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How To Set Up And Optimize Your Wireless Router For The Best Wi

How do i find my wifi IP address

Looking to update your wireless network for better performance or security? Follow these simple steps for configuring your router and wireless network the right way.

While networking-gear makers have been making installation utilities easier to use over the years, getting the best out of your new wireless router purchase usually means delving a little deeper than the standard installation routine will go. Just because you’ve plugged in everything and all the blinking lights have turned green doesn’t mean your network’s performance and its security are as good as they could be. Follow these basic steps to properly configure your router and optimize your wireless network.

Difference Between A Wap & A Router

A wireless access point and a router shouldnt be confused to be the same thing. Theyre actually two different things and so they work in a bit different way.

A router is actually a hub that you connect your devices to and is responsible for handling and managing your network. A wireless access point, on the other hand, is a wireless point you connect your devices to which then further connects you to the main network.

Wireless access points are usually used to extend the range of the main network so more people can join the network. A router can have multiple wireless access points enabled on it for various purposes, and users can connect to them.

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Checking The Router’s Ip Address Using A Computer With Windows Operating System

NOTE: Windows 10two Command PromptStep 1: Network Connection Open Network and Sharing CenterNOTE:Connectionsnetwork nameQUICK TIP:Step 3:Details…IPv4 Default GatewayWindows 8 / 8.1two waysStep 1:Windows Command PromptStep 1: WindowsDnetwork connection iconOpen Network and Sharing CenterNOTE:Connections network nameNOTE: Step 3:Details IPv4 Default GatewayWindows 7 / Vistatwo Windows ROpen OKNetwork iconOpen Network and Sharing CenterConnections network nameStep 3:DetailsIPv4 Default Gateway

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When You Just Want Some Privacy

Even in the comfort of your own home, using the internet for everyday purposes, using a VPN can be a good idea. Whenever you access a website, the server you connect to logs your IP address and attaches it to all the other data the site can learn about you: your browsing habits, what you click on, how long you spend looking at a particular page. They can sell this data to advertising companies who use it to tailor ads straight to you. This is why ads on the internet sometimes feel oddly personal: its because they are. Your IP address can also be used to track your location, even when your location services are turned off. Using a VPN prevents you from leaving footprints on the web.

Dont forget your mobile devices, either. They have IP addresses too, and you probably use them in a wider variety of locations than your home computer, including public Wi-Fi hotspots. It is advisable to use a VPN on your mobile when connecting to a network you may not fully trust.

View The Ip Address Of A Wireless Access Point On Mac


Your wireless access point IP can be revealed on your Mac machine as well. If you go for the GUI method, all you basically need to do is click on a few options and youll have access to the required IP address of your WAP.

Its assumed youre already connected to the network via WiFi.

  • Click on the WiFi icon in the Mac menu bar and select the option that says Open Network Preferences. It opens your network settings.
  • Select Wi-Fi from the left sidebar and then click on Advanced on the right-hand side pane.
  • On the following screen, click on the TCP/IP tab at the top.
  • Your wireless access point IP should be listed next to Router. You can now use it to configure your network.

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Find The Ip Camera Address Via The Security Camera Companion Software

This is the easiest way to find the security camera IP address.

The easiest way to find the security camera IP address is to check the Network page on the CCTV camera software . The network page will display all the IP address information of your camera.

Generally you can get the CCTV camera IP address with 2 easy steps. Take Reolink cameras as an example:

Step 1. Download the free Reolink software on your phone or PC.

Step 2. Come to its device settings, and then find the security camera IP address on the Network Status tab.

Here is also a video tutorial:

Creation Of Mac Address

Another method to secure your network would be to create a MAC address list of all of your devices. Under the same Wireless section as before, next to “Wireless Security,” you will see “Wireless MAC filter” section. If you enable this feature you can tell your router to only permit the MAC addresses listed to access your wireless network. Some people only use this method without any other form of security. An example of what that section may look like in your router can be seen below.

No matter which method you use to secure your WiFi network it is better than no security at all. If you take these few steps to secure your WiFi you are protecting your computers, your network, your data, and, most importantly, yourself from unwanted attacks or problems.

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When You Are Traveling

If you are traveling to a foreign country for example, China, where sites like Facebook are blocked a VPN can help you access services that may not be available in that country.

The VPN will often allow you to use streaming services that you paid for and have access to in your home country, but they are not available in another because of international rights issues. Using a VPN can enable you to use the service as if you were at home. Travelers may also be able to find cheaper airfare when using a VPN, as prices can vary from region to region.

The Easiest Way To Discover A Hardware Address

How to find your wireless router ip address [EASY and QUICK]

If your computer or printer has a built-in Ethernet or Wireless interface, you mayfind a label attached to the back or bottom of the computer displayingthe hardware address.

If you find a label, make sure it really is a hardware address the section above describes what an Ethernet or Wireless hardware address looks like. For example, if you see letters of the alphabet other than A-F, you can be sure you’re not looking at an Ethernet or Wireless hardware address perhaps it is a modelnumber or serial number for your computer.

In some cases, you will not find a hardware address displayed on the box, the Ethernet or Wireless interface, or the computer or printer. In these cases,there is usually software you can run on the computer or printer thatwill display the Ethernet or Wireless hardware address. Instructions for some popularconfigurations appear below.

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What You Can Do With Your Printers Ip

Now that youve hopefully got your printers IP address handy, youll be able to start fixing any connection issues by typing it into the command prompt box. If youre trying to connect new devices to your printer, you can now type your printers IP address into the Hostname or IP address box. Remember, the device must already be connected to the network for the printer to be able to make a connection through the router.

Want to find out more?

Check out to NordVPN on Youtube.

Did You Find Your Routers Ip

This guide should have been complete enough to help you find the IP of your router. If you didn’t, let us know in a comment below, and we will try to update and improve our tutorial. Before you go, tell us what router you have and what is its default IP address. Were sure this information is going to help other readers searching for my router IP.

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    How To Find My Router’s Ip Address From Windows 10s Networks Panel

    A quick way to find out your routers IP address is from the networks list in Windows 10. Click or tap on the Wi-Fi icon in the Windows 10 taskbar. Then, in the wireless networks list, click or tap the Properties button beneath your networks name.

    Access the properties of your Wi-Fi connection

    This opens a window with lots of network-related information. Scroll down to the IPv4 DNS servers entry, where you see your routers IP address.

    See the IPv4 DNS servers field

    NOTE: This method works well unless you have set Windows 10 to use custom DNS settings for your PC.

    If you are connected to the router through a network cable, the procedure is slightly different: click or tap the Ethernet icon on the Windows 10 taskbar and then on the networks name.

    Access the properties of your Ethernet connection

    In the Ethernet window that appears, click on the networks name one more time, and you find the same list of network-related information shown earlier. There, scroll down to the IPv4 DNS servers entry.

    What Should You Keep In Mind

    How to find your Routerâs IP Address in Different Gadgets ...

    The link with which you can access the configuration page of your router in the step-by-step plan below only works if you’re connected to your router’s network.

    While following the step-by-step plan, look for the MAC address of your device. You recognize the device by brand or type, or by a name that you have given the device. Don’t you see anything that looks like your device? If so, take a photo or screenshot of the list. Next, remove the cable from your device and see which one is missing. The one that’s missing is the MAC address of your device.

    How do I make a screenshot in Windows?

    Restart the router and your device after setting up, so the new addresses are copied properly. Bookmark or write down the IP address and attach it to the bottom or back of the device.

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    How To Change My Router Ip

    With the help of the above instructions, you can easily find your router IP address to make configuration changes. However, if you also want to change your entire IP address then theres a solution too. You can do it by using a VPN just like FastestVPN. A VPN hides location and changes your IP address to protect the online privacy. In case, if you also want to change the IP address of a router then you have to change the IP address of every device connected to it.

    Why Rent Your Modem

    There are some benefits to renting. You can trade it in when it becomes obsolete or if it stops working. Plus, you don’t have to worry about compatibility or replacing the unit yourself if something goes wronginstead of troubleshooting problems on your own, your ISP can just swap it out for you. And again, some ISPs include the cost of a modem in your package pricing, and in those cases, you won’t save any money by purchasing your own.

    In addition, some ISPs may not even let you buy your own modem. If you have DSL or fiber, you can’t use a cable modem each uses special equipment that you’ll have to rent or purchase from your ISP. In addition, if you bundle your home phone service with your internet plan, you’ll need a modem that has a phone port. Telephony modems aren’t widely available for salea quick search yields expensive products with outdated technologyso you’re most likely better off renting from your ISP.

    If you aren’t sure what you’re allowed to do, check your ISP’s website, or give customer service a call to see if it’s possible to use your own modem. Most will list compatible modems on their website

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    How To Look Up Ip Addresses

    The simplest way to check your routers public IP address is to search What is my IP address? on Google. Google will show you the answer at the top of the page.

    Other websites will show you the same information: they can see your public IP address because, by visiting the site, your router has made a request and therefore revealed the information. The site IPLocation goes further by showing the name of your ISP and your city.

    Generally, you will only receive an approximation of location using this technique where the provider is, but not the actual device location. If you are doing this, remember to log out of your VPN too. Obtaining the actual physical location address for the public IP address usually requires a search warrant to be submitted to the ISP.

    Finding your private IP address varies by platform:

    In Windows:

    • Search for cmd using Windows search
    • In the resulting pop-up box, type ipconfig to find the information.

    On a Mac:

    • Select network and the information should be visible.

    On an iPhone:

    • Go to Settings
    • Select Wi-Fi and click the i” in a circle next to the network you are on the IP address should be visible under the DHCP tab.

    Fix Failed To Obtain Ip Address For Android Version 6 And Android Version 7

    How to find wifi IP address!!
  • Slide down the notification bar and then tap on the gear icon.
  • This will open Settings. Tap on WiFi.
  • Turn Wi-Fi on using the toggle located on the upper right corner.
  • Find and long-press the name of the WiFi network you want to fix.
  • When a menu appears, tap on Modify network.
  • Tap on Advanced options.
  • Select IPv4 settings and then from the drop-down menu, select Static.
  • Assign the IPv4 address of your choice.
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    How To Find Your Routers Ip Address In Windows 10 In The Network And Sharing Center

    Step 1. Click on the Start Menu .

    Step 2. Click the Settings icon

    Step 3. Click the Network & Internet option.

    Step 4. Click the Network and Sharing Center.

    Step 5. Select how you are connected to your router. If you are hardwired to your router choose Ethernet. If you are connected to your router via WiFi choose Wi-Fi.

    For ethernet or hardwire:

    For wireless:

    Step 6. A new window will open. Click on the details button.

    Step 7. A new page will open and this page will tell you two crucial things. The IPv4 Default gateway and your devices IP address to that router which is the IPv4 Address.

    In this example the routers IP address is

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