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Even with its new name and broader array of smartphone options, Google Fi keeps plans simple. Youve still got Fi’s classic offering, called Flexible, which provides unlimited talk and text for $20 a month.

But what about data? You estimate how much data youll use each month, paying $10 for each GB. Lets say you expect to use 3GB per month. That would tack on another $30 to your bill, meaning you can expect to pay $50 each month. Given Google Fis use of Wi-Fi when available, you presumably would use less LTE data than you might with a traditional carrier though that mostly depends on where you

At first glance, that doesnt compare particularly well to other low-cost carriers. Metro by T-Mobile, one of our top choices among discount carriers, offers a 10GB plan for $40 a month that same $40 buys you just 2GB of data at Project Fi.

But Google Fis appeal lies in the fact that you wont have to pay for any unused data. Google Fi charges you down to the cent for each MB. Sticking with our 3GB scenario, should you use just 2.2GB in a month, youll pay $42 at the end of your billing cycle.

You can add additional people to your Google Fi account for another $15 per line. Everyone on the account draws from the same pool of LTE data, so a family of four that uses 9.5GB a month would pay $160, which is what T-Mobile charges that same family for unlimited data. Bill Protection works on multiline accounts, too, though the cap varies depending on how many lines of data you have.

Understanding What Wifi Is And How It Really Works

Did you know that WiFi was an accident? An Australian scientist, John OSullivan, wanted to prove one of Stephen Hawking’s black hole theories correct. He and his team were developing a tool that could identify and filter specific radio waves. Unfortunately, the tool they created didn’t help in finding black hole radio waves. Fast-forward a few years, John OSullivan was working for the CSIRO . His project was to find a way for computers to communicate wirelessly. He went back to his failed invention modified and tweaked it. Viola, thanks to John OSullivan and his team, WiFi was invented.

WiFi was created in the 90s. Now many years have passed and many people dont really know what WiFi is or how it works. Most of us just associate it with being internet, but thats not entirely correct. Yes, WiFi devices provide internet access but they are not the internet.

We will be diving into everything WiFi, from what it is, how it works, to different WiFi devices you can use in areas where traditional internet is not available.

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Gallery: Google Wifi Review

One of those areas of focus is ease of use. Now, let’s be fair: Setting up a router isn’t usually that hard, but it often involves an ugly web admin panel that — ironically for a device that helps you enjoy the internet — looks like it was designed in 2003. You’ll set Google WiFi up with an app . That might have some of you groaning, but it’s all very simple and painless. In just a few steps you’re good to go. I’ll have more to say about the app later, but for now, suffice it to say that setup is a more contemporary experience.

Another priority for Google was making a router that looks nice, and I’d say the company did indeed achieve that. A quick internet search for “wireless router” returns a slew of angular black boxes with ugly antennas that might look okay in an office or basement, but nowhere else. Google WiFi’s white cylindrical design, however, is fairly unremarkable, and that’s precisely the point.

That is to say, Google WiFi doesn’t catch your eye, and should fit in with a wide range of home decors. I personally like how it looks. One of the things that puts me off Amazon’s Echo devices is the slight gadgety appearance. Google WiFi, on the other hand, gets the balance of function and forgetableness just right.

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Pause Your Child’s Connection

Tap on the Settings tab, followed by Family Wi-Fi. Select the “+” button in the bottom corner, and follow the prompts to create a label for a group of devices connected to your network. Add devices to the label you just created, and save.

With a group of devices placed under a label, you can pause the connection to those devices on demand by opening Settings tab in the app, then tapping on the label name. To unpause the connection, return to the Settings tab and tap on the label again.

This is a handy feature for keeping your kids, or yourself, focused on homework, work, dinner, or just limiting screen time.

It would be nice if Google made it possible to schedule a label to pause a certain time each day, during homework time, for example.

Best Tips For Google Wifi Mesh Router Users

Walkthrough: Setting Up Google WiFi and First Impressions

Recently I switched to Google WiFi and quite happy with this new mesh router. After setting up with three mesh, there is no WiFi dead spot in my home, no buffer delay or drop-offs. And best of all, I can control my kids online time. Google WiFi is coming with an excellent app for iPhone and Android users. You can do pretty much everything with this WiFi app. It doesnt matter how many mesh routers you have you can control all of them with this WiFi app right from your Phone.

Lets us see a bunch of cool tips and tricks that you can do with Google WiFi router to get most out of it.

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Contracts Commitments Cancellation Fees There’s Gotta Be Some Way This Thing Is Out To Get Me

Your skepticism is understandable, Mr. and/or Mrs. Crankypants, but I’m telling you: Fi doesn’t play those typical carrier games. Other than the fact that if you use a ton of mobile data per month, it probably won’t make financial sense to you and that the “unlimited” option comes with a max-out point in terms of the truly unlimited, highest-possible-speed data there really aren’t any hidden fees, asterisks, or other “gotchas” to report.

Do I Have To Buy A Fi

Nope you could buy a Pixel phone, for instance, from Google, Best Buy, or wherever, and it’d still work fine and give you the full Fi experience as soon as you slide that SIM card inside . The same applies for most other Fi-designed phones, too, though if you’re thinking of getting anything other than a device’s unlocked model, you may want to check the Fi compatibility site just to make sure it shows up as having full “designed for Fi” support.

Fi does sell all such devices directly through its website, with options for financing, trade-ins, and device protection plans. It also tends to run a fair amount of deals including dropped prices and bundled-in Fi credits with new device purchases. So it’s certainly worth shopping around a bit and then seeing how Fi’s own offerings compare to what you find elsewhere.

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How To Test Each Mesh Speed

This will show you the signal strength of each WiFi mesh and the mesh speed of Google WiFi. You can move the mesh around your home or office for the best reception and quality signal based on this test.

To check the mesh speed, go to Network Tab > Tap on WiFi Points > Test Mesh. You will get the result of the network check after a few minutes. If you want to look at individual mesh speed, tap on the 3-dot menu on the right top . Now select Details from the pop-up menu. Here we got 160MBPS for one mesh router and 133MBPS for the second one, which is far away from the base unit compared to the first one. You can adjust the position of the mesh devices based on this test for more quality network and performance.


Portable Wifi Hotspot Or Portable Wifi Router

Google Wifi: Unboxing, Setup & Review

This device is a portable pocket-sized router. It connects to a mobile network through a data-only sim card, similar to how your smartphones connect to the mobile network. After the portable WIFI router picks up the mobile network, it converts the signal and broadcasts the radio waves to let wireless devices connect to the WiFi.

You can purchase portable WiFi hotspots form your local electronic store or your cell phone provider. They do require an active sim card to work. You can get the sim card from your carrier and get the device activated on a plan that fits your needs. Portable WiFi hotpots have data plans that allow you to share more than 15GB. When you reach the limit your data plan provides, speeds can drastically decrease and extra charges may apply.

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Google Nest Wifi Compatibility

The following is a brief overview of Google Nest Wifis compatibility with different wireless networks.

  • Does Nest Wifi work with Verizon Fios ? Yes!
  • Does Nest Wifi work with Xfinity ? Yes!
  • Does Nest Wifi work with AT& T ? Yes!
  • Does Nest Wifi work with BT ? No, because BT TV only works with BT Hub because of the inbuilt authentication required.
  • Does Nest Wifi work with Sky ? Yes!
  • Does Nest Wifi work with Virgin Media ? Yes!
  • Does Nest Wifi work with Spectrum ? Yes!

How To Reset A Google Wifi On The Device

1. Unplug the Google Wifi unit’s power cable.

2. Begin holding down the reset button on the back of the device.

3. With the button depressed, reconnect the power source.

4. When the unit flashes white, then blue, release the button.

If the hardware continues to flash blue for another half minute and then the lights turn solid blue, the reset is underway.

Once the blue flashing begins again, the device is reset and can be used like new or sent away.

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How To Set Up The Google Wifi System

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Mesh Wi-Fi networking is all the rage lately, and even Google has gotten in on the fun. Heres how to set up in order to get rid of dead spots at all corners of your house or apartment.

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If youre not familiar with what mesh Wi-Fi is and how it works, we havean explainer that can get you caught up. But essentially, mesh Wi-Fi systems are a set of wireless routers that you place around your house. From there, they all connect together and carpet-bomb your house with the best Wi-Fi signal possible.

Google WiFi is just one of the many mesh Wi-Fi systems on the market, similar to Eero or Luma. Heres how to set it up.

Start by unboxing the Google WiFi units and grab one to use as your main unit that youll connect to your modem . Youll need the power cord, as well as the ethernet cable thats included.

Next, plug in the first Google WiFi unit into an outlet and connect the other end into the USB-C port on the bottom of the unit. Then take the ethernet cable and plug one end into the ethernet port on your modem and the other end into the green ethernet port on the Google WiFi unit. If you have a modem/router combo, simply just plug the ethernet cable into any one of the numbered ethernet ports on the combo unit.

Google Wifi Vs Nest Wifi: Performance

Google Wifi review: Mesh Wi

The biggest differences between the Google and Nest versions of Google’s mesh system are in performance and range, with the newer Nest Wifi offering faster throughput and larger coverage areas across the board.

The Google Wifi offered maximum throughput of 464.4 Mbps, which is still fairly impressive for an affordable mesh Wi-Fi system. But the Nest Wifi stepped that up substantially, with a top throughput of 653.2Mbps. That even tops some of the Wi-Fi 6 models on our best mesh routers page.

The Nest Wifi also offers better range, translating into larger coverage areas with the same number of units. Where a single Google Wifi unit covered 1,500 square feet, the Nest Wifi router covers 2,200 square feet. Adding a second or third unit only increases expanded range further, as indicated in the chart below.

Google Wifi
Up to 4500 sq ftUp to 5400 sq ft

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Ooookay How Does This Network Switching Mumbo

Automatically and silently on a day-to-day basis, you’ll never even think about it or be aware that it’s happening. Your phone just shows that you’re connected to Google Fi but behind the scenes, the device continuously seeks out the best possible network for your location and bops you around as needed.

Google Nest Wifi Design And Colours

As mentioned previously, one of the guiding principles for Google Nest Wifi was to create something youd want to put up, front and center, so it works as a better Wifi router.

Google Nest Wifi completely lives up to that promise. The Nest Wifi devices can be likened to cute little marshmallows. Both the Router and the Points are matte-plastic domes only a little larger than Google Wifi.

The bottom of each device has several holes that serve as speakers. The Nest Wifi Router only comes in white, but the Points come in three colors Snow , Sand , and Mist .

The Nest Wifi Router also comes with two Gigabit Ethernet ports and a power-in port. However, the Nest Wifi Points dont come with any Ethernet ports.

One of the most attractive features of the Google Nest Wifi devices is the ring of light underneath the device. Whenever you communicate with the device, a ring of white light glows under the base of the device. The white light indicates that the device is active, listening to you, or connecting to Googles cloud.

Google Nest Wifi is one of the most attractive Wifi mesh routers available on the market and makes it so you want to display them around your home. In doing so, theyre also more effective Wifi systems in general.

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Google Wifi Setup And Interface

What will appeal to many about the Google Wifi is its apparently easy setup and maintenance. Just download the Google Wifi app, follow the simple instructions and away you go.

Some users may dislike that youre forced to sign in with a Google account to get the thing up and running. This does mean you can keep an eye on your network from anywhere in the world, but those that like to keep things private may not appreciate it.

Once set up, the Google Wifi app is among the more capable Wi-Fi management apps on the market. You can create a guest network, add parental controls for internet access, and integrate it with Google Home products. Thats not exactly a torrent of extra features, but some mesh systems dont even include basics like a guest network.

As mentioned, the Google Wifi does report back some information to Google, so thats something to bear in mind. Heres exactly what Google says on the issue:

The Google Wifi app and your Wi-Fi points do not track the websites that you visit or collect the content of any traffic on your network. However, your Wi-Fi points do collect data such as Wi-Fi channel, signal strength and device types that are relevant to optimise your Wi-Fi performance.

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