Why Is My Wifi Disabled

Lets Find Out The Culprit: A Rapid Test

How To FIX iPhone Wifi Greyed Out / Not Working! (2021)

When you can identify or troubleshoot an issue properly, it is just a matter of time to fix that. If you know exactly whats responsible for disrupting your Wi-Fi connectivity, solving the problem becomes a breeze.

In case Wi-Fi is disabled or it doesnt work on your Android device, you should at first find the underlying issue.

The problem can be on your phone, network, or even the internet. Follow the steps below to identify the culprit for which you cant connect to the wifi network anymore.

Why Is My Phone Saying Wi

Go to Settings, Connections, WiFi, Advanced, make sure Smart Network Switch is off. Uncheck Auto Connect, Check the WiFi On During Sleep setting, tap the Wi-Fi control history and see if it looks correct or has an app been taking control. I have the same phone and version and the issue happened at about the same time.

Wlan Is Disabled And Wont Turn On What Can I Do

The wlan wont turn on and is stuck on disabled even tho I touch the button it wont turn on

HP’s are infamous for bad wireless cards. Just google HP wireless card failure and you will see hundreds of posts on this problem. I would contact HP.

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The wlan on hp laptops generally have more than one switch. Before replacing the card, I recommend checking each one to ensure that they are enabled. The first one to check is the analog switch on the side of the laptop. It should have an indication light next to it telling you whether or not it is enabled and generally HP uses the colors blue or green to indicate that it is on. Once you check for that switch make sure that the digital switch is enabled. To do this you will have to hold the Fn button and look at the F1-F12 keys for the wireless switch to enable it. The icon on the key should look like This or like This. If you are sure that the wireless switches are enabled then I would reinstall the drivers for the wireless card. The best process for this is to:# 1. Right Click my computer.

2. Select Manage

4. Expand the Navigation controller list by pressing the +

5. Right Click the Wireless card and uninstall

6. Select Action from the top menu

7. Select Scan for Hardware changes

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Is Your Software And Hardware Up

It can be hard to figure out if your software or hardware is up-to-date, especially if you find yourself unable to go online. For software, its best and easiest to install a driver updater, which will automatically check your drivers and install any available updates. But if you cant get online, or the issue is with outdated hardware, youll need to consult an expert who can get you the parts you need or install the drivers offline.

The same applies for router issues: while its possible to manually update your routers firmware , you still might need to call your ISP or an expert if you cant go online to get those firmware updates, or if the issue is with your hardware.

Fix : Configure Settings In Device Manager

Why does my wifi automatically disabled if mobile data is ...

Device Manager enables you to view and manage your hardware devices in your computer, so you can check your WiFi adapter settings to fix WiFi adapter is disabled. Follow the steps below:

  • On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key and R at the same time to invoke the Run box
  • Type devmgmt.msc and click OK.
  • Double click Network adapters to expand the category.
  • Double click your wireless network card that is having the problem.
  • In the properties pane, click the Driver tab, and click Enable Device .
  • Windows will enable your WiFi adapter and youll see Disable Device if its enabled successfully.

    If you only see Disable Device, click Disable Device and then click Enable Device to re-enable yourr WiFi adapter.

  • On the same pane, click the Power Management tab, and uncheck the box next to Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power. Then click OK to save your settings.
  • This will prevent your computer to disable your WiFi adapter when your computer is in power saving mode.

    Restart your computer and open your WiFi connection to see if its enabled.

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    My Device Says It Is Connected To The Network But I Cant Browse The Internet

    • If youre using a wireless device, turn Wi-Fi off and turn it back on. If using an Ethernet cable to connect your device to the modem, unplug the cable and plug it back in.
    • Restart your device.
    • Restart your modem. To learn how, visit our Modem and Wi-Fi support page, select your modem and look for the step-by-step tutorial under Modem setup.
    • Ensure your Internet connection is working. For wireless connections, you can optimize your Wi-Fi speeds.
    • View more troubleshooting steps, including support for certain smartphones. You can also check the support site for your device manufacturer.

    My Internet Is Slow Or Not Working

    My Wi-Fi signal is low

    • Reach – The farther you are from your modem/router, the weaker the Wi-Fi signal will be. Try moving your device closer to your modem/router.
    • Obstruction – Obstructions such as walls, ceilings, or other large objects could be weakening your wireless signal.
    • Devices – The Wi-Fi strength and speeds you receive will depend on the wireless device youre using. For example, laptops capture a better Wi-Fi signal than smartphones. In addition, it is important that the software is up-to-date on all of your wireless devices.

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    Disable In Windows Device Manager

    Access the Device Manager by right-clicking with your mouse on the My Computer icon on your desktop or in the Windows Start menu. Select Properties from the pop-up menu, click the Hardware tab in the window that opens up, and click the Device Manager button.

    In Windows Vista and later, there is no Hardware tab. Click the Device Manager link in the System window.

    Find the Wi-Fi adapter in the list of hardware devices. Right-click the adapter name and select Disable from the pop-up menu. If no Wi-Fi adapter is found in Device Manager, the Wi-Fi adapter drivers are not installed.

    What Do You Do When Your Iphone Wifi Button Is Greyed Out Potential Fixes

    iPhone 6: Permanent Fix For Grayed Out Disable Wifi
    • Update your iOS, if available
    • Reset network settings
    • Toggle Airplane Mode and Do Not Disturb on/off by going to Settings > Airplane Mode ON and Do Not Disturb ON > Turn Off Phone > Leave for 15min-20min > Turn Phone Back On > Turn Off Airplane Mode and Do Not Disturb > Turn WIFI ON.
    • Turn off Cellular Data then try to connect to your WiFi
    • Reset your WiFi routerusually be unplugging, waiting a few minutes, and plugging it back in. Check with your routers manufacturer or internet provider for exact model directions on how to reset your specific router

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    Fix : Enable Wlan Autoconfig Service

    WLAN AutoConfig service provides the logic required to configure, discover, connect to your wireless network in your computer. If WLAN AutoConfig service is disabled or not running, your WiFi adapter will be disabled. So you should make sure WLAN AutoConfig service is running properly.

    Heres what you need to do:

  • On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key and R at the same time to invoke the Run box.
  • Type services.msc and click OK.
  • Scroll down and double click WLAN AutoConfig.
  • Ensure the Startup type is set Automatic, and the Service status is Running.
  • Save your changes and restart your computer and see if your WiFi adapter is enabled.
  • So there you have it the four effective solutions to fix WiFi adapter is disabled. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below.

    Clear Your Browser Cache

    The browser cache is a little trove of website data that can help you load pages faster, and can also interfere with your connection if something goes wrong. Clearing your browser cache is something done on a by-browser basis, so find your preferred browser on the list below. By the way, cleaning your browser also makes it safer, so even if this doesnt fix your Wi-Fi, its still worth doing.

    Google Chrome

  • Click History, then on the side menu, hit History again.

  • A new tab should open up. Look to the left and find Clear browsing data. You can find it with the three bars up top as well.

  • Another new tab will open, as well as a popup. Change the top down menu to All time and make sure the box next to Cached images and files is checked.

  • Click Clear data and see if that helps.

  • Firefox

  • Change the time range to All time then make sure Cached images and files is checked.

  • Click Clear and youre done.

  • Opera

  • Open the app.

  • Find the O-menu button on the bottom right and tap it.

  • Click the clock icon, thats your History, then tap the trash icon on the upper right. Confirm you want to clear your browsing history.

  • Thats actually all. See if it helped.

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    What If The Problem Is With Your Android Smartphone

    If your test result anticipates that the problem is with your phone, then you can try fixing the issue with the following two methods:

    • Now again, open your Android phones Settings app.
    • Tap Network & internet and then tap on Wi-Fi.
    • At the end of the list, tap on Add network.
    • If required, enter the network name and other security details.
    • Tap Save. In case you need a password, enter it.

    Wifi Disabled Suddenly Please Help

    How to fix a problem on iPhone 7 no wifi after updating iOS

    I got a new ALienware 17 laptop which is just working fine. I got windows 10 already installed in it after purchase.Everything was working fine….I was using it just hours ago and connected to a wifi in our school and suddenly the wifi connection just suddenly went gone.I thought the school admin just turned off the router.When i got home,i turned on my laptop and i cannot detect even our wifi at home.My old laptop was able to connect.I wonder what caused the problem.I wasn’t installing any software before it happened. I didn’t even touched wifi settings. It just suddenly gone.I dont think its a hardware problem.I tried to look at Device manager > Netwtork adapters > Killer Wireless-nlaJac 1535 Wireless Network AdapterI double clicked it

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    Restore Windows To An Earlier Copy

    If you are using Microsoft Windows and the Wi-Fi has worked in the past, try restoring Windows to an earlier copy. In some cases, bad software or settings may have caused problems with your Wi-Fi adapter or problems with Windows being able to access the Internet connection.

    Reinstall The Latest Network Drivers

  • Locate and download the network drivers for your network adapter. If possible, we recommend getting the drivers directly from the manufacturer .
  • Delete key to remove the device. If there is a check box to uninstall the drivers, check the box.
  • Once the device is removed, close all open windows and install the downloaded drivers. If there is a setup or executable file for the drivers, run it.
  • Reboot the computer and test the Internet connection to see if it works.
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    Why Does My Home Wifi Say Disabled

  • Android Central QuestionI just got a Coolpad Legacy, and attempted to sign into my home wifi, but it did not work. I had to sign into my previous phone’s hotspot to get it to connect, and it connected fine to my hotspot. But when attempting to sign into my home wifi, it will say “Saved, Connecting” and repeat that a few times, then it will say “disabled.” I’ve reset my phone, and even reset my network settings, but that has not worked. The phone is the latest version or Android. Is there anything I could do to fix this?07-09-2019 04:14 PM
  • Set your router to open , “Forget” the connection in the Legacy, then try to connect.If that doesn’t work , there’s something strange wrong with the Legacy.If it works, put the password back in the router, forget the connection in the Legacy again and try to connect . Then it should connect.07-10-2019 01:46 PM
  • B. DiddySenior AmbassadorIs this your post as well? . If so, please register on this forum and continue the discussion there: Join the Android Central Community! – Android Forums at AndroidCentral.com07-16-2019 09:49 PM
  • Moderator Originally Posted by B. DiddyIs this your post as well? . If so, please register on this forum and continue the discussion there: Join the Android Central Community! – Android Forums at AndroidCentral.comI thought I seen a duplicate post about this yesterday, they register?07-16-2019 09:55 PM
  • Reset Your Router To Factory Settings

    How to fix WiFi disabled! wi-fi greyed out fixed!

    If you are still not able to connect to your WiFi network after you plug your computer directly into your router, try connecting directly to your modem. If you still cant connect to the internet, the problem might be with your router or modem.

    If you discover that your WiFi router isnt working, you can always restore it to factory settings. Unlike a reboot, a hard reset removes your network names, WiFi passwords, and other custom settings. So, before doing a factory reset, make sure to take note of your routers default username and password, as well as any changes youve made to the router settings.

    To reset your router to factory settings, use a paper clip or any other small, thin object to press the reset button on the back of your router. Hold the button down for 30 seconds or until you see the lights on the router flash several times.

    After resetting your router and modem, you can change your WiFi network and password back to what they were before. To find out how to do this, check out our step-by-step guide on how to change your WiFi network name and password.

    If this doesnt work, also check out our step-by-step guide on how to update your routers firmware.

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    My Wireless Device Cant Connect To My Wi

    If your device cant connect to your Wi-Fi, try the following:

    • Check that Wi-Fi on your device is switched on.
      • Laptops and computers: look for a Wi-Fi switch on your screen or on the keyboard.
      • Other wireless devices: go to the settings to turn on Wi-Fi.
    • Check that your modem is set up correctly and that the lights are on and green or blue. To learn how, visit our Modem and Wi-Fi support page, select your modem and look for the step-by-step tutorial under Modem setup.
    • Restart your device.
    • Disconnect your device from the Wi-Fi network and reconnect it. To find your Wi-Fi networks name and password, visit our Modem and Wi-Fi support page, select your modem and look for the step-by-step tutorial under Wi-Fi. Use these credentials when connecting to your Wi-Fi.
    • Remove or turn off devices that may interfere with the Wi-Fi signal or move closer to your modem.
    • Restart your modem. To learn how, visit our Modem and Wi-Fi support page, select your modem and look for the step-by-step tutorial under Modem setup.

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