Why Is My Wifi Acting Up

The Router Might Need A Reset

Slow Internet? Why Is My WiFi Slow?? [Top Tips to Speed up Your Internet]
  • 1All kinds of whacky stuff can cause a router to act up, so try resetting it. Like any piece of tech, your router can get buggy. The easiest way to do this is to simply unplug your router, wait one minute, and then plug it back in again. Give this a shot to see if it fixes your connection.XExpert Source
  • Make Sure Your Signal Isn’t Blocked By Physical Barriers

    Physical obstructions can also slow down your WiFi. Look out for brick or concrete walls, large containers of water , large metal appliances, thick windows and heavy furniture standing between your router and your connected devices. As you can see in the table below, refrigerators and concrete walls are the biggest culprits in dampening your WiFi reception.


    • Try moving your modem or wireless device to avoid the major barriers listed, particularly the ones in the lower part of the table.
    • If moving isn’t an option, try opening the door between rooms to get as clear a path as possible.
    19 dB

    How To Deal With A Home Internet Network Slowdown

    A slowdown can show up as frequent loading screens that pop up and then go away, lag, or frequently frozen video calls on every device on your network. If the devices on your home network have less difficulty with simple tasks, such as opening new emails or visiting text-based websites, youre probably dealing with a slowdown.

    When every device on your home internet network is connected to the internet but performing slowly or intermittently, try the following:

    1. Move a connected device closer to your wireless router, and/or remove any obstructions or obstacles between the wireless router and the device

    • If this speeds the internet connection on your testing device, you have a WiFi signal fidelity issue
    • Leave the wireless router as unobstructed as possible
    • Use the connected device more often in closer range of the wireless router
    • Consider purchasing a WiFi amplifying device for use on your home network
    • If this doesnt work, proceed to 2…

    2. Remove the power supply cord from your wireless router, wait one minute, plug it back in, and then retry your connection speed on multiple devices

    • If this works, you had a network-to-device connection issue, which is now solved
    • If this doesnt work, proceed to 3…

    3. Test your internet connection speed using an internet speed test at various times of day

    4. Turn off WiFi and/or remove wired connections from various internet-enabled devices, and re-test speed on devices still connected to the internet

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    Problem: You Have Weak Wi

    Walls, distance, and even microwaves can interfere with your Wi-Fi signal. Weaker Wi-Fi signals mean slower speeds and frequent disconnects.

    You can tell if signal interference and weak Wi-Fi signals are your issues if your connection works well near your router but is extremely slow in the next room.

    To fix weak Wi-Fi, first, check your routers placement. You want to make sure your router is in a central location and away from things that can affect your Wi-Fi signals .

    If that doesnt work, you might need to replace your router with one designed for longer ranges or better coverageor you can add an extender to your network to stretch Wi-Fi signals into a previously unreachable area.

    Check out our guide to long-range routers if you need better Wi-Fi coverage. It goes over both mesh Wi-Fi systems and standalone routers to help you figure out how best to access the internet in every inch of your home.

    Checkyou’ve Paid The Bill

    Disable Google Location Accuracy if your WiFi is acting up! : GalaxyFold

    If you’ve tried some of the tricks we’vementioned and you still can’t get a connection, it’s probably time to call yourISP. However, before you do that, check to make sure you’ve paid your lastbill. Cable companies will shut off your service if you’re too far behind withpayment.

    You may have forgotten to pay, or perhapsthe credit card you had on file expired and you forgot to change it.

    One way to quickly check if this is theissue is to see if you still have TV and phone service, assuming you get yourinternet as part of a bundle. Cable companies will shut off service to allthree for lack of payment. You can also check your online account or emails,and you can also just call customer service.

    If you do find this is the issue, thesolution is really simple: pay your bill. You may need to do so from a mobileinternet connection, or by calling on your cellphone, but companies usually canrestore service moments after you pay the bill, meaning you can still save yourSaturday night.

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    How To Call Your Internet Service Provider For Help

    If youre troubleshooting your home internet and the relatively easy solutions listed above dont work, it may be time to call your internet service provider to ask for help.

    Remember the following:

    1. Have your documentation ready

    • Find a cable bill with your account number on it to speed up the process
    • Always keep your usernames and passwords hand

    2. Know what youre asking for

    • Start with automated options to make sure your service is connected and youre all paid up on your bill
    • Check for service area outages – if a crew is already out working on an issue, theres nothing you can do
    • If you need to talk to a solutions officer, request a line test and ask for advice or a walkthrough

    3. Take a deep breath

    • Home internet issues can be frustrating – remember that nobody did this on purpose, and maintaining an internet service network is hard work that involves a lot of people working together

    Unless youre dealing with a major disruption, most disconnection issues are resolved in a matter of hours.

    Are you getting everything you need from your home internet?

    Scanfor Viruses And Other Malicious Software

    Hopefully, you are using some sort ofanti-virus software, and if you are, run a scan on your computer to see ifthere are any malicious programs on your computer. These get downloaded whenyou click something by accident on an email or website, and as they infect yourcomputer, they slow down its ability to function.

    If you don’t have an anti-virus program onyour computer, there are free programsyou can download that will do a basic search for malware and then remove them, although these programs won’t helpyou get rid of every threat.

    After you’ve deleted the infected softwarefrom your computer using your anti-virus software, check to see if the internetis running faster. If it is, you’ve solved your problem. If it hasn’t, trythis:

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    Router Crashes Regularly And Only Restarting It Helps

    If your router needs to be restarted regularly, consider giving it a full reset. On most routers, youll find a Reset button that you can hold down with a paperclip. Do so for 30 seconds, and the router should default from factory settings. Use our guide to setting up a wireless router to get everything properly configured.

    If that doesnt work, your router may be on its way out. Your only real option is to return it if it is within its warranty period or to buy a new one.

    Disabling Ipv4 Or Ipv6

    How To Fix Wireless Adapter Missing in Windows 10 [SOLVED]

    At last, you can have a go at disabling one of the web protocols and moving from that point. They generally function admirably when combined, however now and then an absence of synergy can cause issues. Obviously, you can disable the former or the latter, yet not both. Most older Wi-Fi cards should be easier with IPv4, so remember that.

    Here are the steps by which you can disable IPv4 or IPv6 on Windows 10:

  • Open the notification area of the taskbar right-click the Wireless Network icon and then select Open Network and Internet Settings.
  • Right-click on your Wi-Fi adapter and open Properties.
  • Disable IPv6, confirm changes, and look for improvements.
  • In the event that the problem still continues, re-enable IPv6 and disable IPv4.
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    When To Tell Your Employer About A Smartphone Acting Weird

    If you use your smartphone for work, you need to tell your company if you think your phone might have been hacked. Its the right thing to do you dont want to spread an infection to your companys network or put its data at risk. Plus, you could be protecting yourself because any bad actions taken against your company through your phone could look like they came from you!

    If your employer is a Leapfrog client, please contact our IT Support Center so we can troubleshoot for you.

    My Smart Device Isnt Connecting To Wi

    First, make sure that your smart device and your router are both updated. Then try resetting your router and rebooting your smart device. You can either unplug and plug in the smart device, or check its app for a reboot option the Google Home app, for example, has a Reboot tool under each device section that you can use.

    If the device still isnt connecting properly, try moving it next to the router and seeing if it connects then distance and interference can make a difference, especially for smaller smart devices. You should also double-check to make sure that your smart device doesnt need a Zigbee hub to operate, which is more common among older smart devices but a problem that still occasionally crops up.

    If your smart device keeps dropping a Wi-Fi signal, especially during busy times of the day, check to see if your router supports automatic band switching for devices. If it does, try turning this feature off: Sometimes a router will try to switch a smart device to a different band, but the device isnt ready for that, causing it to lose a connection. There may also be issues with connecting to a mesh router, and you may have to be very specific about your network connection to make smart devices work.

    Finally, there are a number of other router settings that may block smart devices. If you cant find whats wrong, call up support for that device and explain that you think your router is having trouble connecting.

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    All You Need To Know To Avoid Unstable Internet Connection

    Does your Internet keep cutting out? Are you getting that “Your Internet connection is unstable” error on Zoom or other video streaming platform? That means you need to do something to stabilize your Internet connection.

    As a general rule, you should never get into this situation, especially if you’re working from home, live streaming or playing games online. These are all activities where an unstable Internet connection minimizes productivity, loses your audience or the game respectively.

    This article will help you understand the causes of an unstable Internet connection, how to easily troubleshoot and fix Internet issues and how to avoid having an Internet that keeps cutting out in the future.

    Make Sure Youre On The Right Frequency Band

    Cisco Layer3forwarding? Is someone accessing my WiFi?  Fing Community

    Modern routers work primarily on two radio frequency bands: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The band you use for your connections can affect your speeds and the quality of your connections at different distances from your router.

    The 2.4 GHz band is the oldest and most commonly accessed Wi-Fi connection. Its used for many other wireless communications other than Wi-Fi, so the airwaves in this frequency can be a little crowded. This band trades speed for rangemeaning its better at passing through walls and other objectswhereas 5 GHz has better speeds but a shorter range.

    The two frequency bands often appear as two separate Wi-Fi networks. To reorganize your connections, log off from the incorrect band and connect to the correct one on each device.

    Connections best for 5 GHz band:

    • Gaming consoles

    Connections best for 2.4 GHz band:

    • Smart speakers
    • Security cameras

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    Reasons Why Internet Continuously Connects And Disconnects

    Here are the most common causes for an unstable Internet connection:

    • your wireless connection is acting up because:
    • you’re too far from the Wi-Fi hotspot you’re connected to.
    • you’re in a poor cellular signal area.
    • weather affects your satellite reception.
  • there’s an issue with your network equipment – router, modem, cables, etc.
  • the device you’re trying to use has a problem.
  • your Internet service provider does some temporary maintenance work on their network.
  • Make Sure Your Device Is Not The Problem

    The first thing you will want to do is tocheck to see if the issue is coming from your specific device or if it’s anissue with your internet service. The easiest way to do this is to simply tryand access the internet from another device. So, if you can’t connect on yourlaptop, grab your phone and see if you have the same problem.

    If that second device also can’t connect,then you know the issue is with your connection, so you’ll want to follow someof the troubleshooting steps we’ve outlined below. But if it does connect, thenthe problem is with your device and not your service. Try some of the followingsteps:

    • Check to make sure you don’t have WiFi turned off or that the device is in airplane mode.
    • Restart the device to see if that resets it.
    • Ensure there are no passwords or other security controls set up that might be preventing you from connecting.

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    Update Drivers And Uninstall Older Drivers

    Because drivers control how the mouse interfaces with the operating system, if the drivers are bad, the mouse is not going to work properly. Make sure you have the latest drivers from your mouse manufacturer.

    We also recommend going into Add or Remove Programs in the Control Panel and uninstalling all previous mouse drivers and software. Uninstalling old software is important when moving between mouse manufacturers, like going from a Logitech to a Microsoft mouse.

    Last Resort: Dial Up Your Isp

    How To Fix Mouse Right Click Not Working [Solved]

    If you’ve tried everything and are still experiencing internet connection woes, it’s time to call your service provider. The problem could be on their end, and may require a new connection at the pole coming into your house or new equipment, such as a better modem or an amplifier.

    If you’re experiencing slowdowns at certain times of the day , it’s possible that your ISP is simply unable to handle the increased user load, in which case you may want to find a new service provider. Lucky for you, we’ve tested them to find the fastest ISPs in the country.

    Disclosure: Downdetector and Speedtest.net are owned by Ookla, a subsidiary of PCMag’s parent company Ziff Davis.

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