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With COVID-19 still keeping so many people working from home, your Wi-Fi router is piling up some serious overtime, doing a lot more than just helping you stream movies and play games. Home Wi-Fi routers keep millions of people working, and they’re also connecting an ever-growing range of smart home devices. That means picking one that does the best job for both you and your wallet is trickier than ever, especially now that we’re seeing more Wi-Fi 6 devices becoming available.

When you’re shopping for a new router, it’s best to start by considering the size of your coverage area and the number of clients you need to support, as well as the types of devices that you’ll be connecting. Not everybody needs the kind of performance that you get with the latest and greatest models, and there’s no reason to pay for features that you will likely never use. If you’re looking for a lower price rather than a big bundle of bleeding-edge features, check out this list of budget routers. But if you have several family members vying for bandwidth for things like streaming Netflix video and playing PC games online, a new router with modern management capabilities can make a world of difference and help keep the peace. Below we guide you through choosing a router that will handle your current and future wireless networking needs, and offer our top picks to get you started.

Parental Control And Wifi Security

Advanced Home WiFi also provides customers with the peace of mind that comes with control. For parents looking to take charge of bed time or limit screen time, that control couldnt be easier. Customers can see and be notified of what devices are connected to their network and, with features like grouping, scheduling and manual pausing, parents can control what devices are connected and when, right from their own phone.

With more features in development, Advanced Home WiFi is constantly being improved to provide customers with the secure, reliable and customizable in-home connections they need.

More information on Spectrum Internet can be found here. For more information about Advanced Home WiFi, watch the video below.

What Equipment Do I Need For A Home Wi

As magical as a Wi-Fi home connection may seem, it doesnt just happen on its own. In addition to your internet connection, youll need at the very least a modem and router to enjoy Wi-Fi.

  • Modem This device receives the internet connection from your provider and uses Ethernet cables to connect with other devices.
  • Router Along with your modem, this is the most important Wi-Fi device as its the one that turns your internet into wireless signals. There are many different router options and ways to set it up. Look to our list of best wireless routers for everything you need to know.
  • Wireless network adapter This device connects your desktop PC to a Wi-Fi network. This is not required for newer PCs, laptops and smart devices as they have built-in Wi-Fi receivers.
  • Wi-Fi extenders These devices can help boost your Wi-Fi signal so you get a stronger signal throughout your home.

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What Is A Wireless Router

Wireless routers are commonly found in homes. They’re the hardware devices that Internet service providers use to connect you to their cable or xDSL Internet network.

A wireless router is sometimes referred to as a wireless local area network device. A wireless network is also called a Wi-Fi network.

A wireless router combines the networking functions of a wireless access point and a router. Read more about wireless routers.

What Providers Offer Home Wi

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Wi-Fi is not its own specific service to buy, so you wont find Wi-Fi or non-Wi-Fi internet plans from your provider. Your internet plan represents the connection and speeds to the modem, Wi-Fi service is just a wireless extension of that connection.

Most providers present Wi-Fi as an add-on to their internet service, typically with an extra monthly fee for Wi-Fi equipment. Some may let you use your own Wi-Fi equipment and avoid the fee for renting or purchasing a router through them.

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Ask A Friend To Share An Internet

If you need access to the network from your phone, but you do not have unlimited data, you can ask your friends to share the unlimited WiFi Internet from their phones so that you can use it. It can be easily done, no matter if they have Android or iOS. Usually, they just click Turn on hotspot and you can connect to Wi-Fi.

Set Up A Wired Internet Connection


Weve all come to rely on Wi-Fi, but its also worth weighing the option of setting up a few cabled access points around the home. Youll need some Ethernet cable, some pins to keep it in place, and some spare Ethernet ports on the back of your router.

Wired internet access is not as convenient as wireless but it comes with two key advantages: security and speed. With a wired internet connection, theres nothing to interfere with the internet signal and much less chance of any of your neighbors snooping on your activities without physical access to the router.

You dont need to hook up everything with wires, though. If you can run an Ethernet cable from the router up to an attic, for example, then you can attach a second router or a wireless access point to the other end, creating a separate Wi-Fi network just for the attic or whatever room youve led the cable to.

Theres no one-size-fits-all solution, but dont dismiss older wired connections when setting up a home network. Theres now such a variety of consumer networking kits to choose from that you can easily create a bespoke setup without too much cost.

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Best Spectrum Approved Routers

In case you are not in the mood to spend $5 every month by renting out Spectrum router, you can get your own equipment. However, make sure they are approved by Spectrum.

Here are some of the best routers hand-picked by Spectrum that you can grab to enjoy a strong brick-to-brick wireless connectivity.

What Are Mesh Wi

How to setup and configure Wi-Fi for home

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If your homes Wi-Fi network has dead spots, or doesnt reach across your entire house, then you might have recently considered getting a mesh Wi-Fi system. Theyve skyrocketed in popularity, but what exactly is mesh Wi-Fi and how is it different than a traditional Wi-Fi extender?

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How Can I Extend My Wireless Signal

If you live in a large or multiple-story home, you may have Wi-Fi “dead zones.” These are areas of your home where your main router isn’t able to reach with a wireless signal. An easy way to solve this, without the hassle of running long cords around your home, is a wireless range extender, which will pick up your router’s Wi-Fi signal, amplify it, and rebroadcast it. They come in both desktop and plug-in variations, and are relatively easy to install.

They do have limitations, though: The rebroadcasted signal is typically half the strength of what you get from your main router, and most of these create a separate network that makes seamless roaming through your home difficult. However, some router manufacturers are now making extenders that will share the same network SSID and password as your existing router. There’s a catch, however: The router usually has to be made by the same manufacturer as the extender and must support seamless roaming capabilities.

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What’s The Difference Between A Wifi Booster And A Mesh Network

Both WiFi boosters and mesh networks extend your home WiFi network’s range, but are very different in various aspects:

  • Functionality: Mesh networks are composed of 2-3 mesh extenders, also known as nodes, while boosters usually consist of one device. The nodes are designed to blanket your entire home with a reliable, high-speed, WiFi connection. One of the nodes would be wired to the modem, as opposed to wirelessly connecting to the router. Essentially, the connected node will be taking on the job of the router. The remaining nodes would be located around your home. Similar to the booster, one node will need to be located halfway between the target area and the “router”. Additional nodes don’t need to be within a certain distance from the router, they do, however, need to be a certain distance from another node. The wired node will wirelessly share its internet connection with the other nodes. As a result, rather than using one unit to broadcast the internet signal, you have multiple units broadcasting internet signals to provide you with the best WiFi coverage.
  • Price: Mesh networks are made up of extremely smart technology and tend to cover larger areas. For that reason, they are a lot more expensive than WiFi boosters. Some of the best WiFi boosters range from $50-$80, while mesh network kits range from $200-$500+.
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    How Much Does Wi

    In most cases, Wi-Fi calling does not incur any additional costs. Most cellphone providers will treat Wi-Fi calls the same as any other call and deduct those minutes from your cellphone plans allotment. However, note that some public Wi-Fi networks may charge you an access fee to connect to their network. Check with your wireless carrier for further details on cost.

    Why Not Use A Range Extender

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    Comparing range extenders to whole home WiFi is like comparing apples to oranges. Range extenders are certainly effective when it comes to increasing the range of your router, but they do so at the expense of WiFi performance, which gets cut in half.

    In a large space where WiFi struggles to reach every corner, a range extender can actually diminish the overall performance of your network, creating a bottlenecking effect. You might also experience connection issues when jumping from the router to the extender, because youll need to switch networks manually. For example, even when standing next to the range extender, you can still experience dead zones or slowdowns if you havent manually changed your device over from the routers signal. These two separate networks also have different names and interfaces, which can be a serious hassle.

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    Whats Slowing Down Your Network

    The weakened signal or WiFi dead spots could be the result of physical obstructions. Simple things like the floor, doors, and walls of your home can come between you and your router, especially if theyre made of metal, brick, or concrete. Or perhaps the distance is simply too great in a large home, and your traditional router is only capable of reaching as far as the kitchen, but not to the backyard, the garage, or a distant bedroom. Interference from other devices could also be the culprit, whether its your microwave, cordless phone, or baby monitor. If you live in close quarters with other WiFi networks and devicessuch as in an apartment complexthis problem increases tenfold. Think of it like a room full of people who are all speaking at oncenobodys going to be heard very well.

    Which Other Router Features To Look For

    Wireless routers come with a variety of features, and as is the case with just about everything, the more features you get, the more you can expect to pay.

    Look for a router with at least four 10/100/1,000 Ethernet ports, which allow you to connect to wired devices such as desktop PCs, network-attached storage drives, and home-automation hubs. If you require faster throughput for large file transfers, look for a router that supports link aggregation. Simply put, link aggregation uses two gigabit Ethernet LAN ports to provide increased throughput . It also provides a fail-safe if one LAN connection goes down and can be utilized to load-balance your network traffic.

    Having at least one USB port on the router makes it easy to plug in a printer or a USB drive and share it across the network, but with two ports you can do both. Additionally, try to choose a router that offers removable antennas. Some router manufacturers offer replacement high-gain antennas that will help boost performance, and there are a number of third-party antennas available. Just make sure your router supports whatever antennas you buy, or you’ll probably wind up with decreased performance.

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    Ways To Get Free Wifi At Home

    There are different methods that you can use for free Wi-Fi in the home. You can use the search for the desired point directly on the site or download the application for Android and iOS to always be in the know where to find a free Internet.

    After all, lets get started with the best ways to get free wifi at home.

  • Dial-Up Connection Free Dialup Internet
  • What Is The Cost Of Spectrum Wi

    eero Home WiFi System – Setup and Full Review

    Great service costs a lot of money but in the case of Spectrum Home Wi-Fi, you need not worry. It only makes a small blip on your monthly Charter Internet bill because of course to use this service you must have Spectrum internet to begin with, which is not all that bad, is it? With no binding contracts and data caps at affordable rates, it is the perfect internet provider.

    So how much does it cost in total? Well to help you out here is the breakup of it all.

    The first cost will be of the internet package itself. Spectrum offers three plans with varying internet speeds:

    Up to 940 Mbps

    $109.99/mo *for 12 months

    You can choose a plan based on your daily internet needs and if you subscribe to Spectrum TV or Spectrum phone you could also get a discount by bundling. Then again bear in mind that not all speeds are available in all areas. For example Charters 940 Mbps internet package is only available in 28 states so if you are an area of residence does not fall in these states you cannot subscribe to this package. Similarly, 11 states have 400 Mbps Spectrum internet available so before you decide to talk to Spectrum Customer Service to check availability.

    Getting back to costs in addition to your Charter monthly internet bill you will also have to pay a one-time fee for activation and installation. On top of it if you want Spectrum Home Wi-Fi you will have to pay an additional $5 a month. Here is the break up:


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