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What Security Cameras Works Without Wifi? | IC Realtime

After digging around for all the 4G security cameras available, here we would like to recommend our best pick Reolink Go, an innovative product by Reolink following the big success of its rechargeable battery powered & solar powered security camera Reolink Argus 2.

This 4G surveillance camera Reolink Go is a clear winner in every aspect including:

  • Flexible power options: It comes with an eco-friendly rechargeable battery and allows you to add Reolink solar panel to get continuous power.
  • High resolution: With 1080p high resolution and starlight night vision, this 4G wireless security camera boasts better day and night vision than other competitors.
  • Accurate motion detection: Relying on the smart PIR motion sensor, it triggers almost zero false alarms resulting from a car driving by or the wind blowing.
  • Good cellular reception: This 4G camera can receive good cellular signals based on the hundreds of test results.
  • No contracts or monthly fees: Reolink Go comes with an SD card slot to record videos onboard, so you don’t need to pay the monthly subscription fees.

Now watch the video below to check out the daytime image of Reolink Go 4G security camera .

Video Transcription

Want to monitor your horses or pregnant cows without WiFi or Internet? Thanks to the 4G LTE security cameras, you can also remotely check on the activities of your livestock on your phone without physically being there.

Jenny Hu

Why You Need One Over The Other

Homes that have large threshold internet plans with fast speeds and strong routers should look no further than a WiFi camera setup, especially with smart home applications becoming the norm.

However, there are many other instances where you might consider going with a non-WiFi set up.

If you have a home that has expensive, slow, or no internet connection, such as a rural town or wilderness cabin, then a standalone home camera system is a no-brainer since the visuals and the information are stored in its own DVR box.

Another benefit of non-WiFi home security cameras that are not wireless is that they cannot be remotely accessed by intruders.

Since all of the components of a non-WiFi system are hardwired, that creates an extra layer of security from internet hackers.

Home camera systems that dont need WiFi are also not at the mercy of its wireless signal or speed.

So if you have a home network that tends to connect and disconnect wirelessly from the internet will have the same effect with WiFi security cameras since they depend on that connection too.

Non-WiFi cameras, on the other hand, only rely on the wiring, the components of the DVR system, and the monitor, so visual signal and recording is usually clear and stutter-free.

One more benefit of non-WiFi home cameras is that once you purchase and install the standalone system with the wiring, that is the only cost that you incur.

Cameras That Dont Need Wi

  • Arlo Go: Weve reviewed many Arlo cameras, but the only one that works without Wi-Fi is the Arlo Go. Rather than connecting it to your Wi-Fi network, you buy a mobile LTE plan for the Arlo Go footage records onto both a micro-SD card and cloud storage. We controlled this wireless camera through the Arlo app.
  • Reolink Go: After reviewing Wi-Fi cameras like the Reolink Argus 2, we tested out the Reolink Go, which also requires either a 3G or 4G LTE plan, a micro-SIM card, and a cellular data plan. Footage recorded directly onto a 64 GB micro-SD card, and cloud storage was an option as well. The Reolink Go is wireless and works with Reolinks mobile application, so you can get notifications from motion detection along with live views.

Note: Both the Arlo Go and the Reolink Go require cellular data plans for remote control, remote viewing, and notifications.

Whether youre wary of hacks or your Wi-Fi simply isnt up to snuff, there are security cameras that you can view remotely without Wi-Fi.

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Does Network Video Recorder Stop Recording If The Wifi Or Internet Connection Is Turned Off

To answer these questions, NVR can function even without WiFi or Internet access. Just make sure that it is always connected with the cameras. If so, you will not have any problem with the NVR, even without Internet or WiFi connection.

As mentioned, Internet access is not necessary to make the NVR work with security cameras. The IP address will be assigned by the NVR to the cameras in the same package. Making local video recording accessible and available after turning the power on.

The data transmitted from the cameras and store the videos to the hard drive is picked up by the NVR, even without Internet connection.

What Are 4g Security Cameras

Panoramic VR Camera Works without WIFI Wireless IP Camera ...

4G security cameras, also called 4G LTE security cameras, are the mobile monitoring cameras that use 4G LTE network to deliver live viewing and send instant alerts.

As the above definition indicates, 4G cellular-based CCTV cameras require a separate mobile service plan to work. And the cellular data consumption of 4G IP cameras varies, depending on how many times you watch live streaming, receive motion detection alarms, etc.

Though the emerging 4G surveillance camera market now offers you quite limited options, some reputable brands, who saw the great demand and tremendous potential, have launched their 3g/4g security cameras to seize market shares first.

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Wyze Cam V: Best Budget Camera

Amazon.com price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

The Wyze Cam v3 builds on the foundation of Wyze’s original sleeper hit by introducing outdoor capabilities, a built-in siren, improved night vision, and a higher frame rate for smoother video. While the v3 saw a small price bump shortly after release, $36 is still a steal for a wireless camera this good.

See footage from the Wyze Cam v3 in our full review.

Wyze Cam v3’s night vision is noteworthy because it uses a starlight sensor with two types of infrared LEDs to produce color video at night. This is also one of the first Wyze cameras to record videos at 20 frames per second during the day, which gives it smoother video playback and live viewing than Wyze’s older cameras.

We’re fans of Wyze’s free cloud storage that saves small 12-second clips for up to 14 days. The Wyze Cam Plus paid cloud storage plan allows for full-length video clips and is great for folks wanting better video recording without buying a microSD card. It’s also one of the cheapest plans from any security camera companycosting just $2 a month or $15 for an annual plan.

You can buy the Wyze Outdoor Cam Starter Bundle for about $35 more than the Wyze Cam v3. The rechargeable battery is great for folks that want a wire-free option that’s more affordable than most other outdoor security cameras.

Do You Need Wifi For Wireless Security Cameras

Latest Update On: December 27, 2021 | Article Write: Charles Theisen

Security surveillance for home, office, or store they are super important because burglary and theft are common incidents. Every home or store owner, even an RV owner, wants to have a security system in their setup. However, when it comes to setting up a video surveillance system in your premises, the biggest bummer becomes the setup process. Most of the surveillance systems require many wire management and internet connectivity, which mostly become messy.

Although there are wireless cameras are available in a great number, but what if you dont have wifi access where you live or traveling? The inevitably raised question here is, do you need wifi for wireless security cameras as a mandatory? Or is there a way to use it without needing any wifi connectivity? Stick to the article to know how you can do security surveillance without a wifi hub how it works:

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Is An Indoor Wireless Camera Enough Security

If your goal is to protect against intruders, we recommend an outdoor camera first and foremost.

Outdoor security cameras can deter criminals and provide an early warning before someone enters your home. While indoor security cameras often help people catch a burglar after the fact, you have a better chance of sending a thief running with an outdoor camera.

And if you want to be connected to the police, you should look into security cameras that come with an option to add professional monitoring.

When Do Sim Card Cctv Security Cameras Consume Your Cellular Data

Do CCTV Cameras Work Without The Internet

Your security cameras with SIM card would consume the cellular data in the following circumstances:

  • The SIM card security camera systems send you alerts when motion is detected and upload videos to the cloud.
  • You access your 4G/3G SIM card surveillance camera to watch live viewing remotely.
  • Your IP security cameras with SIM card have poor mobile signals, and you have to retry repeated times.
  • When you launch your SIM card security camera app, a very small amount of data will also be used.

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Security Cameras That Don’t Require Wifi Or Internet Access

Wireless security cameras that operate over WiFi or Bluetooth are popular for residential use, but there is a reason that the vast majority of businesses operate security cameras without wifi. These systems are more reliable and accessible. They rarely lose connection and dont require regular battery replacement.These wired-in systems have security cameras without internet dependence and will work whether your internet is up or down. But modern systems by CCTV Security Pros can also be set up for remote viewing with no ongoing fees, contract, or subscription.

Ip Cameras Without Internet

  • 24/7 live viewing of videos is possible with a connected monitor.
  • Security camera footage may be saved on-site to an SD card or an NVR. Videos may be saved in the NVR/DVR.
  • It can function even on remote location because it uses battery cellular security cameras in off-grid areas. This is possible with the use of cellular security cameras. These type function with the use of 3G/4G cellular network. Meaning, no need for any WiFi or Internet connection.

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How Do Security Cameras Without Wifi Work

If you live in a rural area where internet connection is sparse, you may be able to utilize a security camera without an internet connection. All you need to do is have your cameras installed with an NVR/DVR so that you can save the footage and have it for later.

Security cameras without WiFi can be hardwired into your home, but youll be left having to jump over cables from time to time. Installation wise, security cameras without WiFi are much more difficult to install than those that use WiFi. Regardless, it is always recommended that you hire a professional to do the installation for you.

Another much easier option would be to connect your camera to your cell phones LTE service. It might be a bit slow to start, but it will get the job done.

Q5 No Wifi And No Electricity Any Security Camera Available

VOSKER V100 4G Cellular Outdoor Security Camera

I need to get security cameras at my ranch, but there is no Wi-Fi and I don’t have electricity over there. Is there any way to get security cameras?

Answer: As mentioned above, Reolink Go is the solution for you. It does not require WiFi network and it runs on its rechargeable battery .

Reolink Argus 2 is another choice for you. It’s battery powered and can work without network and without electricity. But it does need a WiFi network to get started. You can turn your phone’s mobile network into a hot spot to get it up.

As mentioned above, you need to use its free software on your mobile phone with network to set up the camera. After that, no network is needed. It will do recording to the SD card whenever it detects an event. Pls note that you won’t get live view and alerts if there is no network.

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Cons Of Hardwired Cameras

Professional Installation Required

In many cases, youd require a professional hand to install a security camera with wires since there are ample cords to deal with. This could cause an added financial burden on you. Although, you could evade this burden by buying a less sophisticated hardwired camera.

Dont Work with Smart Home Systems

The best part of a wi-fi security camera is working with smart home systems like Google Assistant and Alexa.

How To Reset A Nest Camera

Everything needs to be reset sometimes. Unplug your Nest cameras power cord, and wait 10 seconds before you plug it back in. A green light on your Nest camera signifies the camera is back online. As a last resort, you can try a factory reset on your Nest camera. Keep in mind, however, this will erase all the cameras previous settings, and youll have to go through the process of reconnecting your camera to your homes Wi-Fi. Before you perform a hard reset, make sure you save any video clips you dont want to lose.

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Does Cameras Need Wifi

Are WiFi requirements for home security cameras? The cameras in your home are not required to be connected to the Internet. In the case of security cameras that do not connect to WiFi, a dedicated recording or storage device can be connected to the camera, and a viewing monitor that is part of the system itself can be connected without a router or internet connection.

Gear Up With Commercial

Use Wi-FI security camera without Internet/router, how to use yoosee AP/standalone mode?

For those wondering if there are quality security cameras that work without WiFi, the answer is yes, and theyre often the best you can get. You can get complete surveillance systems using security cameras without internet with HD-over-coax security cameras. You get a great picture, save plenty of money, and have excellent performance. Security cameras without WiFi are a wonderful choice for many businesses and properties, and can often work with existing infrastructure. Its easy to get started on your new security system.

Contact us at 888.653.2288 to speak with a security expert.

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Best Of Indoor: Wyze Cam V2 Smart Wifi Security Camera

  • 14 days free cloud recording
  • Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

For this one, well let the reviews speak about it. It has more than 6,000 positive reviews on Amazon , making it the best indoor security camera without a subscription as you also dont need to pay for storage. This is so as the camera has a free cloud plan that stores your footage in the form of short 12-second clips.

If you want the camera to record continuously , the little guy has a built-in MicroSD slot for up to 32GB card. The feature also ensures you can still have evidence after the internet was down or if you dont have the internet at all.

Regardless, the security camera records in 1080p Full HD and also has audio functions. So, your 32GB card is likely to record for only two to four days before its starts overwriting.

Another thing, the security camera doesnt have a battery like most standalone cameras. So, you have to put it together in a place near to an electrical power outlet.


  • 100% wire-free PT CCTV
  • Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

If youre looking for the best outdoor security camera without a subscription to even the cloud, the Argus PT is a great option. Reolink offers it with 1GB of cloud storage, which is equivalent to 7-day video history since it only records by events .


  • 1080p Full HD video quality
  • 130-degree wide field of vision
  • 1080P HD & Clear Night Vision


  • Inbuilt MicroSD card slot
  • IP67 weatherproof metal housing



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