern devices have it built right in
    • No need for additional registrations and logins as it uses your current phone number
    • Battery life improvement, as there is no need for searching the cell network, which drains your phones battery
    • No need for special plans and added services.

    Disadvantages of WiFi Calling

    There is always two sides of the coin, right?

    Like any other technology, WiFi calls, as great as they may seem, have their restrictions and areas where they fall short.

    As you can see, we havent created a perfect means of communication yet, but this feature comes very close.

    However, its a relatively new means of communication, and many of us still have numerous questions when it comes to setting up and using WiFi calls.

    For that particular reason, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions, so that you can browse through them, and hopefully, find the answer you are looking for.

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    What Is Airplane Mode

    Airplane mode, also known as flight mode, is a setting on smartphones and portable computers that disables its wireless signal transmissions. If airplane mode is enabled on your mobile phone, that means its cellular, WiFi, and Bluetooth functions are disabled. Sometimes, GPS functions are turned off as well.

    How To Set Up Wi


    When Wi-Fi calling becomes available on your iPhone, a pop-up appears that says Enable Wi-Fi Calling?, and youll be able to choose Cancel or Enable. The blurb underneath the title makes two main points:

    • When you connect to any Wi-Fi network, your iPhone sends your location to your wireless carrier so they can charge you international calling rates, even though youre not using international cell towers. Wait, what?
    • For short code calls , your location is sent along with the call / text because the company who owns 46645 in the US might be different than the company who owns 46645 in Lichtenstein.

    You can also turn on Wi-Fi calling at any time by going to Settings -> Phone -> Wi-Fi Calling and tapping the switch next to Wi-Fi Calling On This iPhone.

    When you set up Wi-Fi calling for the first time, youll be greeted by a screen that says, With Wi-Fi Calling, you can talk and text in places where mobile coverage is limited or unavailable. Tap Continue.

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    Does Turning On Wifi Calling Help Me Save More Money

    The quickest answer is better check the policy with your mobile network or carrier provider. In most cases, domestic calls wont add up to your monthly phone bills. But different carriers have their own policy about WiFi Calling like the following major players below with the links to their terms and conditions. Read it especially if you are going outside the country and want to use WiFi calling overseas.

    Turning on WiFi Calling on iPhone is a nice-to-have feature especially you dont have to download a third-party app anymore when you need to place a call. But most of the iPhone users are now inclined in using social media apps. Even in remote conference or meetings in the corporate world uses Skype. It even gives these people the capability to record the meeting session from Skype. Moreover, there is a risk of getting unwanted bill charges with WiFi Calling if you are careless to turn it off especially when overseas. In the end, each of us have their own taste and ways to utilize our iPhone whether to use WiFi calling or not.

    If you want to record your phone calls on iPhone, then you might be interested with this gadget for iPhone.

    What Are The Cons Of Wifi Calling

    It is impossible to achieve wi-fi calling without a proper wifi network. If you wish to know the cons of wifi calling, scroll down.

    Signal strength Varies

    Lagging of wi-fi network can occur in airports, hotels, stadiums, universities, and other overcrowded places. The speed of your cellular data will become slow because you tend to share bandwidth with several people.

    Therefore, you cannot always expect high-quality phone calls because poor signal strength can lead to dropped phone calls and low-quality voice calls.

    Few Devices do not Support the Feature of Wifi Calling

    New iPhones and Android OS phones support wi-fi calling, while the old versions may not be compatible.

    Therefore, if you want to check whether or not your phone is compatible or not, select Settings and search for wi-fi calling. Also, you can confirm with your mobile carrier.

    Delayed Transferring of Data

    While using wi-fi calling, your conversation can get delayed for about one or two seconds.

    Limitations in International Calling

    All carriers such as AT& T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-mobile support wi-fi calling anywhere in the US. So, if you are traveling abroad, your wifi calling service will not work in other countries.

    Moreover, you must check the guidelines of your carrier for limitations and restrictions.

    Charges May Apply for Using Data

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