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Best Internet Provider: Central Canada

How To Find The Best Internet Provider In My Area?

Southern Ontario and Quebec are the highest populated areas in Canada, so finding high-speed internet is easy. On the other hand, much of the northern geography is wild and untamed where even wireless service is unreliable. Knowing which internet providers are available to you demands a bit of research, but thats why WhistleOut is here to help you.

Why Does The Availability Of Broadband Deals In My Area Vary

Broadband availability changes across the country due to the infrastructure in each location.

Our own research at Uswitch discovered that nearly one fifth of homes achieve speeds of less than 10Mbps, while one in ten can be as slow as 5Mbps.

Ofcom has pointed out this is very unlikely to be enough to cover the average family’s demand for internet, especially when accounting for music and TV streaming.

Thankfully, there has been a big push in the last couple of years to provide gigabit broadband speeds for as many UK homes as possible this decade. This is an ambitious target, but it should hopefully mean that soon those suffering on slow connections will get faster, more reliable speeds in the coming years.

Currently, around 40% of UK premises can access some form of gigabit-speed broadband.

If your property can’t access gigabit broadband yet, it’s still worth checking Uswitch to see if you could benefit from switching providers. Especially if you’re in a rural area, and you feel you aren’t getting the speeds you need.

Take a look at our broadband availability checker guide to learn more about the different broadband types in your area.

How To Find The Best 5g Coverage In Your Area

Need to find the best 5G coverage near you? We can help. Simply use our interactive coverage map:

  • Head to our cell phones home page and input your location information.
  • Select any plan preferences and hit the search button.
  • Check out the available plans and carriers options for your area.
  • Sort the results by carrier.
  • Pick Map and click to activate the interactive map.
  • Zoom around and toggle on the various carriers to compare and contrast 5G cellular coverage.
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    Xfinity Internet Military And Student Discount

    Xfinity currently offers a one-time credit of $25 for military personnel and veterans that can be applied to your bill or used to rent or purchase movies through Xfinity On Demand. You can also get a $100 Visa prepaid card.

    You can also find Xfinity student discounts right now, too. Anyone whos attending a U.S. Title IV degree granting college or university is eligible for a $100 Visa Prepaid card and six months of Amazon Music Unlimited.

    Why Do You Need My Zip Code Before I Can See The Available Internet Services

    Best Cell Phone Coverage in My Area

    We use your zip code to show you all the best internet providers and deals in your area. We dont save your information: your zip code is simply the easiest way to match you with the right internet providers from our database.

    Our results come from a database of more than 1,200 internet providers across the United States. We define each coverage area by zip code to keep our database easily accessible.

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    Premium Services At Premium Prices

    As one of two Tier 1 internet providers in this list , Verizon has more control over its network than competitors that have to purchase access from upstream providers. Fios is a fiber-based service that is available in three tiers, starting at 100 Mbps and going up to 940/880 Mbps, at prices ranging from $69 to $249 per month. The highest-priced plan include a single digital voice line for your business as well, and you can get additional discounts for bundling with Verizon Wireless plans or Fios TV.

    Verizon also offers Internet Dedicated Services, at speeds ranging from 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps, with the fastest connection costing $855 per month with a three-year commitment. For an extra charge, you can add 4G LTE wireless backup, which will keep critical services like point of sale systems running in the event of an outage.

    Unlike some of its competitors, Verizon charges additional fees for equipment and some services, so be sure to include the full list of charges when comparing prices.

    The Best Internet Deals Of December 2021

    By Ari Howard Last updated: December 2, 2021

    There is more to a good deal than the price. Weve listed many of the best internet deals, including special promotional offers from top providers and high-value internet plans, all in one place so you can easily find and compare current offers from top providers.

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    Compare The Best Cheap Internet Providers


    Score: 4.2 | Starting Price: $35/month | Maximum Download Speed: 940Mbps | ACSI Score: 70 |

    AT& T offers nearly nationwide coverage, affordable pricing, and solid — though navigating the company’s labyrinth of plans can feel unnecessarily complicated.


    • Second-largest DSL internet provider in the country
    • Affordably priced plans for solid download speeds
    • Equipment cost included
    • Fiber internet options for higher speeds
    • Phone and TV bundles available
    • 1TB data caps on DSL plans


    • Data cap costs more or requires bundled services


    • Internet Basic : $45/mo.
    • Internet 10 : $45/mo.
    • Internet 18 : $45/mo.
    • Internet 25 s: $45/mo.
    • Internet 50 : $45/mo.
    • Internet 100 : $45/mo.
    • Internet 300 : $35/mo.
    • Internet 500 : $45/mo.
    • Internet 1000 : $60/mo.

    Score: 3.6 | Starting Price: $29.99/month | Maximum Download Speed: 3000Mbps | ACSI Score: 72 |

    Comcast XFINITY offers high-speed options for people who need them and affordable fiber internet options on a budget, though the best prices require at least a one-year contract.


    • Phone and TV packages available
    • Fastest available download speeds
    • Widespread availability in 39 states
    • 1.2TB data caps
    • No contract options are available
    • High-speed plans available
    • The contract required for best prices


    Score: 4.2 | Starting Price: $39.99/month | Maximum Download Speed: 940Mbps | ACSI Score: 77 |


    • Lots of special offers with Verizon packages and partners
    • A $15/mo. Router rental






    Weve Researched All The Best Internet Providers For You

    How to choose the best channel for your Wi-Fi

    HighSpeedInternet.com makes your search for the best internet provider in your area easy, no matter where you live. You can find the most affordable prices and fastest Wi-Fi speeds for your addressjust enter your zip code in our search tool to see which internet providers are available.

    From there, you can easily compare providers internet availability, speeds, features, customer reviews, expert ratings, and more. With over 1,200 high-speed internet providers to choose from, youre sure to find the best internet option in your neighborhood.

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    Want To Learn More About Internet For Rural Areas

    Our resident internet expert, Juan, chats about his challenges using mobile data and rural internet while on a trip to New Mexico. Namely, how upload speeds become even more important when you’re living out in the country.

    Still, Viasat tops the satellite internet charts with 100 Mbps speeds and 300 GB of monthly data in its Unlimited Platinum 100 plan. The biggest drawback? Viasat jacks up your price by $15$50 after three months. So keep an eye on your bill and get your wallet ready.

    Windstream is a fixture in many rural areaswe spotted its buildings all across northern Georgia. And while its slowest speeds cap out at 25 Mbps, you might find yourself lucky enough to get 100, 500, or even 1,000 Mbps.

    Two things to note about Windstream prices, though: they change based on where you live, and they go up after your first year. Heres a quick peek at some of Windstreams pricing:


    Data effective 10/22/2021. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.*Price is with auto-pay discount applied.

    Wireless providers are getting into the home internet game, with T-Mobile being one to lead the charge. Its also focused on including rural areas, and the mobile provider says almost 10 million households in the T-Mobile Home Internet coverage area are out in the country.3

    One huge perk to T-Mobile Home Internet is that its $50/month price is all-inclusive: you wont pay extra for the gateway modem-router combo or fork over cash for installation.

    See If At& t Is In Your Area

    While this is the slowest of the cheap Wi-Fi deals on our list, you shouldnt overlook it. The FCC recommends 25 Mbps or higher for broadband internet, and Cox Internet Essential 50 is a comfortable fit for that. As long as you arent trying to support multiple streaming videos at once, this speed will work just fine if you have only one or two people in your home.

    Cox does have its cheaper Internet Starter 25 plan , but wed recommend downgrading to this plan only if youre in a single or two-person household with minimal internet needs. On the plan, youll struggle to use the internet if more than a few people are watching YouTube videos or downloading files at once.

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    How We Test Phone Carriers

    We evaluate network performance by heading out to eight US cities and running Ookla’s Speedtest app to measure download speeds. For real-world testing, we download a sizable app off of Google Play and time how fast it takes to get the app on a smartphone. We augment our own testing by looking at network performance reports from third-party firms including RootMetrics, OpenSignal and Ookla. All that data helps us evaluate a carrier’s network performance.

    We continuously review cell phone plans to compare how much data each carrier offers and how unlimited plans vary at each provider. We also look at the best prepaid phone plans, including extras you have to give up for the lower price to evaluate whether those are good deals or not.

    We’ve done customer support testing in the past where we contact carriers incognito to ask them questions both about their service as well as phones they offer. We conduct this undercover testing both over the phone and through social media support accounts on Twitter and Facebook.

    At& t Fiber: Best For Cheap Fiber Internet Plans

    4G LTE Coverage

    If you’re looking for those excellent fiber internet speeds but can’t get Verizon Fios Home Internet in your area, AT& T Fiber is well worth checking out.

    Its fiber internet plans start at $35 a month for 300 Mbps speeds, putting it leagues ahead of most, if not all, other fiber providers when it comes to affordable prices. And even if you’re running a home business and need gig speeds, the starting price for its 940 Mbps plan won’t break your piggy bank.


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    Is Gigabit Internet Worth It

    Fiber gigabit internet is worth it for the incredibly fast speeds. But make sure you actually need those speeds firstyou might be better off with a slower plan that still delivers excellent speeds but costs less.

    Naturally, gigabit speeds come at a higher monthly price than slower plans, and the fastest gigabit plans cost well over $100 per month. Thats a lot to pay for a monthly internet bill. But the price may be justified if you share Wi-Fi with a lot of users who all regularly do high-bandwidth activities on multiple devices.

    Fiber Vs Dsl And Cable

    Fiber, DSL, and cable all transmit internet signals in a similar waythey carry binary signals through cables over long distances. But while DSL and cable use copper wires and electrical signals, fiber uses fiber-optic cables and blinking light signals.

    The light signals used in fiber are faster and more efficient than electrical signals, and they have fewer issues with signal interference or degradation over long distances. That translates to faster, more reliable internet with very little lag.

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    Best Rural Internet Providers 2021

    Were keeping a pulse on the latest rural broadband news, and we found Viasat, Rise Broadband, and Windstream to be great internet options for anyone out in the country.

    Verizon and Amazon plan to work together to improve rural internet. The hope is to use Amazon’s satellite internet system to extend Verizon’s 4G LTE and 5G networks.5

    AT& T made a similar move and partnered with OneWeb, a British satellite internet provider.

    Both OneWeb and Amazon are still in the process of launching satellites, but this combination of services could see faster speeds and better coverage in rural areas.

    T-Mobile Home Internet recently dropped its monthly price down to $50. That makes it cheaper than competitor Verizon LTE Home Internet .

    A lot has changed for rural internet options, so we felt it was time to take another deep look at our recommendations. You’ll find some of our picks changed: T-Mobile Home Internet is a new favorite for mobile home internet and Windstream could offer you some of the fastest download speeds.

    But mainstays Rise Broadband and Viasat satellite internet remain, while AT& T DSL internet makes a return.

    Living in the country usually means life goes slower, but not everyone is ready for a blast to the past with dial-up internet speeds. If youre looking for rural internet options that keep your home office and streaming apps connected, youre in the right spot.

    Santas sled travels fast, but this year, your internet speeds can be even faster.


    How We Got Our Results

    Top Tip/Trick For Faster Wifi In Crowded Areas Using This Android App!

    Our data comes from speed tests taken on HighSpeedInternet.com. We examined results from more than one million US speed tests to find the fastest and slowest average rural internet speeds.

    We defined a rural city as a community with a population of less than 10,000 people that is geographically removed from an urban city, which we qualified as meaning its at least an hour drive away from the nearest major city. We also filtered out locations with fewer than 50 speed test results to ensure accurate representation of the citys average speed. In all, we ranked and researched nearly 600 rural cities in the US.

    Because the rural cities are ranked by average speed, it is entirely possible to find much faster- or slower-than-average internet speeds in any given area. These numbers do not represent actual internet speeds but are a reflection of the average tested internet connection in an area.

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    Is Fiber Internet Available In My Area

    Fiber-Optic Service is the fastest type of connection with max speeds ranging from 500 Mbps to 1 Gbps . However, fiber is expensive for ISPs to install and deploy, and as a result, it is the least available type of internet connection. You can consider yourself lucky if you live in an area with a fiber connection, however, based on our analysis and press releases, providers will continue to deploy and expand their fiber infrastructures to connect more consumers. These are the Fiber optic providers with the most coverage throughout the United States:

  • att has fiber coverage in 21 states, available to an estimated 15,680,351 homes, 12.23% of the US population.
  • Verizon has fiber coverage in 10 states, available to an estimated 14,020,009 homes, 11.26% of the US population.
  • EarthLink has fiber coverage in 21 states, available to an estimated 13,689,833 homes, 10.81% of the US population.
  • CenturyLink has fiber coverage in 36 states, available to an estimated 10,571,655 homes, 8.11% of the US population.
  • Frontier has fiber coverage in 6 states, available to an estimated 3,772,510 homes, 3.09% of the US population.
  • Windstream has fiber coverage in 18 states, available to an estimated 1,537,490 homes.
  • C Spire has fiber coverage in 4 states, available to an estimated 1,289,309 homes.
  • Google Fiber has fiber coverage in 9 states, available to an estimated 1,179,467 homes.
  • MetroNet has fiber coverage in 7 states, available to an estimated 911,450 homes.
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