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Securing Your Wireless Network

How To Connect WiFi Network Using CMD[Command Prompt] in Windows 10

Security is always important with a wireless network, it’s even more important because your network’s signal could be broadcast outside your home. If you don’t help secure your network, people with PCs nearby could access info stored on your network PCs and use your Internet connection.

To help make your network more secure:

Change the default user name and password. This helps protect your router. Most router manufacturers have a default user name and password on the router and a default network name . Someone could use this info to access your router without you knowing it. To help avoid that, change the default user name and password for your router. See the documentation for your device for instructions.

Set up a security key for your network. Wireless networks have a network security key to help protect them from unauthorized access. We recommend using Wi-Fi Protected Access 3 security if your router and PC support it. See the documentation for your router for more detailed info, including what type of security is supported and how to set it up.

Some routers support Wi-Fi Protected Setup . If your router supports WPS and its connected to the network, follow these steps to set up a network security key:

  • Do one of the following, depending on which version of Windows is running on your PC:

  • In Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, select Start, start typing Network and Sharing Center, and then choose it in the list.

  • Select Set up a new connection or network.

  • Consult Your Router Settings

    If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to recognize all the items on that list, but there may be a few that don’t have enough information. After going through my list, for example, I was left with a couple devices that listed no name and no manufacturer. However, I was able to get a little more information from my router’s web interface.

    You can open your router’s management page by typing its IP address in your browser’s address bar. Once there, look for an option that sounds like “Attached Devices” or “Client List.” This will present you with a similar list as Wireless Network Watcher, but the information may be slightly different. After cross-referencing the unknown devices between the two, I found one of them was listed as “AzureWave Technology, Inc” in my router’s interface, but not Wireless Network Watcher. A little Googling revealed that this was my Rachio sprinkler system, so I was able to mark that down and move on.

    If you see any other unlabeled devices in the list, check around your house for any internet-connected gadgets you might have missed. I realized that my wasnt listed, so after checking the Alexa app on my phone, I was able to match its MAC address to one of the unlabeled items in Wireless Network Watcher.

    Flashing Lights On Your Router

    If you are actively surfing the web, streaming a video or using your smartphone or tablet, you will see lots of activity on your router. But if you see those activity lights flashing when you are not using any devices, it is time to investigate the cause.

    You can tell a great deal by looking at the lights on your router, so take a peek the next time you walk by. If you see lots of activity for no apparent reason, it is time to scan your WiFi network for unauthorized devices.

    Having a home WiFi network provides you with a wealth of conveniences, connecting you with a world of knowledge and making your life easier in many different ways. Unfortunately, that home WiFi network can also be a source of danger, especially if you fail to lock down your router and other devices. If you suspect someone else is stealing your WiFi signal, you need to act fast before that unauthorized access has a chance to damage your devices or steal your personal data.

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    An Alternate Method For Setting Up Proxy Servers On Iphone

    The main reasons to use proxy servers are to hide your IP address, access restricted content, and protect you from potential attacks. However, a proxy server has some drawbacks, the most important being the inability to encrypt your data.

    So, if you are looking for another way, then using a VPN is the best option. A VPN is better than a proxy server if you want, weve reviewed the best VPN apps for iPhone.

    Install the VPN Proxy Master app for iPhone for free from the App Store.

    When using a VPN app on your iPhone, such as the VPN Proxy Master, youll have access to multiple proxy servers across multiple global locations. Youll be prompted to add your VPN configuration after installing and opening this app on your iPhone. Tap on Allow when it does. Next, you can select a proxy server from their list of global servers, and youll be automatically connected to it.

    How Do I Identify Devices On My Network Using Mac And Ip Addresses

    Who Use My WiFi?  Network Tool for Android

    You can easily find out the information by pinging the device on your command prompt on your Windows Devices.

    Here is a step-by-step process on how to ping the device.

  • Navigate to the Start icon and type in cmd.
  • You will see the command prompt utility and ensure you run it as an administrator.
  • Type ping -a X, where X is the IP address of the item which you want to find.
  • You can see if it is pinging a certain network name.
  • Note: If you have turned off your devices, they wont ping.

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    How To: Check If Someone Is Using Your Wi

      There are many reasons why you’d want to check if an unauthorized party is using your wireless network. It may be that you’re experiencing a slower than normal Internet connection or you simply don’t want anyone getting a free ride while you pay the bill. Of course, there are also security implications if this person can somehow access files on your network, and even legal implications if he uses your connection for piracy or other illicit activities.

      Whatever the case it’s better to stay on the safe side. Many of you may have already taken some basic precautions when setting up your wireless network and know your way around troubleshooting these issues. This brief guide is aimed mostly at novice users in need a hand to find out if, indeed, their Wi-Fi is being stolen.

      What Exactly Is The Difference Between Wi

      Whereas hotspots are a physical location or device, Wi-Fi is a wireless technology that devices can use to send information to each other. If you have Wi-Fi at home, it’s because you have a Wi-Fi router quarterbacking all of your wireless gadgets, and an internet service provider that’s connecting that router to the internet.

      So long as you set a strong password, a private Wi-Fi network like that is going to be more secure than a public hotspot because you control who and what connects to it. Public hotspots, on the other hand, are open to anyone within range, which is why it’s a good idea to use a VPN or some other security measure if you need to do anything sensitive, like shopping or sending money.

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      Are The Neighbors Stealing Your Wifi

      You have worked hard to set up your wireless network, carefully connecting the devices, setting a strong password and moving the equipment to the perfect location. Now that your WiFi network is in place, you can use your tablet, smartphone, laptop and connected devices anywhere in your home, but you need to be vigilant and watch out for freeloaders.

      Even if you do not know it, the neighbors could be silently stealing your WiFi, benefitting from the money you spent but also putting your data at risk. If you suspect the neighbors are stealing your WiFi, you need to act fast by looking for these four warning signs.

      Use Glasswire Pro To See Who Is Connected

      How To Check Who Is Using Your WiFi

      Were big fans of the GlassWire firewall and security system, and one of the great features they have in the Pro version is a quick and easy Network view that shows you all the devices connected to your Wi-Fi network.

      GlassWire isnt just a firewall, it also has beautiful graphs to show your bandwidth usage, see what applications are connecting to what, and exactly how much bandwidth each application is using. You can get alerts when an application changes something, or when an installer tries to install a new system driver. There are tons of features, too many to list here.

      But what makes GlassWire even better for todays topic is that if you go into the Settings panel, you can actually enable alerts whenever a new device tries to connect to your Wi-Fi. Now thats a great feature!

      GlassWire is free for basic use, but the network device monitoring is only included in the paid version .

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      How To See Who Is Connected To My Wifi

      Also shows any network shares on the LAN

      Have you noticed your WiFi working slower than usual? Before digging into how to boost your signal and improve WiFi performance, find out who is connected to your WiFi network.

      Many devices in your house could be connected to your WiFi network, like laptops, smartphones, tablets, as well as smart bulbs, and home assistants. However, it could just be strangers logging in thats causing your WiFi signal to lose speed.

      There can be many different reasons why youd like to know what devices are connected to your WiFi. Luckily, its an easy check. There are two ways you can go about this: Through your routers web interface, or using network scanning software. For better results, try both ways and see if you find the same connected devices on the list.

      Find Out How To Use A Proxy Server On Iphone For A Wifi Network

      You need to configure your iPhone proxy server settings for your WiFi network. However, you can only set up proxy servers for one WiFi network at a time on your iPhone. All the network requests from your iPhone are forwarded to the proxy server you have set up. So, now you can change your IP address on iPhone and surf the internet anonymously and get into previously geo-blocked content in your country.

      You can configure your iPhones proxy server for a WiFi network in one of two ways. You can configure the proxy server manually or automatically. We will show you how to use a proxy server on iPhone manually and automatically.

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      Try Turning It Off And On Again

      If you only have a few Wi-Fi devices in your house, you may want to unplug or turn them all off and then watch the wireless signal light on your router. If the light continues to flicker, someone else is using your Wi-Fi.

      However, this method only works if you can be sure that every wireless-capable device you have is powered down, which may not be easy to do in many homes. So, we present two in-depth methods for checking for Wi-Fi thieves, no matter what setup you have. If you need a refresher on wireless networking itself, then check out our Wi-Fi overview.

      How To Help Prevent Future Wifiintruders

      Who Use My WiFi?  Network Tool for Android

      So what do you do now? Well, you may be surprised by how many devices are actually connected to your WiFi. If you find devices that you know are not yours, there isn’t much you can do to identify who they belong to. But you can immediately disconnect them by changing your password, and keeping it a secret.

      Not sure how to change your password? This is usually done in that same router settings page we discussed before, but some providers or manufacturers allow you to make changes via their own app or website.

      Some tips on keeping the code secure: Don’t use your name or address as a password. Don’t use a password that matches a network name. And don’t share your password with your neighbors, who might then share it with their neighbors, and so on, and so on, until everyone is connected to your WiFi.

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      Use Your Routers Web Interface

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      The best way to find this information will be to check your routers web interface. Your router hosts your Wi-Fi network, so it has the most accurate data about which devices are connected to it. Most of the best routers offer a way to view a list of connected devices, although some may not.

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      Next, plug this IP address into your web browsers address bar and press Enter. This should usually bring up your routers interface. If it doesnt, check your routers documentation or perform a web search for its model number and web interface to find out how to access it. If you havent set a custom password and passphrase, you may need to perform a search or check the documentation to find the default ones for your model of router.

      How To Set Up And Use Free Wi

      Make sure the device you plan to use is Wi-Fi capable. If it is, be sure Wi-Fi is turned on.

      Once you’ve arrived at the location where you’ll use public Wi-Fi or hotspot, open a browser and then either open up your computer’s network settings or click on the Wi-Fi icon on your screen. Next, select the public Wi-Fi connection you intend to use. If the connection is public, you will now be connected, but watch for an opt-in site to pop up in your browser. Some businesses require you to agree to their terms of service or provide an email address before they’ll let you use their free Wi-Fi.

      Some businesses provide a login and password to their customers and offer a secured network. If the connection you intend to use shows up as secured, look around for the login and password posted in the business, or ask someone for help. And yes, if you’re somewhere like a coffee shop, it’d be polite to buy a pastry or a cup of joe while you’re at it.

      If you’ve set your computer to automatically connect to available networks, then next time you visit that business, your computer will automatically join their network.

      This hotspot device from HTC uses an incoming 5G connection to provide Wi-Fi internet access for nearby wireless devices.

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