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âAbout two months ago, I upgraded from an iPhone 8 to iPhone 12. Everything is mostly fine, except it keeps dropping my home Wi-Fi network and I have no idea why.â –From an iPhone user

iPhone is one of the top high-end phones on the market. Users purchase these devices with the thought that they can use the latest and most sophisticated hardware and software products. And to a great extent, Apple does not fail to deliver reputable phones.

But nowadays, many users have complained they met issues when using iPhone. One of the major issues is that iPhone keeps dropping Wi-Fi connections. Users have complained of the frustration, especially in iPhone 12 where “annoyingly every day it keeps losing Wi-Fi signal.”

You may be facing a similar issue or the same issue on your iPhone device. Here are the credible solutions for you.

Disconnection Problems With Cable Internet

Cable internetrelies on area-wide infrastructure, meaningspeeds can drop during peak usage hoursusually between 7 p.m. and midnight. You may notice a slower connection when more of your neighbors hop on the internet at the same time, especially if you live in a densely populated area.

You also may experience random disconnections if the ISPs cable isnt properly connected to your modem, if roots damage the coaxial cable running into your house, if you nipped the cable while using a weedeater, and so on.

Why Do I Keep Losing My Internet Connection

Often, you may experience frequent loss of Internet connection while using your Android device. Often, this issue can be fixed by updating your devices firmware or driver. If you continue to experience network drop-outs, you may have faulty hardware. If you cant find the cause, try rebooting your router and reconnecting your phone. If these two fixes fail to solve the problem, try the next one.

Sometimes, you can reset your Android phone to the factory defaults. Most Android phones come with a Reset Network Settings option. Changing this setting may help solve your problem. For example, if youre experiencing drop-outs, restart your Android phone after several hours. Also, you can disable the Wi-Fi on your device if its enabled. This method will prevent your phone from connecting to Wi-Fi when you are not connected to a hotspot.

One solution is to restart your device and check if Wi-Fi is enabled. If not, you can check this by pulling down the notification bar and navigating to the Settings menu. Click on Network & Internet and then tap on Wi-Fi. Ensure that its toggled on. If its not, try changing it to Always or Only when connected to a Wi-Fi network. This solution may fix the connection issue temporarily.

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Why Does My Phone Keep Disconnecting From Wi

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Wi-Fi is something many people take for granted as always being there. It can be very frustrating when your phone seems to have issues staying connected. There are a lot of things that can cause that to happen.

The question of whats causing your phone to disconnect from Wi-Fi can be approached from a few angles. Is the fault with your phone, the router, or your internet connection itself? Lets try to find out which is causing your troubles.

Why Does My Internet Go Off At The Same Time Every Day

Why Does My iPhone Keep Disconnecting From Wi

The distance between your computer and your wireless router may affect your internet connectivity. The internet signal can be lost due to the obstruction from walls, doors, and distance. Buy a WiFi range extender or move your wireless router to a more central location in your home can solve this issue.

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The Wireless Card Needs Updating

The drivers on electronic devices, like printers and computers require semi-regular updates, or else they won’t work well. If you’re struggling with WiFi drops check to see if the device’s drivers need updating.

The Fix: As with other types of tech, you’ll have to go straight to the source to fix this pickle. “To upgrade your wireless card drivers, go to the manufacturer’s website and get the most recent versions,” emails Steve Scott, chief technical officer at Spreadsheet Planet.

Fix : Check Routers Range

If your Wi-Fi automatically disconnects and connects again while you are roaming in the house, then it is because of the router’s range you should check it. For this, you can consider changing and modifying your AP band on your router.

Although the 5GHz frequency band is recognized for providing better network speeds, this band has a shorter range as compared to the 2.4GHz band, which has a better coverage of area. You can easily shift your routerâs range through its configuration page. It is considered optimal to utilize the 2.4GHz frequency band for better ranges.

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Devices Connected With Router

Commonly, a house has around a dozen devices connected to the internet router. People do not think that the router has limited connection slots. It is unable to entertain a specific number of requests for service facilitation. The router has limitations the service quality will drop if the limitations are exceeded. This drop in quality can also cause internet disconnection from devices.

How To Fix Wifi Keeps Disconnecting On Android Smartphone

Your phone keeps disconnecting from wifi – Fixed in 2 minutes

Using a WiFi connection is really great as you do not have to worry about data limits and slow loading times. However, it becomes quite irritating if WiFi keeps disconnecting on your Android smartphone.

If you use WiFi on your Android smartphone and it keeps disconnecting then you have just landed on the perfect page to fix your problem.

In this article, you will find some ways to troubleshoot WiFi problems with your Android smartphone.

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Turn Off Ask To Join Networks Feature

Tip: This step isn’t necessary if your other devices keeps disconnecting from internet, besides iPhone, when connecting the same Wi-Fi.

Another potential culprit that might result in a instable connection. Some users from Apple forum and Reddit have claimed they have successfully resolved Wi-Fi disconnecting issue by disabling the Ask to Join Networks feature.

Go to Settings> Wi-Fi> Ask to Join Networks, and then tap Off to select it.

Switch To 24 Ghz Connection

If youre using a dual-band router, then youll get to choose between two different Wi-Fi frequencies 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. While the 5GHz band is faster, its range is often lower than the 2.4 GHz band. Therefore, in order to avoid frequent disconnections with your Wi-Fi network, you can try switching to the 2.4 GHz connection momentarily.

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Resolve Dropped Or Lost Wifi Connections

If your WiFi is still disconnecting even after trying the steps in this guide, you can factory reset your computer or your router to return them to out-of-the-box factory settings. Youll lose all your settings and data during a factory reset so make sure you backup any data on your computer.

Once you reset your router, give it time to set itself up and check your WiFi connection again. If all else fails, contact your ISP for more guided assistance or get WiFi without an internet provider.

For more tips on WiFi issues, check out 10 ways to boost a weak WiFi signal and troubleshooting tips if your internet is connected but not working.

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Fix : Upgrade Router Firmware

Why Does My Phone Keep Disconnecting From Wifi Iphone +picture

If none of the above-shared fixes work, the last fix to resolve the problem is upgrading your router firmware. For this, you should contact any professional who knows network operations as upgrading router firmware takes time and requires knowledge.

If you are working, disconnecting Wi-Fi is the biggest irritant as you lose your focus and concentration. People are mostly looking for the answer to this common question why does my phone keep disconnecting from the Wi-Fi? The article above has discussed this problem in detail. Solved!

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Ways To Fix Wifi Keeps Disconnecting On Android

If WiFi keeps disconnecting on Android, thats probably not a big problem since you can fix it with just a few clicks most times. However, it could be annoying when WiFi disconnects frequently on Android, especially when you need to watch an important live stream or download a time-limited file.

In case youre having a bad day because of your unstable WiFi connection, the comprehensive ten solutions in this article will get you back on track. Lets get started!

Top 10 fixes for when WiFi Keeps disconnecting on Android:

  • Restart your phone
  • Remove and reconnect to the network
  • Forget old/other networks
  • Move closer to the WiFi network source
  • Try switching the router’s AP band
  • Disable network auto-switch
  • Reset Wi-Fi, Mobile & Bluetooth settings
  • Update your phone and the routers firmware
  • Disable apps conflicting with the Wi-Fi
  • Various issues could cause the problem on your device. It could be your phone itself, the WiFi router, temporary network glitches, the device used for mobile hotspot, or just anything. Despite whatever caused the issues, the fixes mentioned below will reconnect you to the WiFi network and allow you to do whatever you want to do.

    Restart your phone

    Like fixing many issues on a smartphone, we recommend you restart your phone before trying other solutions to resolve the WiFi connection problem.

    So, go ahead and hit that restart button on your phone! If your Android WiFi keeps disconnecting and reconnecting afterward, embark on the solutions below.

    Your Phone Needs A Reboot

    If the phones firmware has faults or malfunctions, the Wi-Fi connection problem might arise at any given time. A basic fix for this problem is to restart the phone simple yet effective! It may take a few minutes before your phone will be fully functional, but restarting it can help if youre experiencing connection issues.

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    Restore Your Iphone Via Dfu Mode

    If you have exhausted all the approaches mentioned so far in this article, there is another one for you. DFU restore is the most profound form of data restoration you can perform on your iPhone. Device Firmware Update allows your iPhone to access iTunes and then downgrade OS without installing the older version. Here is the process for using the DFU mode:

    For iPhone 13/12/11/X/XR/XS/SE/8:

  • Tap and release the volume up and down buttons one after the other very quickly.
  • Hold down the side button until the color of the screen turns black.
  • Now, press the volume down button with your hand still on the side button.
  • Release your hand from the side button after five seconds, then your phone will appear in iTunes.
  • For iPhone 6/7:

  • Open iTunes on your computer.
  • Connect your iPhone to the computer.
  • Hold down the home or volume and sleep button together for eight seconds.
  • Release the sleep button after eight seconds.
  • Keep holding down the home or volume until your phone appears in iTunes.
  • Forget The Wifi Network And Connect To It Again

    Your Phone keeps disconnecting from WiFi -Fixed

    Another possible fix is to make your iPhone forget the WiFi network youre trying to connect to and then re-connect to it.

    To do that:

    1.Tap on Settings on the springboard of your iPhone to launch the settings menu.

    2. Tap on Wi-Fi on the following screen to open WiFi settings menu. Thats where you can see all of the WiFi networks your iPhone can connect to.

    3. Tap on the name of the WiFi network you are having issues connecting to.

    4. On the following screen, tap on the option that says Forget This Network. What it will do is it will make your iPhone forget the password and other details of the selected WiFi network. Basically it just clears all the data of the selected WiFi network from your iPhone.

    5. Once the WiFi network has been forgotten, click on it in the WiFi menu and enter the password to connect to it. Use WiFi for some time and see if it gets disconnected. If it doesnt, youre good to go.

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    Turn Your Iphone Off And Back On

    Turning your iPhone off and back on is another way we can address and attempt to fix a minor software problem. Turning off your iPhone allows all of its programs to shut down and start fresh when you turn your iPhone back on.

    To turn off an iPhone 8 or earlier, press and hold the power button until slide to power off appears on the screen. If you have an iPhone X or later, simultaneously press and hold the side button and the volume down button until slide to power off appears.

    Swipe the red power icon from left to right to shut down your iPhone. Wait a few moments, then press and hold the power button or the side button until the Apple logo appears on the screen to turn your iPhone back on.

    Fix : Stay Connected While Asleep

    Most Android phones have a battery-saving feature. This feature disables the network connections to save the battery of the phone. If this is why the Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting, follow the steps shared below to fix it:

    Step 1: Start by opening the âSettingsâ menu on your phone. Then scroll down until you find the ‘Battery’ option and open it.

    Step 2: Then, from the battery screen, hit the ‘More Battery Settings’ options. Then, you will see the ‘Stay Connected while Asleep’ option turn it on.

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    Why Internet Connection Is Disconnecting Frequently

    Why is your Internet continuously connecting and disconnecting? Regular interruption of the Internet is most likely a problem with your router or ISP. Check the Internet connection on various devices to see if there is an issue with the connection and computer. Try connecting to your laptop, mobile, and phone.

    How Do You Fix It

    Why Does My Wi

    Run a speed test from your modem using a wired device to see if youre getting close to your plans advertised speeds. Rerun the test from your router at close range using a wireless devicepreferably with our Speed Test App thats now available on Apples App Store .

    If both tests show the correct speeds based on your plan, then take a look at our How Much Internet Speed Do I Need? tool to see if your plan matches your needs. If it doesnt, call your internet provider to order a faster plan.

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