Why Is My Wifi Not Showing Up

Make Sure That You Have The Latest Updates Installed

5GHz Wi Fi Not Showing up in Windows
  • Open the Settings app.
  • Now head over to the Update & Security section.
  • In the right pane, click the Check for updates button.
  • According to users, sometimes your home network wont show up due to glitches in Windows. These glitches can cause all sorts of problems, and the best way to deal with them is to update Windows to the latest version.

    To do that, be sure to connect your PC to the Internet using the Ethernet cable.

    If any updates are available, they will be downloaded automatically in the background. Once the updates are installed, check if the problem is still there.

    Many users reported that updating Windows to the latest version fixed the problem for them, so be sure to try that.

    Restart Your Modem And Wifi Router

    If the problem occurs to your own WiFi network at home, you can also check the WiFi itself to see if its your WiFi issue, including the router issue, SSID broadcast and device interference mentioned below.

    This problem can be probably caused by the Internet Service Provider issue. Restarting your modem and wireless router can help you reconnect to your ISP. Note: anyone who is connecting to the network will be disconnected temporarily while you are doing this.

    1) Unplug your wireless router and modem from power source .

    2) Wait for at least 30 seconds.

    3) Plug your wireless router and modem back into power source again .

    4) On your PC, reconnect to your WiFi network, then see if it shows up.

    Solution 5 Check Whether The Ssid Is Set To Broadcast

    There is a possibility that the problem lays in the router settings. Router has an option Enable SSID Broadcast. The WiFi network will not show if this option is not enabled. You need to access the router settings page and check the SSID broadcast setting. Here are steps to follow

    Since you are not able to connect to wireless network, you need to establish wired connection between your router and computer and then perform the steps given below

    • Open Internet browser
    • Type the IP address of your router in address bar
    • When the router login page is loaded, enter username and password and click Login
    • In the router settings page, go to wireless section in the left-hand column
    • Make sure there is a tick in the box- Enable SSID broadcast

      Remove the wired Internet connection and check whether WiFi network is showing up. If you cannot establish a wired connection between router and computer, you can follow the steps given below.

      • Right-click the wireless connection icon in the system tray
      • Select Setup a new connection or network
      • In the box that pops up, click Manually connect to a wireless network and then click Next
      • Enter the SSID
      • Use the drop-down menu to select the correct security/encryption type being used
      • Type wireless network password
      • Check the box next to Start this connection automatically
      • Check the box next to Connect even if the network is not broadcasting

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      Reset Your Network Adapter

      The first thing to try, because it resolves the issue most often, is to reset the Wi-Fi network adapter.

      This is easy to do. Open the Windows Control Panel and select View network status and tasks under the Network and Internet section.

      Select Change adapter settings in the left navigation pane.

      This will open a list of all available network adapters on your system. Youll see this list in the left pane. Find the active Wi-Fi adapter that youre using and right-click it. Select Disable from the menu.

      This will completely disable your active Wi-Fi adapter. Itll reset any data that was cached and completely disconnect you from any network. Wait a full minute and then repeat the process above. This time select Enable from the menu.

      Now when you select the Wi-Fi icon in the taskbar, you should see the active network that you couldnt see before.

      If you still dont see it then youll need to continue on to the next troubleshooting step.

      My Wifi Name Is Not Showing Up

      Android files won


      Hello Debby776!

      I am sorry to hear your Wi-Fi network connection stopped showing up on your phone. I will be more than happy to help!

      It is common to experience this when Network Settings have been reset on the phone. This deletes Wi-Fi networks and passwords, cellular settings, and VPN and APN settings youve used before.

      If this occurred, you will have to manually re-enter this information. The AT& T Device Support tool walks you step-by-step to do this. Make sure to select your phones make and model > Tutorials > Connectivity.

      Also, some users enable the SSID broadcast feature for security reasons, which hides Wi-Fi network names. Here is an excellent article, which explains with more detail how this function works.

      The AT& T Troubleshoot & Resolve tool offers a useful guide with additional steps in case the problem persists.

      I hope this information helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions.

      Anabel, AT& T Community Specialist

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      Why Is My Wifi Network Not Showing Up In My Computer

      Generally speaking, there are several causes for this issue:

      • The WiFi problem
      • The incorrect WiFi configuration in your WiFi router and your computer
      • The missing or outdated WiFi driver issue

      However, the good news is you can easily troubleshoot your problem and solve it. This guideline introduces 6 methods for you to troubleshoot.

      Turn On Network Discovery

      Many users fix WiFi not showing up in Windows 10 issue by turning on network discovery via the Control Panel.

      Open Control Panel by searching for it in the Start menu. Click on the Network and Internet section. Make sure the View by option is selected to Category.

      On the next screen, click on Network and Sharing Center.

      Now, from the left panel of the window, click on the Change advanced sharing settings.

      Select Turn on network discovery and click on the Save changes button.

      If you are prompted to add an administrator password, enter it and click OK.

      Once done, click on the Wi-Fi icon on the taskbar and check if the network is visible or not.

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      Disable Microsoft Wifi Direct Virtual Adapter

      You can try disabling Microsoft WiFi Direct Virtual Adapter to see the WiFi network you wish to connect to on your computer.

      Open Device Manager and click on View from the menu bar. Click on Show hidden devices so that you can see WiFi Direct Virtual Adapter.

      Now, expand Network adapters and right-click on the Microsoft WiFi Direct Virtual adapter. Select Disable device from the context menu.

      Restart your PC and check if WiFi not showing up in Windows 10 is fixed with this or not.

      # 1 Check If Your Router Supports 5ghz Wifi

      Fix WiFi Not Showing in Settings On Windows 10 Fix Missing WiFi – Howtosolveit

      As you know, some routers and wireless adapters can only work on 2.4GHz. So, you need to make sure the router is a dual-band model and has a 5GHz WiFi adapter. Heres how to check that on your Windows 10 laptop.

      Step 1. Take a look at your routers model and search it on the manufacturers website.

      Step 2. On the official web page, you should look for its supported frequencies or supported radio bands. If your router can work on 5GHz WiFi, you can see its specifications stated on the web page.

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      Reset The Computer Network

      Previously we had discussed restarting the network adapter, but now let us see how we can reset the entire computer network configuration. Resetting refers to reverting all the settings back to their original state, hence any VPN configurations might need to be re-done as they will be deleted after performing this step.

    • Navigate to the following:Start Menu -> Settings -> Network & Internet
    • Now scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on Network Reset.
    • On the confirmation screen, click reset now, and the computer will not reboot.
    • This will first uninstall your network adapters and then reinstall them again, using the same drivers, and revert all settings back to the way they used to be. Check if the WiFi tab is now displaying the available networks or not. If not, continue down this thread to look for alternate fixes.

      Also check out:Reset network settings in Windows 10

      Check Whether Your Computer Supports 5ghz Wi

      Before trying anything complex, you should first establish whether your computer is compatible with 5GHz networks. Here are the steps to do so:

    • Open the Run command box by pressing the Windows key and the R key simultaneously. You can also do so by typing Run in the Windows search box located in the bottom left corner of your screen.
    • Type cmd in the Run box. This should launch Windows 10 command prompt.
    • Enter the following in the command prompt: netsh wlan show driversAfter that, press Enter. You should see the properties of your computers Wi-Fi Lan driver.
    • Check the Radio types supported section.
    • Youll most likely see one of three possible network modes as follows:
    • 11g 802.11n: This shows that your computer is compatible only with 2.4GHz networks.
    • 11n 802.11g 802.11b: This shows that your computer is compatible only with 2.4GHz networks.
    • 11a 802.11g 802.11n: This shows your computer supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks.
    • If the third network mode above is present, then your computer is 5G enabled. This shows that the connection problem lies not in the network adapter of your device. Its something to do with your settings, and you should be good to go as soon as you correct that. However, if you see one of the first two network modes, youll need to get an updated network adapter that supports the 5GHz bandwidth.

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      Got A Wireless 6 Router Try Disabling The Ax Mode

      If youre using the Wireless AX Wi-Fi 6 router and your computer is unable to detect your routers WiFi 6 network, it might be because you have an older wireless network adapter. Downloading and installing the latest drivers for your wireless network adapter from your manufacturers website can fix this issue.

      If updating your drivers does not fix the issue, you might still be able to detect your WiFi network if you disable the AX WiFi feature of your router.

      To disable AX WiFi on NETGEAR RAX series AX routers:

      • Login to your router configuration page.
      • On the BASIC Home page, select Wireless. This opens the Wireless Setup page.
      • Clear the Enable AX check box. Clearing this check box turns off AX WiFi.

      On Cisco WiFI AX routers,

      • Open the Wi-Fi router settings page
      • Select Wireless 802.11 a/n/ac/ax High Throughput 11 ax mode
      • Repeat same for 802.11 b/g/n/ax

      Check The Device’s Dhcp Settings

      Why is my phone showing watch as connected when bluetooth ...

      Most wireless routers are set up as DHCP servers, which allow computers and other client devices to join the network so their IP addresses don’t have to be manually set up.

      Check your wireless network adapter’s TCP/IP settings to make sure your adapter is automatically obtaining settings from the DHCP server. If it doesn’t get an address automatically, then it’s likely using a static IP address, which can cause problems if the network isn’t set up that way.

      You can do this in Windows by running the control netconnectionscommand-line command via Run or Command Prompt. Right-click the wireless network adapter and enter its properties and then IPv4 or IPv6 options to check how the IP address is obtained.

      Similar steps can be taken on an iPhone or iPad via the Settings app in the Wi-Fi options. Tap the button next to the network that’s experiencing the wireless connection issue, and make sure the Configure IP option is set up appropriately, with Automatic chosen if it’s supposed to use DHCP, or Manual if that’s necessary.

      For an Android, open the Settings > Wi-Fi menu and then tap the network name. Use the Edit link there to find the advanced settings that control DHCP and static addresses.

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      Restart The Wifi Router

      If you are experiencing issues with only one particular network, you can try restarting the router and modem. Sometimes, there can be a glitch that prevents the network from showing up.

      Firstly, unplug the router and modem from the power source.

      You now need to wait for 30 seconds or so and then connect the router and modem back to the power source.

      Now, check if you can see the network on your computer.

      You can also get in touch with ISP to check if there is any network fault from their side.

      How Do I Forget A Network On Windows 11

      Whenever you connect to a network, Windows will autosave the passwords and other connection data so that you can log back into it again when it is within range. If you want to forget a Wi-Fi network on Windows 11, you can follow these instructions: Click on the Wi-Fi icon in the Action Center . Click on the arrow next to your Wi-Fi. Right-click on a Wi-Fi network that youve connected to before and select Forget.

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      Check If Services Are Running

      You can connect to WiFi conveniently if the required services are running. If there is an issue with these services, you can experience WiFi not showing up in Windows 10.

      Open the Services app on your computer and then check if the below services are running or not. You can check it in the Status column.

      Windows EventLog
      Network Setup Service
      Network Store Interface Service

      If any service is not running, right-click on it and select Start from the context menu. Once all the services are started, check if you can see the required network and connect with it without any issues.

      Make Sure That Your Wi

      Windows 11 – How To Fix WiFi Not Showing Up
    • Open the Settings app.
    • You can do that instantly by using Windows Key + I shortcut.
    • When the Settings app opens, go to the Network & Internet section.
    • In the right pane, scroll all the way down and click on Network and Sharing Center.
    • When Network and Sharing Center window opens, click the Change adapter settings.
    • Locate your Wi-Fi connection, right-click it, and choose Enable.
    • If youre having problems with Wi-Fi, perhaps the Wi-Fi connection isnt enabled. To fix this problem, its advised that you check your settings.

      After doing that, the problem should be resolved, and youll be able to connect to the home network once again.

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      Why Is My Samsung Smart Tv Not Working

      With the Remote: For most people, the easiest way is to hold down the Power button on the Samsung TV remote until the TV turns off and on again. With the Plug: If you do not have the remote, unplug your TV from the wall outlet or surge protector, leave it unplugged for 30 seconds, and then plug it back in.

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