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ByBrian Nadel19 March 2020

Wi-Fi extenders have gotten more affordable, but they’re still tricky devices to set up. Here are some tips on where to place your extender to boost your Wi-Fi network’s reach.

While your typical router generally has more than enough reach to fill an apartment or small house with Wi-Fi, it may not have the range to cover a larger home. Inevitably, dead spots will crop up in larger homes that get in the way of relaxing with a Netflix movie in your favorite easy chair, listening to your favorite tunes on Spotify while barbecuing on the porch or providing guests in the attic bedroom with Internet access.Using a Wi-Fi extender can help to fill in the gaps by taking your routers existing Wi-Fi signal and rebroadcasting a fresh signal thats aimed at the homes unconnected nooks and crannies. While extenders have gotten cheaper and easier to use, they still can be tricky to set up. They not only require some forethought and planning but some trial and error.

Here are seven tips and tricks for Wi-Fi extenders that will help you put data in its right place everywhere.

Should I Turn Off My Wifi At Night

It can be undoubtedly said that WiFi has become more advantageous than ethernet and nowadays the majority of modern internet-connected devices dont even bring out with ethernet ports anymore.

But when you and your family are asleep, then there should be no reason to keep your WiFi routers on basically when theyre not in use.

Besides, you should pay attention to the type of radiation emitting from your router and you must know that its a form of microwave EMF radiation. There is no safe level of EMF in reality and the World Health Organization enlists EMF radiation as a Class 2B carcinogen. In addition, cell phones also emit the same type of radiation.

You may be astonished to hear that this type of radiation has to dominate negative health effects such as cancer and infertility and in favor of it, there are faithfully thousands of high-quality peer-reviewed scientific research.

More terrible is that scientist Dr. Martin Pall believes that WiFi has an important threat to human health and mentioned seven well-established effects of WiFi exposure such as sperm dysfunction, cell damage, and oxidative stress, etc.

So now it can be clearly said that you should turn off your WiFi at night and to turn it off easily you can use the best smart plugs. In the fact that you can easily turn off your Wi-Fi with the help of a smart plug just using a smartphone from anywhere.

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Pricier But Much More Capable: Netgear Ex7700

*At the time of publishing, the price was $124.

The Netgear Nighthawk X6 EX7700 costs several times as much as our other picks, but its worth the investment if you have larger dead spots in your home or if you want mesh featuressuch as a single network namethat can work with any router. Unlike the regular Wi-Fi extenders, which improved our test networks reliability but gave up some speed, the EX7700 improved our Wi-Fi in every way. Because it adds mesh features without replacing your main router, its also the best option for problematic Wi-Fi if you have to use an ISP-provided router for TV functions. But if youre thinking about buying the EX7700 as well as a new router, youre better off just starting from scratch with a dedicated mesh-networking kit.

The EX7700 is typically five times more expensive than the RE220 or RE300, but in return the Netgear EX7700 outpaced both of those extenders in all of our testing. Whereas other extenders improved reliability in a small area at the cost of some speed, the EX7700 was able to improve the size, reliability, and speed of our network compared with using the Archer A7 router alone.

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Netgear N300 Wifi Range Extender

Netgear has introduced an excellent solution for people struggling with dead zones, this little device can make any network much more efficient in terms of range without taking any space. It directly plugs into the power socket and has two small antennas that significantly boost the range and also promises to deliver speeds up to 300 Mbps on the 2.4GHz band.

As the name suggests the device works on the 802.11n standard of a wireless network, another useful feature is WPS button which allows users to connect to any other WPS enabled device without having to enter the SSID and the network password.

Though the device is very compact, Netgear has thoughtfully placed a fast Ethernet port below the device that can be used to connect any wired device to the network. Overall it is a great choice for people who want a smaller repeater that doesnt take space, yet manages to get the job done pretty well.

Best Features:

  • Extends your Wi-Fi signal to all your smart devices, computing devices and gaming devices.
  • Boosts Wi-Fi speeds up to 300Mbps.
  • Convenient wall-plug design to save on space.
  • Works with any standard router or gateway.
  • Ethernet Port for wired connectivity.
  • Features high-performance external antennas for an enhanced performance.

The Resources You Need When You Need Them Most

300Mbps Wireless

Great products are only as good as the people that stand behind them. Thats why our commitment to you includes a commitment to supporting your new ARRIS product 100%. The people of ARRIS are dedicated to the success of our customers. Its their relentless passion for innovation and quality that has fueled our success.

You can rely on ARRIS. We provide free chat and free phone support for products under warranty. You can even get real-time, one-on-one out of warranty phone support for just $39.99.

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Netgear Ax1800 Mesh Extender Review: Features

Under the EAX20s skin, it is a fully up-to-date Wi-Fi 6 extender that combines beamforming and MU-MIMO technologies that run on the 2.4- and 5GHz bands. It has an AX1800 rating and, according to Netgear, it can add Wi-Fi coverage to 1,500 square feet of a home.

Its one of the most customizable extenders on the market and offers the choice of working as a wireless extender or a wired access point. In addition to combining the two networks into a single network name, the EAX20 can blacklist devices and operate with a static IP address. If the system is too powerful, its output can be adjusted.

The extender is not only compatible with earlier Netgear extenders, like the Nighthawk X6S, but it can act as a mesh satellite for filling in Wi-Fi dead zones in larger homes. On the downside, if its used with an older extender, that leg of the network will not have all the speed advantages of a Wi-Fi 6 LAN.

Need More Coverage Go Mesh

If you have a pesky dead zone that just cant be fixed with an extender, you might want to scrap the router altogether and get one of the best mesh networking kit. These devices have been designed from the start to work as a router and connected extender and have a surprisingly large reach.

The best mesh Wi-Fi routers can cover homes large enough to make a plutocrat envious. You can get a great mesh router from familiar names like Netgear and TP-Link, but some of our favorites are from companies like Samsung and Google, so check out our reviews to find a mesh system that works for you.

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Netgear Ac1200 Wifi Range Extender Essentials Edition

This is probably the most powerful range extending device made by Netgear, it retains the uninformed design of the essential edition series.It sports a white square look and measures just a few inches in size.

This wifi extender delivers a dual-band Wi-Fi signal of up to a staggering 1200 Mbps, the plug and play device greatly improves the range and even increases the efficiency of the network by working on dual bands.

This is great for advanced users or for large homes where the existing router does not produce a satisfactory range. People who love to stream HD video and play games over the network may find this product very useful to extend their networks capabilities.

Best Features:

  • Extends your Wi-Fi signal to various devices in your range.
  • Enhances your Wi-Fi connectivity to reach speeds of up to 1200Mbps.
  • Convenient wall-plug design.
  • External antennas for better performance.
  • Compatible with all standard routers and gateways.
  • Ethernet Port to connect wired devices.

Final Words

  • Weve learned that all these devices do the same job. However, their different features and how they go about improving your network coverage in dead zones is what separates them. Each device listed here is tailor-made to tackle your network problems, so whether you want to enhance your network speed and range, you will be happy with your choice.

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Best Compact Extendernetgear Ex6120

ARRIS WR2100 WiFi Repeater
  • Band 1: Up to 300 Mbps
  • Band 2: Up to 900 Mbps
  • Range: 1,500 sq. ft.

Amazon.com prices . Read full disclaimer.

If you have a home office or area around the house that always seems to have a spotty connection, NETGEARs EX6120 will make for a quick and cheap solution.

Of all the Wi-Fi extenders on our list, the EX6120 is the least wide and shortest. Its slightly longer than the Linksys RE7000 Max-Stream unit, but its still a great compact solution that will blend into your surroundings better than the competition.

Outside of its compact size, the EX6120 has a decent range and speed for the price. The Ethernet port supports only a maximum of 100 Mbps, which is fine so long as your wireless connection between the router and extender stays strong.


  • Supports 100 Mbps wired connections only
  • Doesnt include a USB port

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Should You Get A Mesh Wi

Amazons base-level Eero mesh Wi-Fi system, for example, contains three small units you place around your house. You can connect them to each other using Ethernet , or they can repeat the signal to each other wirelessly.

Since each node in the system is designed to work with the others, mesh Wi-Fi networks are easier to set up than extenders. You have just one app that manages all your settings, and each node is smarter about managing what data goes where.

But it has the same speed challenge as wireless extenders: If you use a basic dual-band mesh system without Ethernet, youll lose speed as the devices sling data to one another. Thats why I wholeheartedly recommend using a mesh system with Ethernet, if at all possible many electricians can add Ethernet lines to additional rooms if you dont have them there.

Best For Multiple Userslinksys Re7000 Max

  • Band 1: Up to 600 Mbps
  • Band 2: Up to 1,300 Mbps
  • Range: 2,500 sq. ft.
  • Ports: 1 x Ethernet

Amazon.com prices . Read full disclaimer.

Just like the NETGEAR Nighthawk X6S, the Linksys RE7000 comes with MU-MIMO technology. But while both extenders are great for connecting multiple devices simultaneously, the Linksys RE7000 comes in at a much lower price point.

The big difference between this model and the Nighthawk is speed and connectivity. The RE7000 reduces the antenna count by two, limiting its maximum speed to 1,300 Mbps. It also doesnt have the third 5 GHz channel or a USB-A port, as seen on the Nighthawk.

The result is a Wi-Fi extender that has the same range but has a far cheaper price point. Its also much more compact than the Nighthawk, although other Wi-Fi extenders tend to be less bulky. If youre prone to accidents, the Linksys RE7000 might prove just enough to catch an unwary shin or snag your vacuum cord.


  • Includes a gigabit Ethernet port


  • Doesnt have a USB port

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Netgear Wn2500rp Wifi Range Extender N600

  • Extends range of 2.4 and 5 GHz WiFi signals from existing WiFi routers
  • FastLane provides high-speed WiFi over a single band, ideal for HD gaming and video streaming
  • 4-port Ethernet for wired devices.
  • Works with any wireless a/b/g/m router to extend wireless connections
  • Dynamic LEDs display real-time network connection status and optimal extender placement
  • Save

Can You Connect An Ethernet Cable To A Wifi Extender

Arris Announces First Router To Support Open Wi

Normally, a Wi-Fi extender works without any cable and picks up the base stations Wi-Fi network, and re-transmits the signal suitably amplified.

But in some models, you may get an Ethernet bridge or wireless bridge feature that basically offers you to connect gaming consoles or desktops which dont have wi-fi.

Again, some models may have five Ethernet LAN ports while others have one, maybe two. You may be able to connect your computer to the extender with that Ethernet cable.

But you have to be careful that you cant use an Ethernet cable to connect the extender to a Wi-Fi router. If you use an Ethernet cable to connect the extender to a Wi-Fi router, the extender will not work.

Its because a Wi-Fi extender is only designed to use only a Wi-Fi connection to a Wi-Fi router.

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Smart Home Manager Set

If youre setting up your AT& T Smart Wi-Fi Extender through the Smart Home Manager, this is what you need to do:

  • Sign in to the Smart Home Manager app with your AT& T credentialsuser ID or AT& T email & password.
  • Go to Tools and select Install Smart Wi-Fi Extenders

Alternatively, you can choose Network and then Home Network Hardware. Next, select Add Extender and choose the extender model. From hereon continue to follow the instructions.

Once youve got the AT& T Wi-Fi extender setup in place, youre good to enjoy online activities with improved coverage and better signal strength.

Netgear Ax1800 Mesh Extender Review: Warranty And Support

The EAX20 includes a one-year warranty but the support lasts for only 90 days. This pales in comparison to other networking gear. If you want more, it costs $80, along with an extra year of warranty coverage.

If youre looking for support, Netgear delivers with people available 24/7 to help. Theres a slew of self-service items that range from troubleshooting help, videos and software to a thorough manual and extensive FAQs.

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How To Pick The Right Wifi Extender

Lets look at some basic points to consider when choosing the right WiFi Extender to work with your Router.

Frequency Single 2.4GHz or Dual Band 2.4GHz and 5GHz support. Majority of WiFi range extenders works on the single 2.4GHz frequency spectrum. More expensive WiFi extenders support both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. You may choose to save some money by going for the single band. If you router supports Dual Band and you wish to take advantage of this then the more expensive dual band extender may be for you.

Standards Compatibility IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n orIEEE 802.11 b/g/n orIEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac compliant. Standards compatibility is somewhat linked to the frequency and age of your router. The easiest thing is to look at the specifications of your router and check the standards that it supports. If in doubt, choose a universal extender that works with any 802.11 a/b/n/ac routers. Compatibility is key to ensuring better integration between your router and the range extender.

Profile Desktop or Plug based, no external antenna, dual antenna or more, these are some of the considerations in terms of physical outlook of the device. Wall plug based WiFi range extender take the least amount of space as all you need is a free socket on the wall. More advanced WiFi extenders are designed for the desktop. In many ways, it looks like another router with either external antennas or built-in antennas. Place it on a flat surface taking up a bit more room.

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