What’s The Best Wifi For Gaming

Solution 1: Speed Tests

Best Gaming Router in 2021 – 5 Routers For High Speed WiFi Gaming

Do a proper speed test of your internet. Check your internet speed and make sure you are getting the speed as described by your plan.

For a 100mbs plan, you need at least 95mbs speed. Anything lower than that means you are getting ripped off. Call customer support or your ISP to look into the issue and fix your internet speeds.

Lodge a proper complaint, and they will look into it. Its part of the service you pay for. Dont be hesitant to ask for support and customer service.

Get the speed you pay for. No compromises on internet speeds for gaming.

Close Any Background Websites And Programs

Bandwidth-heavy sites like Netflix, YouTube and downloads severely affect your ping rate and latency. Close any you might have running as this can impact your gaming performance.

Reducing the number of devices you have connected to the WiFi can help. The more devices connected to and using the WiFi, the more bandwidth is required. You could even put your devices on Airplane Mode while you game.

The Best Gaming Routers 2021

ROG Rapture GT-AXE11000 WiFi 6E
Archer AX6000

There’s no strict gaming router definition, but you’ll probably know one when you see one. It will likely sport aggressive angles and, often, a plethora of antennas. But aside from aesthetics, what makes a router a gaming router, let alone the best gaming router? In general, you can expect higher-end internal hardware than budget offerings, including extra bands to handle more devices, and often a faster CPU and more RAM to juggle a larger device load.

Usually, gaming-centric features are also included in the user interface to help prioritize gaming traffic and packets, and more granular controls for tweaking and streamlining your network performance for optimum to make sure it best serves your gaming needs. Unsurprisingly, this usually comes at a higher cost than most mainstream routers, but can make for a better gaming experience with less lag, especially if your home network and Internet bandwidth are split between several people and dozens of devices.

All that said, the best gaming router for you might not be a gaming router at all if youre in a small apartment without several people clamoring for your limited internet bandwidth. If that sounds like you, consider a more mainstream router and spend the extra money on a better CPU, graphics card, or a bigger SSD so you can install more games.

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How Do I Install A Wifi Card

As long as you know your way around a computer, installing a WiFi card will only take you a few minutes.

If youre new to it all, dont worry. Installing a WiFi card really is quite simple.

Youll need a screwdriver to open the case and adjust plates but no other tools.

This guide walks you through the process step by step.

Solution 1: Old Routers Into A Repeater

Top 7 Best Wifi Adapter For Gaming In India (January) 2021 ...

If you have more than one router then you can make an old router into a wifi repeater. This is the homemade version of a repeater.

There is custom firmware to modify and upgrade your old router into a better device or turn in into a repeater.

Using custom firmware such as DD-WRT and Openwrt etc. you can turn an old router into a repeater which will help you boost your network signals and get faster wifi speeds

Note: This should be done with proper care. Read all warnings associated with the installation of custom firmware. Warranty is voided if custom firmware is used. Do take caution.

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How To Choose A Wi

Picking the right Wi-Fi card isnt that complicated. Just check whether your router supports Wi-Fi 6 and then look either for a card that supports Wi-Fi 5 or Wi-Fi 6. Wi-Fi 6 includes some cool tech that should decrease lag and latency so we recommend a Wi-Fi 6 card and router for all gamers playing over a wireless connection. And no, you dont have to spend a fortune on a Wi-Fi 6 router since even some sub-$100 routers support Wi-Fi 6.

Next, check user and professional reviews to see the performance and if the cards fast enough for your internet plan. Remember that M.2 cards performance is relative since it depends on the antennas found in different laptop models and different external antennas on desktop PCs. Then, read our USB Wi-Fi adapter buying guide. Its filled with helpful data for everyone looking for a Wi-Fi card . And finally, read on about specific things to look out for when buying a PCIe or M.2 Wi-Fi card below.

How To Reduce Lag And Increase Internet Speed For Gaming

Imagine youre in the middle of an intense game. Maybe its a battle and youre shooting or slashing your sword. Or perhaps its a sports match. Whatever it might be, imagine youre just a few points from winning. You take the winning shot and your game momentarily freezes so your shot happens a few seconds later instead of instantly. Then you discover your opponent took the shot first and youve lost…all because your game lagged.

Game lags are when theres a delay between the action of the players and the reaction of the game server. Alongside the internet connection cutting out, theyre one of the most frustrating things a gamer will experience. Its irritating because it doesnt matter if you pressed the button first. If your game lags, the server wont react instantly so if your opponents game is faster, they have a much better chance of winning.

Luckily, there are several things you can do to minimise lags and maintain a consistent gaming experience.

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Move Closer To Your Router

Items like the walls, floor, furniture and other physical objects can get in the way of your wireless signal. Enhance your WiFi signal and improve your line of connectivity by moving your computer or console closer to your router.

If you find that you still experience lag, its deteriorated or theres no way you can move the router, try changing your gaming position. For example, placing your console at a different angle. You can also reduce signal interference from other household appliances like wireless speakers, microwaves and mobile chargers. This can help the wireless signal travel a more direct route to your device.

What’s All This Mesh Wi

Best Wifi Extender 2021 | The Ultimate Gaming Buying Guide

If you know there will be problems with Wi-Fi in your homeperhaps it’s particularly large or was built on top of a crashed UFOthen it’s worth looking at a mesh system before you buy a router and a load of extenders. Mesh systems place small stations all over your house to really saturate it with signal and aren’t as expensive as you might think.

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Best For Average Speeds

Cox is only available in a small percentage of the country, but its customers speak highly of the service and support that they receive. A wide range of internet plans is available, making it a great choice for both heavy and minimal streaming.

Cox launched Elite Gamer, a service that improves the connection between game servers and players across its internet network by as much as 32%. A perfect service for the passionate gamer.

The service doesn’t actually deliver more internet bandwidth, as measured in megabit-per-second download speeds. Rather, it improves the response time, or latency, which matters more to those who play highly interactive games like online shooters. Cox serves more than 6 million homes in 18 states, and this kind of tech could help it hang onto its hardcore customers who can’t live with subpar internet connections.

Best For:

  • Budget-friendly plans for lighter usage
  • Excellent customer service
  • More expensive than other providers
  • Requires a contract


  • Affordable speeds: Cox doesn’t make you pay for speeds you don’t need, offering cheap internet plans with slower speeds for light users.
  • Happy customers: Cox customers rate the company highly for its customer service and support, which isn’t easy to find in this industry.
  • Panoramic WiFi app: Cox gives you greater control of your internet with its Panoramic WiFi, which mimics mesh wifi for better internet coverage throughout your home.

Further Reading:

Solution : Important Updates

Update your browser and OS to the latest version. Many times there are optimizations made for security and performance that are useful to boost the internet speed. Switch to Chrome or Firefox browser for faster speed and security. By updating to the latest versions of both your operating system and your browser, you will get much better stability and performance. Also, update your drivers with Driver Booster. Its probably the best software for gamers to update the game drivers.

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Solution 1: Temp Files Cleanup

For a system to run properly it requires a good clean up every once in a while. You need to Clear the cache and temp files of the system in order to have better speeds in gaming.

Use apps like CCleaner to clean and optimize your system. Deleting those files will save you space for gaming. It is also a good practice for security reasons.

Xfinity: Best For Most Gamers

Whats a good wireless router.

Data effective 7/20/2021. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.*For the first 12 months. Some packages require a 1- or 2-year contract.

Xfinitys combo of fast speeds, low latency, and a large service area make it our pick as the best gaming ISP for most.

When it comes to internet speed, Xfinity is the second-highest rated cable internet provider in our latest speed report. And as far as service coverage goes, Xfinity serves the third largest number of zip codes across the US, or 18.92%. That means, youre more likely to find Xfinity internet in your area than other smaller ISPs.

Top 3 states with most coverageDelaware, Maryland, Massachusetts

*Rank out of 38 providers. The Reviews.org weighted speed score is based on 2019 averages for each ISPs download speeds , upload speeds and latency .**Average latency for JanuaryMarch 2020.

Also, Xfinity maintained a low average latency of 26.4 ms across its service areas throughout the first quarter of 2020. Thats great news for gamers who need a lag-free experience to wombo-combo some bosses in the face.

We also like that Xfinity gives you a lot of choices when it comes to download speedup to 1,200 Mbps. And its promotional prices arent half bad either.


On the other end of the spectrum, Xfinity is known for poor customer service. Our recent experience with Xfinity customer service ended with us getting what we wanted, but we sure felt tired after jumping through so many hoops.

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The Best Internet Provider For Gaming 2021

Everyone knows the worst part of gaming is lag. So it’s important to get an internet provider that gives you the fastest download and upload speeds plus the lowest latency in your area. We compared the best ISPs and their download speeds, upload speeds, latency, data caps, prices, and availability.

Although there are numerous internet service providers out there, finding the best internet in your area can be tricky. Some providers won’t be available at your location, and offerings can vary significantly for the ones that are.

To find the best internet providers for gaming, we analyzed the country’s leading internet providers based on criteria like:

  • Internet speeds

Here’s a quick-look comparison of our top picks for 2021’s best internet providers for gaming.


Think Your Internet Is Slow Take A Speed Test

If you are experiencing slow download times, streaming quality, or other issues, its well worth your time to test out your internet connection. I mean, youre paying money for it, so you want to get every bang for your buck.

There are things like troubleshooting and sites dedicated to testing your internet speeds. Keep in mind that 200mbps internet is one of the best speeds.

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Where Should I Place My Wi

If you have a Wi-Fi dead spot in your home, then the positioning of a Wi-Fi extender is crucial. The extender needs to be in good contact with the router, so dont place it in the dead spot itself but on the edge of your routers current coverage. As these extenders plug into a socket, you may be limited by their placement, but you can always put one on the end of an extension cord if need be.

What’s The Most Important Spec For A Wi

Best WiFi Extender in 2020 [Wireless Range Boosters For Gaming, Large Houses & More]

Extenders come in all shapes and sizes, but what really matters is which version of Wi-Fi they support and how fast they’re able to transfer data. Wi-Fi 6 is the latest version of the Wi-Fi spec, and along with more speed, it brings some interesting things to the table, such as increased throughput and enhances beamforming over Wi-Fi 5. To use it, every link in the chain must support the new standard, from the router, through any extenders, to the client PC. None of the extenders we’ve tested here support the latest standard, which has yet to make its way into many homes. The next time you upgrade your router, however, it’s worth looking out for.

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Logitech G305 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

The Logitech G305 is our choicest item in this article for solid reasons. With its ultra-high performance, you are sure to get the best gaming experience ever. Whats more, the 12,000 DPI and proprietary HERO optical sensitivity provide an unbeatable tracking precision. Its AA powered battery would leave you in a rush of excitement for over 250 hours.

It is designed to be portable and comfortable in every regard. Hence, this sleek palm grip mouse weighs 99 grams. It can also attain a speed greater than 400 IPS with a maximum acceleration of 40G. If you have a knack for multitasking, the multiple programmable command buttons would definitely come in handy.

Best Overall: Eero Pro 6

When it comes to the best Mesh Wi-Fi for gaming, you need the fastest connection possible. Unfortunately, the nature of modern mesh Wi-Fi can’t usually keep up with those types of demands, especially if you’re playing games that require split-second reaction times. The connection has to go through too many hoops for most mesh systems to handle in a way that works well for gaming.

The Eero Pro 6 beats out the competition simply because it has the extra features that make mesh Wi-Fi gaming not only possible but reliable. The Eero Pro 6 has the hardware overhead to handle devices like gaming consoles and PCs that will want to draw a lot of bandwidth simultaneously as other devices. It’s a tri-band router that uses a single 5Ghz band exclusively for talking to other Wi-Fi nodes so that your connection is free of commotion. And on top of that, it has a solid SQM QoS system that you can enable. It essentially prioritizes your gaming above all but is still in beta at the time of this writing.

But the price gives you a Mesh Wi-Fi system for gaming that’s unparalleled at this point. The competition can’t match the pure power behind the Eero Pro 6.

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