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Hp’s Wireless Direct Features Eliminates The Only Configuration Stepjoining A

How to use WiFi Direct of any HP Printer ?

by Chris Foresman – Jan 27, 2012 7:05 pm UTC

Hewlett Packard is showing off a range of new printers at Macworld|iWorld 2012, largely aimed at the home office and small-to-medium business segments. However, a new feature of its latest printer models is what really caught our eye on the show floor. HP’s Wireless Direct makes it possible to print documents and images from an iOS device via AirPrint without even knowing the name or password of the local wireless network.

All of HP’s printers now include the company’s ePrint feature, which enables options like wireless printing, sending documents to print via e-mail from anywhere in the world, and directly accessing documents in the cloud. These ePrint capabilities also enable support for Apple’s AirPrint standard, according to Marketing Manager Annamaria Pardini, which lets iPhones and iPads to print to a networked printer without any setup, configuration, or driver installation.

If AirPrint weren’t simple enough, Wireless Direct can make the process even easier. AirPrint requires that a compatible printer be accessible on the same wireless network as an iOS device, so you need to know the local network’s name and a password. If you’re visiting a friend or acquaintance, or stopping by a local business, you might not have those details.

Change The Device’s Settings And Connect To The Printer

  • Turn on wireless communication on your device.

  • Enable Wi-Fi on your device’s settings menu.

    For more information on how to turn on wireless communication, see your device’s instruction manual.

  • Select XXXXXX-MG3000 series from the list displayed on device. XXXXXX represents the last six digits of the printer’s MAC address.

    If XXXXXX-MG3000 series does not appear on the list, wireless direct is not enabled.

  • Enter the password.
  • Check the password for wireless direct connection from the network setting information printout.

    • The device may require a password to connect the printer via wireless LAN. Enter the specified password for the printer.

  • Your device should connect to the printer.

  • What Is Wifi Direct In Windows 10

    WiFi Direct is compatible with Windows 10 IoT Core devices by using a WiFi Direct compatible USB WiFi key. To make sure that Wi-Fi Direct is enabled, you need to check two things: The USB WiFi adapter hardware must support WiFi Direct. The corresponding USB WiFi adapter driver must support WiFi Direct.

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    I recently purchased this printer and am having trouble setting it up . When I try to connect it using the USB connection I get a message telling me that the USB3 port on my laptop will not support the cable supplied with the printer.

    In fact I prefer to use it wirelessly but when I try to set up using WiFi Direct the system asks me for an 8 digit PIN number which is not the same as the 8 digit password The WiFi Direct guide tells me that a unique PIN number is generated each time connection is attempted, however I cannot get this PIN number to achieve connection. The guide also states that if a PIN number is required the printer will print it out along with additional instructions when you attemp to connect. This does not happen. Advice please.

    What Is The Difference Between Wifi Direct And Bluetooth

    Brother MFC

    The need to wirelessly send data to nearby devices without using other hardware is not a new thing. One of the first and most widespread solutions was Bluetooth, which has been around since 1998. Bluetooth is awesome for connecting peripherals to a computer or using a wireless headset, as these dont require fast data transfers. Bluetooth is not a fast technology, and setting it up is not hassle-free either.

    Wi-Fi Direct vs. Bluetooth

    WiFi is different: it has high speeds, and its much easier to configure. As WiFi Direct is built upon regular WiFi, it has the same advantages: WiFi Direct offers much faster speeds and wireless coverage than Bluetooth can ever deliver.

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    What Can You Actually Use It For

    But what can you actually use Wi-Fi Direct for at the moment? Well, if a device and its peripherals are designed to use Wi-Fi Direct, theyll use Wi-Fi Direct without you having to think about it. The Roku 3 does this, as we mentioned above.

    While Wi-Fi Direct is theoretically supposed to be a standard that allows multiple types of devices supporting the Wi-Fi Direct standard to communicate with each other, this hasnt really happened just yet.

    For example, you may have two new laptops, each advertised as supporting Wi-Fi Direct. You might assume thered be a way to set up easy file-sharing between them using Wi-Fi Direct, but youd be wrong at the moment. Theres also no easy way to connect an Android smartphone to a Windows laptop and actually do much just yet. For now, Wi-Fi Direct isnt a feature you should really concern yourself with. In the future, this may become a more useful standard.

    Wi-Fi Direct is a promising feature thats already working in the real world. However, it has a long way to go before its actually an interoperable standard normal people can rely on. At the moment, its just a way for specifically designed products to communicate with each other. For devices that require less power, Bluetooth Low Energy will be superior but Wi-Fi Direct has a fighting chance against higher-powered Bluetooth devices.

    Devices Supported By Wi

    Wi-Fi Direct has been available to consumers for at least a decade now, thanks to the 2011 Digital Living Network Alliance update that included guidelines for the feature. Now, the world is filled with compatible devices, including some that you might not have expected. Android devices have supported Direct since Android 2.3, and Apple devices have had it since iOS 7 .

    There are also a lot of entertainment devices that make use of Direct to stream content or screencast from a mobile device. Roku has it, and many smart TVs offer Wi-Fi Direct connections as well. There are many peripherals that provide wireless connections that may use Wi-Fi Direct instead of Bluetooth. That includes wireless headsets with high-fidelity audio and wireless printers.

    How exactly Wi-Fi Direct connections are created can vary between devices. Some devices may have you scan a QR code. Some have you enter a numerical PIN. Several devices have you press physical buttons to initiate a connection. Over time, as security has grown more critical, more devices use a combination of these techniques, and fewer devices simply connect automatically.

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    Using Printer With Wireless Direct

    You can connect devices to the printer by two methods below.

    • Wireless connection
    • Direct wireless connection

    This section describes Wireless Direct, which allows you to print or scan by connecting the devices to the printer directly.

    Follow the procedure below to use Wireless Direct.

    • You can connect up to 5 devices to the printer at the same time.
    • Check the usage restrictions and switch the printer to the Wireless Direct.

    Change settings below to prepare for Wireless Direct.

    • Printer’s LAN settings

  • The confirmation screen asking if you display the password information appears.

  • Select Yes or No.

    The list of Wireless Direct settings is displayed.

    The device detects the printer by the identifier .


  • You can check the following.

  • SSID
  • Password
  • Printer’s name which appears on a Wi-Fi Direct compatible device
  • The password is required when connecting a device to the printer.Depending on the device you are using, no password is required.

    When you connect a Wi-Fi Direct compatible device to theprinter, select the device name displayed on the LCD from your device.

  • The identifier and the security setting are specified automatically.To update them, see below.

  • The Wireless Direct is enabled and a device can be connected to the printer wirelessly.

  • How Does Wifi Direct Work

    Print from Windows 10, 11 Using Wi-Fi Direct | HP Printers | @HPSupport

    When developing the WiFi Direct standard, the main ideas were quite simple: make it easy to set up, have it support all kinds of services, and make it just as fast as any other WiFi connection. The second and third are self-explanatory since WiFi Direct is based on regular WiFi, so it doesnt have any drawbacks.

    The way WiFi Direct works is rather simple: one device discovers the other just like it would discover a wireless network, enter a password or push a WPS button and voilá, the devices are connected. No need to set up visibility, match long numeric codes or put up with any of the problems Bluetooth has. And to top it all, only one of the devices has to be compatible with WiFi Direct.

    Using Wi-Fi Direct on an Android smartphone

    Essentially, when you connect two devices via WiFi Direct, one of them creates an access point similar to a router, and the other device connects to it. You dont have to do it manually its all automatic. The available features vary, depending on what kind of devices are connected: you can , send pictures to a digital picture frame, send files from a phone to a computer, or play music or movies on a TV from a music player or phone. There are quite a lot of possibilities.

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    How Wifi Direct Works

    WiFi Direct is built upon the same WiFi technology used by most modern consumer electronic devices to communicate with wireless routers. It allows two devices to communicate with each other, provided that at least one of them is compliant with the standard to establish a peer-to-peer connection.

    Before WiFi Direct, it was possible to establish a similar connection with ad-hoc networking, a decentralized type of wireless network that doesnt rely on pre-existing infrastructure, but WiFi Direct makes decentralized wireless networking accessible even to people who are not technically inclined.

    The standard gives compatible devices a way how to discover each other and securely connect using Wi-Fi Protected Setup and Wi-Fi Protected Access .

    Wi-Fi Protected Setup is a network security standard created by the Wi-Fi Alliance to allow home users who know little of wireless security and may be intimidated by the available security options to set up WPA, a protocol and security certification program developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance to secure wireless computer networks.

    Can I Use Hp Wireless Direct If My Printer Connects To My Computer With A Usb Cable

    Connect Later

  • On the printer control panel, touch the HP wireless direct icon , or navigate to the Network Setup or Wireless Settings menu and touch Wireless Direct, and then turn on the connection.
  • To require a password when connecting to the printer, select On or On with security. Note the security passcode, and then touch OK.
  • On the computer or laptop, click the wireless icon or , and then select HP-Print-xx- from the list of available networks.

    note:If the printer name does not display, you might be out of range of the HP wireless direct signal. Move your computer and printer closer together.

  • If prompted, type the security passcode from the printer control panel.
  • On the computer, open the list of installed programs or applications, click the HP folder, and then click the name of your HP printer.
  • Select Wireless, and then click Next.
  • Open the Printers folder in the computer settings or control panel, and then locate the two icons that display for your printer.
  • Select the icon with Network in the name to print with HP wireless direct.

    note:If you no longer want to print using a USB cable connection, delete the other printer icon.

  • Reconnect the computer to your normal wireless network.
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    How To Use Wifi Direct

    WiFi Direct is supported by more devices than most people realize. The Digital Living Network Alliance included WiFi Direct in its interoperability guidelines in November 2011, and Google has been supporting the standard in all versions of its Android operating system since Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

    Samsung has been taking advantage of the WiFi Direct support in Android since Android 2.3 on the Galaxy S2, while the users of Apple devices have been enjoying WiFi Direct since iOS 7 in the form of Air Drop. Even BlackBerry had supported the standard before the company faded into irrelevance.

    Besides Android WiFi Direct-enabled devices, the standard can also be found on gaming consoles, such as the new Xbox, or WiFi Direct Windows 10 computers. Many hardware devices and peripherals, such as portable media players, wireless headsets, computer mice and keyboards, or printers, use WiFi direct to connect with other devices instead of Bluetooth.

    Thats great news for end users because WiFi Direct is straightforward to use as there are no unwieldy set-up procedures to go through. For example, to connect two WiFi Direct Android smartphones together, all you have to do is activate WiFi Direct on both devices, wait a short while for the two devices to find each other and then start the automated pairing process.

    Wifi Direct Printing & How It Works


    Move over, Bluetooth . Youve been replaced by WiFi Direct, a peer-to-peer wireless application used for connectivity to printers and other peripherals such as speakers, headphones, mice and keyboards. WiFi Direct even enables Near-field communication . In this episode, the IAG looks at WiFi Direct printing and how it works. Spoiler alertyoull like it better than BT.

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    Explanation Of Wireless Vs Wired Printers

      If you are considering a new printer for your home or office, or just looking to get more from your current printer, both wired and wireless printers have their advantages and disadvantages. Many printers on the market today come ready to be connected both wirelessly or through a cable. Understanding the benefits and limitations of each technology will help you determine which is the right for you.

      Changing Settings Of A Device And Connecting It To The Printer

    • Turn on wireless communication on your device.

      Enable “Wi-Fi” on your device’s “Setting” menu.

      For more on turning on wireless communication, see your device’s instruction manual.

    • Select “DIRECT-XXXX-TS5000series” from list displayed on device.


    • See Changing Printer’s Settings to enable Wireless Direct.

    • Enter password.

      Your device is connected to the printer.


    • Check the password for the Wireless Direct.

      Check by one of the following methods.

    • Display on the LCD.

    • Depending on the device you are using, entering the password is required to connect a device to the printer via wireless LAN.Enter the password specified for the printer.
    • If your Wi-Fi Direct compatible device is set to prioritize using Wi-Fi Direct and it is connecting to the printer, the printer displays a confirmation screen asking if you allow the device to connect to the printer.

      Make sure the name on the LCD is the same as that of your wireless communication device and select Yes.

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      How To Use Wifi Direct On Android

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