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What Equipment Do I Need For A Home Wi

3 Ways to Get WiFi on a Desktop PC

As magical as a Wi-Fi home connection may seem, it doesnt just happen on its own. In addition to your internet connection, youll need at the very least a modem and router to enjoy Wi-Fi.

  • Modem This device receives the internet connection from your provider and uses Ethernet cables to connect with other devices.
  • Router Along with your modem, this is the most important Wi-Fi device as its the one that turns your internet into wireless signals. There are many different router options and ways to set it up. Look to our list of best wireless routers for everything you need to know.
  • Wireless network adapter This device connects your desktop PC to a Wi-Fi network. This is not required for newer PCs, laptops and smart devices as they have built-in Wi-Fi receivers.
  • Wi-Fi extenders These devices can help boost your Wi-Fi signal so you get a stronger signal throughout your home.

Even With Dsl Landline Service Is Typically Not Required

DSL also uses a phone line, but it’s a bit more practical than dial-up, offering faster speeds while often maintaining low pricing. You also likely won’t have to pay for a landline phone like you would with dial-up.

DSL internet does not use phone lines in the same way as landline telephone service or dial-up, so you technically don’t need a landline telephone connection for service. That said, it’s possible that a DSL provider will only sell phone and internet service together, or include home phone service at no extra cost with internet.

One other caveat to DSL that you won’t have with dial-up is that you’ll also need to live in a provider’s service area. Even if you have a phone line running to your home, a provider such as AT& T, CenturyLink or Windstream will need to offer service in your area, whereas it’s possible to get dial-up from virtually any provider, with an active phone line, of course.

Use A Hotspot Database

Many apps can help you find hotspots for free Wi-Fi in your area. Some apps have extra features that can help you find them. The Facebook app, for example, has an option for finding nearby Wi-Fi hotspots. Some websites and apps are designed with the sole purpose of providing a database of free Wi-Fi hotspots. A couple of examples are NetSpot and WiFi Map.

Again, be sure to use cybersecurity best practices when accessing free Wi-Fi networks. Be cautious about transmitting personal or financial information while on any network you find on one of these apps.

This content is provided for information purposes only. All information included herein is subject to change without notice. Verizon is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages, arising from or related to use or reliance of the above content.

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Understand Your Situation Before Choosing An Option

The best way to get Wi-Fi without an internet connection depends on where you are and how you want to use the connection.

People who do a lot of work on the go should consider a fully-fledged mobile hotspot. Occasional casual users might want to use tethering or buy an internet stick. In rural areas, you can get online through wireless internet.

Get Wifi From Your Neighbors

How Can I Get Wi

If youve got no internet connection of your own, there are always a few accessible internet connections of people near you. This brings up the opportunity to ask others if you can use their Wi-fi internet connection.

A neighbor you know may do this favor for you. If so, here are a few tips that might be important here.

First, treat your neighbors internet connection as the public Wi-fi. As you cant control who connects to it thus, make sure to use a VPN service for encrypting your data and hide your activity.

You must also ask your neighbor if the router supports guest networks. If yes, it should be a different WiFi network so you can keep your and your neighbors devices separate.

This will be ideal for both you and your neighbors peace of mind.

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Visit Locations That Offer Free Wi

A variety of community locations and businesses in your area may offer free Wi-Fi. Many businesses that offer coupons, special promotions, and loyalty programs may provide free Wi-Fi to consumers under specific circumstances.

These give visitors an added convenience and enable more consumers to take advantage of in-store internet features. Libraries, bookstores, public plazas, McDonalds and Starbucks franchises the chances are pretty high that youll encounter some free sources of internet access in your day-to-day routine.

This can be a boon to individuals with limited data plans. Understand, however, that your access to public networks may come with some restrictions. Certain websites may be blocked, and the connection speed may not be sufficient for intensive streaming or downloading.

There are also some security concerns with using public Wi-Fi. Unscrupulous individuals can intercept data being transmitted to and from devices connected to public networks, potentially allowing them to glean enough information to commit fraud. Unless youre using a virtual private network, its not advisable to access sensitive information while on a public network.

If you have concerns about mobile pay transmitting your credit card information over a public network, have no fear most mobile pay platforms use NFC technology, so your information is not being transmitted over any public networks.

If Driving/commuting Is An Option

If youre able and willing to leave the house to get internet access, there are a bevy of options that you can take advantage of, including some of the obvious ones:

  • Coffee shops
  • Your local university campus
  • Gym/fitness center

Keep in mind that using public Wi-Fi at an establishment requires a certain give and take. Its customary and a common courtesy to always purchase something when you take up space at a coffee shop or fast food joint. Better yet, if you tip well and get to know the baristas, no one will give you the stink eye when you plug your surge protector into the wall and pull out your days work.

Furthermore, some places that offer public Wi-Fi limit it to members only. You might have to show proof of a library card to use your librarys Wi-Fi, or you may have to be a member of the gym if you want to take advantage of the internet there. Its always a good idea to call ahead and see what their policies are before you make a solid plan.

Keep in mind that public Wi-Fi can be dangerous. You dont have any control of security, which may not be up to recommended standards, and these can be popular spots for hackers looking to intercept financial information. If you frequently rely on public Wi-Fi, we recommend adding a VPN to your devices.

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Free Wifi Hotspot Areas

Although using your own device is always nice, if you want to get free WiFi, you should look for open hotspots. Many hotels, coffee shops and service stations will allow you to use their WiFi networks without paying for the data, but you may need to purchase something if you want the WiFi passwords.

These places arent everywhere, but most cities have some. You can also use a portable router to improve the signal or hide your IP with a VPN while youre connected to this open wireless network.

Verizon Tv And Internet Combos

How to Get FREE WiFi Anywhere on iPhone/Android Free Wifi App Reveal Passwords

Verizon also offers some of the best TV and internet combos out there thanks to its mix and match system. You can pretty much pair any of its Fios Home Internet plans with any of its Fios TV packages. So no sorting through dozens of pre-built bundles to get the internet speed and channel count you want.

We cover this more in-depth in our Verizon Fios TV and Internet combos review if youre the kind of person who likes a little TV with your internet.

And if youre already a Verizon Wireless Unlimited customer, you can combine select mobile plans with your internet plan and save up to $20 a month.

Okay, technically, it’s $10 off your mobile bill and $10 off your internet bill for a total of $20. And you’ll need to enroll in the Mobile + Home Rewards program through Verizon Up to land those savings. But an extra $20 each month is totally worth it in our book.

We mentioned that the Mobile + Home Rewards program saves you a total of $30 a month on select Verizon Wireless Unlimited plans and internet packages. But did you know it can also get you $5 a month that you can put toward your next phone or tablet upgrade? Yes, please!

Check out the Mobile + Home Rewards program through Verizon Up to learn more.

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Use A Free Internet Provided By Your Internet Provider

Perhaps you do not know, but your provider may provide you with access to many wi-fi networks throughout the city only because you are its client. It is worth calling support or looking for information on how and where to use free access to the network on the providers website.

Try the free trial version of the internet service. Most likely there are providers in your city that provide free access to the Internet for a trial period. Besides, some Internet service providers sometimes provide free time on the Internet, so stay tuned for such promotions. As a rule, this kind of information is indicated on the providers website.

During the registration for a particular service, you will most likely be asked to provide your billing information. Do not forget to cancel the subscription before the promotion expires, otherwise, you will have to pay the cost of the service.

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Creating A Mobile Hot Spot

You can also get a dedicated mobile hot spot from the carrier of your choice, which is similar to tethering but designed specifically for mobile devices when you are on the go.

On an Android phone, for example, you simply swipe down from the top of the screen and select Hotspot. You should also check with your provider settings to make sure that mobile hot spot features are turned on. This is an increasingly common feature for smartphones and phone plans, so its certainly worth checking if you arent sure. Typically these hot spots have limits on how many devices they can connect, around 5 to 10 depending on plans. You will also want to make sure your phone is being charged because this can sap a lot of battery life.

Theres another way to get mobile hot spots if your phone doesnt support them: Separate hot spot devices help you get reliable internet connections wherever you are going. There are a variety of these hot spot devices, and many are carrier-specific, but it can be nice to have a dedicated hot spot that you can keep in your pack when you travel. Plans may be required to use them. If you are interested, take a look at this Nighthawk M1 mobile router, or this Somewear Global Hotspot that uses satellite connections.

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Weve Researched All The Best Internet Providers For You

HighSpeedInternet.com makes your search for the best internet provider in your area easy, no matter where you live. You can find the most affordable prices and fastest Wi-Fi speeds for your addressjust enter your zip code in our search tool to see which internet providers are available.

From there, you can easily compare providers internet availability, speeds, features, customer reviews, expert ratings, and more. With over 1,200 high-speed internet providers to choose from, youre sure to find the best internet option in your neighborhood.

Ask A Friend To Share An Internet

Can i get wifi at home without a pc?

If you need access to the network from your phone, but you do not have unlimited data, you can ask your friends to share the unlimited WiFi Internet from their phones so that you can use it. It can be easily done, no matter if they have Android or iOS. Usually, they just click Turn on hotspot and you can connect to Wi-Fi.

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How To Get No

New Altice customers can sign up for the Altice Advantage 30 Mbps broadband plan free of charge for 60 days. This offer is available for families with any K12 or college students in their household and is available for any area that Altice serves, both in the Optimum region and the Suddenlink region. Altice has extended this offer to the end of the school year.1

Does Viasat Have Wi

Viasat currently doesnt offer wireless hotspots to its customers in the USexcept for military and government personnel on Navy bases.

But it did build a wireless hotspot network in Latin America, connecting much of rural and urban Mexico to the internet.5 Heres hoping that Viasat extends its hotspots to the US soon.

Cox offers low promotional prices on most of its plans that last for a whopping three years. Plus, if you subscribe to its internet service with speeds of 50 Mbps or faster, you dont get roped into a contract.

And while Coxs 500 and 940 Mbps plans start out at a higher price than competing ISPs like Xfinity, youll end up paying a better price in the long run. Thats because Cox internet prices stay the same for three years, while Xfinitys prices go up after one year.

On top of all that, Cox performed fairly well in our latest speed report and offers some excellent bundling options if you want cable TV with your internet.


Spectrum Internet comes with a few extras that you might not get from other internet providers in the same area. That includes no contracts and no data capsplus Spectrums prices are fairly competitive.

Were also keen on Spectrum because it serves much of the Midwest. While other large ISPs stick to the coasts, that can leave residents of states like Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin feeling left out.


8th out of 38 ISPs

62 out of 100

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Figure Out How Much Download Speed You Need

You can start narrowing down your internet-only plan choices by figuring out how much speed you need.

Once you figure out whether you need just 25 Mbps for some relaxing Facebook surfing and email forwarding or 300 Mbps for a connected smart home full of gamers, you can pinpoint different plans that offer just the right amount of internet speed.

Another step you can take here is to find out how fast your current internet plan is by taking a speed test.

This gives you a sort of benchmark to say, I need faster download speeds or I can get a plan with speeds similar to what I have now.

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