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In January 2005, a mobile malware worm known as Lasco surfaced. The worm began targeting mobile phones using Symbian OS ” rel=”nofollow”> Series 60 platform) using Bluetooth enabled devices to replicate itself and spread to other devices. The worm is self-installing and begins once the mobile user approves the transfer of the file from another device. Once installed, the worm begins looking for other Bluetooth enabled devices to infect. Additionally, the worm infects other .SIS files on the device, allowing replication to another device through the use of removable media . The worm can render the mobile device unstable.

In April 2005, Cambridge University security researchers published results of their actual implementation of passive attacks against the PIN-based pairing between commercial Bluetooth devices. They confirmed that attacks are practicably fast, and the Bluetooth symmetric key establishment method is vulnerable. To rectify this vulnerability, they designed an implementation that showed that stronger, asymmetric key establishment is feasible for certain classes of devices, such as mobile phones.

In August 2005, police in Cambridgeshire, England, issued warnings about thieves using Bluetooth enabled phones to track other devices left in cars. Police are advising users to ensure that any mobile networking connections are de-activated if laptops and other devices are left in this way.





How Do Wifi Signal Boosters Work

Keep in mind that the WiFi signal booster needs to be connected to a cellular modem for it to work. The kits come with four main components: the outside antenna, the amplifier/repeater, a pole mount, and cable.

  • The outside antenna will be mounted on the pole mount and it will capture the existing cellular signal outside.
  • The existing outside signal is converted and sent to the amplifier/repeater. The amplifier is used to boost the signal that is being received from the outside antenna.
  • The boosted signal is passed on to the modem which releases the radio waves into the area you need it for faster and better internet speeds.
  • Putting It All Together

    Keeping the scenario above, lets say you want to send a photo via email to your friend, how does the process work?

    Once your computer has established Wi-Fi connection from communication between your broadband modem, router and computer you can sign on to your email account, attach the photo you want to share, and hit send.

    Then through a combination of TCP/IP and 802.11 networking specifications, your data will be broken into tiny packets of binary code . These tiny packets are sent like Morse code via radio waves.

    Because there are so many radio waves flowing through the air, Wi-Fi is transmitted at two different frequencies based on packet size to minimize interference:

    • 2.4 GHz

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    Securing Your Wireless Network

    Security is always important with a wireless network, it’s even more important because your network’s signal could be broadcast outside your home. If you don’t help secure your network, people with PCs nearby could access info stored on your network PCs and use your Internet connection.

    To help make your network more secure:

    Change the default user name and password. This helps protect your router. Most router manufacturers have a default user name and password on the router and a default network name . Someone could use this info to access your router without you knowing it. To help avoid that, change the default user name and password for your router. See the documentation for your device for instructions.

    Set up a security key for your network. Wireless networks have a network security key to help protect them from unauthorized access. We recommend using Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 security if your router supports it. See the documentation for your router for more detailed info, including what type of security is supported and how to set it up.

    Some routers support Wi-Fi Protected Setup . If your router supports WPS and its connected to the network, follow these steps to set up a network security key:

  • Do one of the following, depending on which version of Windows is running on your PC:

  • In Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, select Start, start typing Network and Sharing Center, and then choose it in the list.

  • Select Set up a new connection or network.

  • Beyond Computers And Routers

    Social Powered WiFi Hotspot. Automate your marketing ...

    Another reason for the technologys success has been the exponential growth of devices where Wi-Fi can be installed including home appliances, TVs, video game consoles, and smart watches, to name a few. The growth of the internet of things can be traced to the low cost, powerful performance and reliability of Wi-Fi products.

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    Is Wifi Direct Supported On My Windows 10 Pc

    WiFi Direct is supported on Windows 10 IoT Core devices through the use of a WiFi Direct enabled USB WiFi adapter. To make sure that WiFi Direct is enabled two things need to happen:

  • The hardware of the USB WiFi adapter has to support WiFi Direct, and
  • The corresponding driver of the USB WiFi adapter needs to support WiFi Direct.
  • WiFi Direct offers a service for WiFi device-to-device connection that doesnt require a Wireless Access Point to set up the connection.

    WiFi Direct on Windows 10 lets users experience the same WiFi connectivity that many other devices are using. With it, you can connect your computer to the TV, or use it for internet connectivity with much better security. In fact, WiFi Direct lets you connect to any other device with your PC much better and easier than even Bluetooth.

    What Are The Benefits Of Wifi Calling

    WiFi calling allows you to call or text from any location with a WiFi connection. This can be a major benefit especially if you are in an area that a cellular network doesnt reach. So, what are the advantages of WiFi calling?

    • Improves voice quality in areas where network coverage is weak
    • Incurs no additional charges WiFi calls inside the U.S. and to the U.S. are typically included in your monthly voice plan
    • Requires no add-on services and special plans calls may count toward your minutes unless your plan is unlimited
    • Needs no separate applications the feature is built into most devices
    • Uses your existing phone number no additional logins are necessary
    • Extends battery life the constant search for cellular networks can drain your smartphones battery

    In addition, WiFi calling doesnt require a lot of bandwidth. Typically, a voice call uses approximately 1 MB per minute and a video call uses between 6-8 MB per minute. For all of these reasons, it could make sense to take advantage of solid WiFi coverage when its available.

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    What Are The Advantages Of Wi

    One key advantage of having Wi-Fi enabled devices is that they will allow you to connect to other Local Area Networks when you are out and about, as well as to your home network. Whilst many phones will allow connection to the internet through the phone signal, this can be patchy, and sometimes costly depending on your phone tariff.

    When travelling abroad outside Europe, for example, the ability to use a local LAN for free can be preferable to paying roaming charges for internet connection via a phone network though of course some networks such as Three let you use your mobile data in many destinations at no extra cost.

    Many cafes and shops have established their own WLANS which are often free to use you may need to enter a password when you first try to connect, but this password is usually simple and displayed widely around the premises. You may not get as fast a connection as you get at home, as many people may be sharing the connection simultaneously, but the service should be good enough for general browsing.

    What Is A Wireless Usb Adapter Used For

    Bluetooth vs WiFi – What’s the difference?

    A wireless USB adapter connects a computer without wireless hardware to a wireless network by transmitting either a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signal. Installing the adapter requires plugging it into a USB port on a computer and installing drivers and other software if necessary. Once the adapter is installed, a wireless connection can be established.

    Unlike broadband and satellite USB modems, which require special SIM cards and dedicated service providers, wireless USB adapters can connect computers to wireless networks without additional tools or service expenses. Those with older computers that do not have wireless cards can purchase a card for a relatively low price. Doing so is much less expensive and more convenient that buying an internal adapter, and these cards are just as efficient when it comes to accessing free Internet services offered at public libraries, coffee shops and more.

    Installing USB wireless adapters has gotten easier because the Windows and Apple operating systems now include driver software from many equipment manufacturers that recognize a wide range of USB adapters. Microsoft also provides its own generic drivers, so if a branded driver is not listed for a certain computer during the installation process, Microsofts driver software can probably support it.

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    How To Set Up A Wi

    The Internet is a really powerful tool. It gives us access to all kinds of information at a moment’s noticethink email, Google search, and Wikipedia. So there’s something a little counterintuitive about only being able to use the Internet when you sit down at a desktop computer. What if you could use the Internet from anywhere in your home or office?

    If you already have high-speed Internet service at your house, it’s pretty easy to create your own home wireless network. Commonly known as Wi-Fi, a wireless network allows you to connect laptops, smartphones, and other mobile devices to your home Internet service without an Ethernet cable.

    Purchase a wireless router

    To create your own Wi-Fi network, you’ll need a wireless router. This is the device that will broadcast the Wi-Fi signal from your Internet modem throughout your house. Your Internet service provider may offer you a wireless router for a small monthly fee. If you’ve never set up a Wi-Fi network before, this may be the easiest option.

    If you want to buy your own router, we’d recommend spending a little more time researching different options. CNET offers a comprehensive guide on How to Buy a Router.

    Some Internet modems may already have a built-in wireless router, which means you won’t need to purchase a separate one.

    Connect the cables

  • Once you’ve acquired a wireless router, you’ll need to connect it to your existing Internet modem.

  • Connect an Ethernet cable from your modem to the wireless router .

  • Connect!

    The Advantages Of Using Wi

    Wi-Fi is a method for devices such as smartphones to connect wirelessly to the Internet using radio waves. Connecting to the Internet using Wi-Fi requires a hot spot, but is always faster than the 3G cellular networks smartphones can also use to connect, and occasionally faster than 4G. Using Wi-Fi when it’s available can also prove to be cheaper and make your phone run more efficiently in the long run than relying on cellular networks.

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    What Is A Pocket Wifi & How To Use It

    As technology advances so do our concerns and interests. It is important being informed about new products which could possibly make our lives better. Pocket WiFi’s are one of those. Yesterday we were sending carrier pigeons nowadays we have the gift of communication in the palm of our hands.

    Thus you need to learn a few things about the Pocket WiFi. Also, you need to know how to use it, as well as their advantages and how to find the best portable internet on the market.

    First, you need to know Pocket WiFi is very useful if you are traveling or you are in a place with the weak telephone connection. In this way, you are going to keep connected to the internet even if you dont have a working phone line.

    A mobile WiFi router with a SIM card is a very clever option if being all-time online is important for you. Lets find out all you need to use a Pocket WiFi.

    Where Is Wifi Available

    Uses Of Wifi

    Whether youre running daily errands or planning a trip overseas, free WiFi locator apps can help you navigate with ease. For iOS users, WiFi Finder and WiFi Finder + Map apps pinpoint internet and hotspots wherever you go.

    Android users can download the Wiman Free WiFi app that provides access to a database with over 60 million hotspots worldwide, or WiFi MapĀ®, which has more than 100 million networks globally where users share passwords and tips.

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    Stop People From Seeing What You Are Doing On Your Wifi

    If you dont want people to see your browsing activity. There are 3 things you need to do

    1. When it comes to sensitive matters, dont use the site that doesnt have https. Thankfully, most sites on the Internet support https by default. When you are browsing sites that have https like Reddit, people who are spying on you or even your ISP, may be able to see that you connected to reddit servers IP address, but he cannot see the traffic that youre communicating.

    If the site doesnt enforce https by default but still has https as an option, then you can install HTTPS Everywhere. Its a browser extension for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera, that encrypts your communications with many major websites. This will not make the HTTP site to HTTPS, but for some sites that dont enforce https or have partial https on the checkout page, this extension will enforce it the on entire site.

    2. Use a VPN. A VPN will bypass router level logging. If you are not sure which VPN to use, here our list of best free VPN apps we recommend at TechWiser

    3. Use other sources of the Internet for sensitive web search like creating a hotspot from your smartphone. For an extra layer of protection, you even

    There are other ways to monitor your network traffic such as setting up a new firewall, but this could be costly and mostly used by enterprises.

    Influence On Developing Countries

    Over half the world does not have access to the internet, prominently rural areas in developing nations. Technology that has been implemented in more developed nations is often costly and low energy efficient. This has led to developing nations using more low-tech networks, frequently implementing renewable power sources that can solely be maintained through solar power, creating a network that is resistant to disruptions such as power outages. For instance, in 2007 a 450 km network between Cabo Pantoja and Iquitos in Peru was erected in which all equipment is powered only by solar panels. These long-range Wi-Fi networks have two main uses: offer internet access to populations in isolated villages, and to provide healthcare to isolated communities. In the case of the aforementioned example, it connects the central hospital in Iquitos to 15 medical outposts which are intended for remote diagnosis.

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