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How To get Internet From a House To Outbuildings, Barn, Studio, Office, Setting Up a Wifi Bridge

Choosing the right broadband that suits your needs is essential. One of the key factors in making this choice is being able to find out what services are available in your area. Our postcode availability checker will tell you what you need to know.

There are so many offers and broadband packages out there. You could be forgiven for jumping in and taking advantage before they end. But, before you make your choice, you need to know what broadband speed your household needs. And if that package is available in your area.

Whats A Wireless Router

A wireless router is what lets your wireless devices connect to the internet. With a traditional router, all wireless traffic on your devices rely on that single point of access âinstead of the multiple points youâd get with a mesh network. The reach of a traditional router is limited by the size of the antennas, and walls can often get in the way of the signal. You can use an extender to give you more âreach,â but it may not always cover some corners of your home.

What If My Wifi Isnt Working

If your wireless internet isnt working, or isnt running as fast as it should be, there are a few things you can try:

  • Check your router to make sure WiFi access is turned on.
  • Make sure youre attempting to connect to the new and not the old wireless network.
  • Turn the router off, leave it for a few minutes, and switch it back on again to reboot the network.
  • Try a new location for your router, away from any obstructions like large items of furniture and electrical items.

You can use our broadband speed test to see what speed youre currently getting and if it stacks up against what youve been promised.

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Is It Better To Buy Your Own Equipment

How Can I Get WiFi In My House Without Internet?

Some wireless internet providers, including CenturyLink, Verizon and Xfinity, give you the option to use your own products and save the monthly equipment fees. Buying your own equipment not only saves you money, but it can also get you access to the highest quality Wi-Fi equipment on the market.

If you rent your equipment through your ISP, you likely wont get the most advanced Wi-Fi technology. Verizon and Spectrums gateways, for example, only go up to 802.11ac standards. In contrast, many of the newer models available are on Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6e technology. This technology can offer faster speeds and more bandwidth than Wi-Fi 5.

The only downside to buying instead of renting your equipment is that you will not have access to the same quality tech support as you would when renting your router with your Wi-Fi company. If you would rather use your own equipment, click on your provider below to view a list of compatible modems and routers.

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Ways To Boost Your Wi

Check out these quick tips to boost your wireless signal from your router, extend and optimize your Wi-Fi coverage, and speed up your surfing.

Browsing slowing to a crawl, the inability to stream, dropped Wi-Fi signals, wireless dead zonesevery one of these problems is maddening in a world where getting online has become, for some, as necessary as breathing.

If you feel like your Wi-Fi has gotten sluggish, there are many tools you can use to test the speed of your internet. There are also a few tricks you can try to troubleshoot your network issues. However, if the only way you can get decent reception is by standing next to your wireless router, these simple tips can help optimize your network.

Wifi Range: What Is The Typical Distance Of A Wifi Signal

Posted by Emma Bradstock09/07/2021

WiFi is a great thing it has changed the way we live and work, allowing us to connect to the internet without being restricted to one room in the house with a cable connection. But have you ever had moments when you take your laptop to another room, or maybe even to the backyard so you can work and enjoy the sunshine, only to find the WiFi has disappeared?

While WiFi might be convenient, there is a limit to how far it can reach, not to mention that there are things that can impact the signal and cause it to drop off. In this guide, well take you through the basics of WiFi and why you might be experiencing a weak or short signal.

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What Are Some Of The Best Wireless Broadband Deals Currently

The telecommunication industry has insane competition between broadband provider rivals. You can therefore get some amazing broadband deals at great prices. Take a look at the table below if you want to compare the broadband of some of the best Wi-Fi deals out there.

Some competitive annual contract Wi-Fi deals:

If you are looking for deals with an 18-month contract length:

Broadband Deals
  • TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub and Super Router
  • Sky Hub
  • Sky Q Hub

There is little difference between all these routers. However, Wi-Fi signal strength and speed are significantly improved if we compare the new and old routers of the same brand. If you are currently using an old router, making that upgrade could benefit you more than you might imagine. Your new Wi-Fi router will most likely allow you to:

  • Set it up easily by just plugging it into a power outlet and an internet socket.
  • Use a wired Gigabit connection through at least one of the router ports.
  • Automatically switch to the fastest Wi-Fi channel with lesser traffic.

Hmm I Often Hear About Broadband Speed What Does It Mean

How to extend your WiFi range with another router

Broadband speed basically means how fast you can upload or download data using your internet connection. Speed can be critical to how you make your choice of which provider you choose or which bundle you go for. For example, you may not watch a lot of movies, or stream TV shows or play web-based games, so you may not need the superfast broadband.

If youre working from home, which a lot of us are these days, you may need a fast speed to send big files across to colleagues or clients.

Fast speeds may sound good, but do you really need it?

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Whats The Difference Between Wi

You can connect to the internet either wired or wirelessly. A wired connection requires an ethernet cord to connect your device directly to the internet. A wired connection will generally allow you to get the maximum speed available at your home, which means it will usually be faster. Wi-Fi allows you to connect Wi-Fi-enabled devices to the internet without cables. Instead, you use a wireless router. Wi-Fi can sometimes have interferences that may slow down the speed of your connection.

What Can Obstruct Or Impact A Wifi Signal

Weve established that WiFi signal distance between the router and the device using the WiFi can have an impact on performance, however there are other factors that can also impede how well your WiFi performs.

The size of your home obviously plays a big part. Larger houses may have a harder time with reaching more corners of the house due to the size and distance from the router and more chances of the signal being obstructed compared to smaller homes or apartments where youre going to be closer to the router.

WiFi signal can also be impacted by the following:

  • Walls and obstructions
  • Appliances
  • Antennas and direction

Walls and other obstructions can block the signal and prevent WiFi from reaching certain parts of the home, especially if the router is placed near a wall. Ensure your router is in a fairly unobstructed part of the home and in a position as central to WiFi-connected devices as possible.

Weather can also have an impact, but mostly using WiFi outside. Electrical storms can interfere with the electromagnetic signals that WiFi emits and this can wreak havoc on wireless networks. Likewise, appliances, especially microwaves, can affect the WiFi signal. Because microwaves emit radio signal, which can interfere with WiFi network range, its best to keep your router away from appliances.

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Equipment Youll Need For Home Wi

To complete the setup of your high-speed, youll need a few important pieces of equipment. You can enjoy Wi-Fi at home in no time after you purchase and connect the following products:


A modem is a receiving device that converts data gathered through phone lines, fiber optic cables, or coaxial cables into a digital signal. The modem delivers this digital signal to the router, which sends the information out to your wireless digital devices.

Though your ISP will provide you with a modem when you start your Internet service with them, you may want to purchase your own. If you use the ISPs modem, youll most likely be charged a monthly fee and be required to return the modem should you change service providers. However, if you purchase your own compatible modem, you wont have to pay a monthly fee, and the modem will be yours to keep.


The router is a piece of hardware that helps establish your home Wi-Fi network by allowing the wireless devices in your home to access the Internet. The router also features software called firmware that helps keep your network secure. Most routers connect directly to the modem via Ethernet cable.

Ethernet cable

The Ethernet cable is a thick cord that connects your router to your modem, carrying high-speed signals with it. This cord can also provide direct Internet access to other wired devices.

Wireless device

What Is Long Range Wifi

How to Instantly Share Wi

If youre living in a large home or need WiFi out in the backyard, a long range WiFi router may be ideal. However, the catch is that speeds can suffer as a result.

TP Link is a wireless modem brand that offers two high powered modems the TL-WR941HP and the TL-WR841HP. TP Link claims its high-powered modems are capable of covering up to 10,000m² or one hectare of range.

These high-powered models support between 300-450Mbps wireless speeds, and TP Link claims the 9dBi high-gain antennas are capable of cutting through walls and obstacles to deliver more powerful signals even in far reaches of the home.

However, there is pretty much always a compromise. Even with high-powered modems, speeds can still suffer. The modems mentioned above are not capable of gigabit speeds and their speeds may still suffer the further you are away from the modem. However, these routers are generally at the cheaper end of the scale, so they may be worth a go.

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What Wifi Bundles Are Available

Many of the UKs most popular broadband providers offer WiFi broadband bundled together with other services. Combining them in this way can often save you money, as well as offering the convenience of paying one monthly bill. Youll also only have to contact one provider with questions or if things go wrong.

Wireless and phone: Many UK providers offer great deals that put together WiFi broadband with landline call packages. Deals often include things like free evening or weekend calls, though restrictions often apply. This type of deal can be a money saver for those who regularly use a landline phone.

Wireless and TV: Broadband providers including Sky, BT and Virgin Media combine digital TV services with WiFi internet in some affordable package deals You can often build a package that includes channels based on your hobbies and interests, catering for both adults and kids.

Wireless, TV and phone: If youd prefer to combine broadband, TV and phone into a single monthly bill with one provider, you can always opt for one of these packages. Like a phone or TV bundle, youre able to personalise the channels and calls into a package that suits your needs.

Will Google Fiber Include Everything I Need To Get My Wi

Yes, generally. Depending on your 1 Gig plan, your internet will come with up to two Google Wifi points. However, if your home requires more than two points, we can provide you with additional points for $100 each. This is typically only necessary if your home is larger than 3,000 square feet or has an atypical layout.

And with your 2 Gig plan, youâll get to use Wi-Fi 6 and a Google Fiber Mesh Extender to handle even more wireless devices with no interruptions, congestion, or dead zones.

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Can I Switch My Broadband Provider

Yes, you can switch broadband providers, but, be careful. If you are still in contract, there is usually a clause that says you cannot switch for a certain length of time. Youll be tied in and there might well be chunky penalties for cancelling early and breaking the contract. Before you start looking, check your contract.

What Type Of Broadband Deals Are Available

How to Setup your Home Wi-Fi

There are several types of broadband deals to choose from:

ADSL: This type of broadband, which works over the same line as your landline phone, is on the way out. Most providers are encouraging existing ADSL customers to upgrade to fibre broadband in line with Government targets. Some will no longer even supply ADSL if fibre is available at an address. But for those who live in remote or rural areas, ADSL may still be the best option. Find out what you can get with our broadband postcode checker.

Fibre broadband: This offers speeds many times faster than ADSL, with a more stable performance, especially at peak times. Fibre is a popular choice for many internet users and its ideal if you stream a lot of music, video, or enjoy online gaming. Its also good for people who work from home, or for families using lots of devices at the same time.

You can get superfast and ultrafast speeds.

Superfast broadband which Ofcom defines as providing a minimum 30Mbps download speed uses fibre-optic technology and is nowavailable to 96% of homesin the UK.

Ultrafast broadband is available to 59% of homes and can give you speeds of between 300Mbps and 1gigabit . Availability is increasing all the time, as providers extend their full-fibre networks, so its worth checking if its now available to you.

Satellite broadband: This is an option for people living in the few areas where a good ADSL, cable or fibre broadband connection isnt available.

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