Why Is My Wifi So Bad

Wifi Suddenly Slow Heres How To Fix It

Why is my WIFI so bad!!!!

Slow WiFi is most often caused by interference from other WiFi networks and old devices in the vicinity. Solid metal objects or concrete walls also block WiFi radio waves pretty hard, making for an even weaker signal.

Fixing this is as simple as repositioning your router and changing the channel. But of course, this likely isnt the only reason why your WiFi suddenly slowed down. Weve got you covered, though.

Our comprehensive guide covers everything from what makes WiFi suddenly slow to how you can solve the issue.

  • How Can I Check My WiFi Speed?
  • Unknown Devices On My Wi

    Log into your Wi-Fi app or administrator settings . Look for a list of currently connected devices and pinpoint the devices you dont recognize. First, make sure these dont represent connections you didnt realize you had each smart device will have its own connection, for example, and they can have some strange titles if you didnt name them. Game consoles and TVs may also be connected.

    If youve ruled out all your own potential devices, and theres still a connection or two you dont recognize, its possible someone else is hijacking your Wi-Fi network. In this case, look in your settings for an option to block these devices on your Wi-Fi, and ban their MAC addresses, if possible. Then change your Wi-Fi password, and reboot your router . This may not stop especially determined hackers, but its usually enough to kick unwanted guests off your network.

    The Secret Life Of Your Data: What You Need To Know

    For all the good we get from technology, it can also take a lot from us. The Posts tech columnist Geoffrey A. Fowler examines the personal information streaming out of devices and services we take for granted.

    Amazon Sidewalk shares your Internet with smart homes and surveillance devices. Heres how to turn it off.

    Alexa: By default, Amazon keeps a copy of everything Echo smart speakers record.

    Browser extensions: Add-ons and plug-ins can see and share everything you do on the Web.

    Cars: Automakers use hundreds of sensors and an always-on Internet connection to record where you go and how you drive.

    A half-dozen kinds of companies can grab data about purchases, from your bank to the store where youre shopping.

    Dont sell my data: The California Consumer Privacy Act can help even residents of other states see and delete their data and tell companies to stop selling it.

    iPhones and Android phones: Hidden trackers in apps share personal information even while you and your phone are asleep.

    TVs: Once every few minutes, smart TVs beam out a snapshot of whats on your screen.

    Web browsers: Googles Chrome loaded more than 11,000 tracker cookies into our browser in a single week.

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    Fix #: Power Cycle Your Modem And Router

    Your modem and router work hard, and sometimes they needto refreshwith a quick power cycle. Simply pull the plug on both units, wait 30 seconds, and then plug the modem back into the wall outlet. Once it properly boots, do the same with the router.

    In the case of a wireless gateway, pull the plug, wait, and plug it back in.

    Draining both units of power allows them to cool down, clear the system memory, clear up any local communication issues, and reestablish fresh connections. Moreover, a power cycle allows the modem to resync with your internet providers operatora device that communicates with multiple modems. It also refreshes your routers public IP address.

    Overall, a power cycle can really give your internet speeds a boost on your side of the modem.

    Im Worried About Amazon Sidewalk Giving My Wi

    Can someone explain why my download speed is so slow for the Fortnite ...

    Amazon Sidewalk is a new service that started rolling out in June 2021, and has caused some consternation among those with Amazon devices because of its use of Wi-Fi beyond the home.

    There are two important parts of Sidewalk to consider. First, any compatible device will use BLE to help facilitate smart device communication and strengthen the Wi-Fi network around your home. If your neighbors are already using your Wi-Fi , they may find it easier, but otherwise not much will change.

    However, Bridge devices can use Sidewalk to broadcast parts of your Wi-Fi band as far as half a mile away to accomplish similar goals. Bridge devices include the Echo Show 10, the Echo 4th-gen, the Ring Spotlight, and the Ring Floodlight Cam. Now, the signals these devices send are encrypted, but they also include information about your address and remain connected to your smart home. If thats a concern for you, we have a guide dedicated to disabling Sidewalk with the Alexa app for now, and seeing how the service develops in the future.

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    Moca Makes Your Internet Better For Gaming

    MoCA isnt better than Wi-Fi. Instead, it makes your Wi-Fi better. With MoCA supporting your Wi-Fi, you can enjoy wireless Internet and a reliable wired Internet connection in your home at the same time.

    For MoCA use, consider this: if the device never moves, like your gaming console or PC, wire it up. If the device is portable and moves often, like your laptop, tablet or smartphone, connect to Wi-Fi.

    You can achieve this wired set up with MoCA adapters supporting your existing Wi-Fi home network. All you have to do is:

    • Invest in MoCA adapters like the HT-EM4 MoCA adapters
    • Connect one adapter to your router
    • Connect the other adapter to your gaming device

    Thats it. With MoCA, you can enjoy lag-free online gaming. MoCA turns your Wi-Fi into high-speed Wi-Fi to get rid of lag and keeps your networks latency low so your game play is always in real time.

    Sure, wireless will always be more convenient, but with MoCA you dont have to totally give up that freedom. Youre already stationary playing games anyways and you will be happier with a wired setup when you are gaming without interruptions.

    By simply using MoCA adapters in your home, you make your Wi-Fi faster and more reliable. Want to learn more about what MoCA can do? Check out Hitrons Learn page for more resources.

    Diminishing Signal Strength Creates Dead Spots

    A strong signal is often a good indicator that the Wi-Fi connection will be fast and reliable instead of slow and intermittent. We can compare this to hearing other people talk in a quiet, open area, you can hear someones voice fairly well. On the other hand, in a building with thick walls, listening becomes more difficult. The same is true for indoor Wi-Fi. As distance increases, thewireless signal strength decreases, and different types of obstructions will further reduce signal strength.

    The below example shows what Wi-Fi signal strength would look like with and without building walls. The red colors represent a signal strength too low for good Wi-Fi connectivity:

    Wi-Fi Signal Strength Loss From Indoor Walls

    Free Space Path Loss With No Attenuation from Walls

    Use the following guidelines to gauge how different materials in your home affect the signal strength of Wi-Fi. Keep in mind that a 3 dB drop is equivalent to a 50% reduction in power!

    • Dry Wall: 3 dB

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    Change Your Wifi Password

    In todays tech-driven world, everyone enjoys free Wifi. So, unprotected Wifi is like an open treasure chest people will flock to it within minutes.

    If your Wifi isnt secured and youre experiencing a signal lag, theres a high chance your neighbor might be stealing your bandwidth.

    But how to protect your Wifi? Well, you can use WPA2 internet security for your Wifi. Follow the instructions below to secure your Wifi.

    • Press Windows + R and select cmd in the Run dialog
    • Once the command prompt opens, type ipconfigand press enter
    • Youll see your IP address right next to Default Gateway.
    • Enter the address in the address bar and press enter
    • When asked to provide the password, contact your internet service provider and ask them for the new password.

    Make sure that your ISP gives you a strong password.

    Add Protection To Wifi

    How to Fix Bad WiFi Speeds On The PS4

    If no program or device is using the bandwidth then there could be a chance your neighbour is stealing your bandwidth. If your WiFi isnt secure enough or not secured at all, then someone may connect to it and use your bandwidth. You should use WPA2 security, as it is currently the most advanced protocol to secure your WiFi. You will have to change the password from your routers main interface that can be accessed by entering the routers IP address in your browsers address bar.

    To find the routers IP address, press Windows + R key and enter cmd in the Run dialog to open command prompt.

    Here type ipconfig and hit enter and you should see the IP address next to Default Gateway. Just enter this address in your browser address bar and press enter. When prompted to provide password, enter Admin or 12345. If both dont work, try contacting your ISP and ask them to provide the password.

    The interface is different of every router so we cant provide exact instructions. However, you should find option to change password under Security, Wireless or similar options. Just choose WPA2 security and AES encryption, and use a strong password.

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    Adjust Router For Better Signal

    Solid objects like walls or devices like microwaves block and interfere with the WiFi signal. If your signal strength is weak, theres likely a lot of packet loss, making your WiFi seem slow.

  • Place your router high in the central part of your house where any large concrete/metal objects do not directly block it.
  • Adjust the external antennas perpendicularly for max coverage.
  • If you have an old router lying around, you can use it as a WiFi Extender / Repeater to improve the WiFi coverage. Of course, devices made specifically for this are also available in the market.
  • Tips For Wireless Network Users

    When you’re connecting to a wireless network , your Internet connection speed can be affected by both where your computer is located and whether other wireless devices are in the same area. Wireless networks operate on frequencies that are similar to those used by other devices, such as microwave ovens or cordless phones. Operating a 2.4 gigahertz cordless phone next to your 2.4 GHz wireless laptop can cause interference, or completely block the wireless network connection. If you want to make phone calls while surfing the web, either use a wired telephone or a cordless phone that operates at a different frequency than your wireless network.

    Proximity to the wireless access point or router, as well as physical obstructions, can affect the quality of your Internet connection. To improve your connection speed, move closer to the access point and make sure that there are no physical obstructions between the access point and your computer.

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    How Do You Pick A Mesh Router

    In looking for the devices you mentioned in your article, they are much more expensive than you quoted, says Sue McClain of Columbia, Md.

    As luck would have it, the prices of some of the routers I recommended increased after I published. Perhaps there was a surge in demand: Amazon added $30 onto the price of its basic two-pack Eero system.

    But this raises a bigger question. If youre able to spend on new router hardware right now, how do you know which one is right for you: Eero, Google WiFi or Netgear Orbi? Most of the makers of so-called mesh routers, which help spread WiFi over a large or oddly shaped home, sell them in different flavors, configurations and price points.

    As a rule of thumb, I suggest starting small and then working your way up. You can usually return a system that doesnt work well for you. In the case of mesh routers, that means looking for a set of two wireless hubs. Theyre designed so that you can buy a third or fourth if you still need more coverage.

    Whats the price difference? The cheaper models use whats called dual-band technology, while the more expensive ones operate on three bands. That third band does offer a better highway to transmit data between the hubs. But Im doing just fine with a dual-band system in my house.

    Your Network Drivers Are Outdated

    Why Is Wi

    In order to connect to the internet, your computer uses a network adapter, which is supported by network drivers. These network drivers allow your computers hardware and software programs to interact with one another.

    Windows Update automatically pushes the latest version of network drivers to your system. However, there may be times when these network adapter drivers go missing, go out of date, or become incompatible with your current system. This can cause your WiFi to slow down.

    If youre a Windows 10 user, you can manually update your network driver by opening the Windows search box . Then type Device Manager into the search bar and click Open. In the Device Manager menu, right-click on the network adapter you want to update and choose Update Driver.

    If you have a Mac, Apple will handle all the system and driver updates for you. To make sure your drivers are up to date, click the Apple icon in the top-left corner of your screen and select System Preferences. Then select Software Update and click Update Now. If you dont see this option, it means your Mac is up to date.

    If you want to find out how slow your WiFi is, you can easily perform a WiFi speed test from your computer or smartphone. Heres how:

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    Fix : Disable Windows Auto

    Window Auto-Tuning is a feature in our Windows 10 to allow for more efficient data transfers. But it can also interfere with the network and cause loss of connectivity. So to disable the feature:

  • On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key and type cmd. Then right click on Command Prompt and click Run as administrator.Click Yes when prompted to confirm.
  • Copy & paste netsh interface tcp show global into the window and press Enter. Then check if Receive Window Auto-Tuning Level is set to normal.
  • If yes, youll have to copy & paste netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled into the window and press Enter to disable it.
  • Check to see if your Windows 10 slow Internet problem has been solved. If the issue still lingers on, dont worry, heres one more fix to try.
  • Check Your Speed And Compare It To Your Plan

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    Before going through a bunch of troubleshooting on your end, its worth running a speed test using a website like Speedtest.net to see how well its actually performing. Be sure to stop any downloads, uploads, Netflix streaming, or other heavy internet activity before running the test to ensure as little interference with the results as possible.

    Compare the measured speed results against the expected speed of the Internet connection youre paying for. If you dont know this, theres a good chance you can find it on the bill for your Internet connection or your Internet service providers website.

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    There are some caveats here. Speed tests may sometimes appear rather high, as some Internet service providers may prioritize them and they may have servers very close to you. If your connection speed appears a bit low, that can be normalyou generally pay for up to a certain speed and you dont always get the exact speed you pay for. Speeds may also be slower at busier times of the day, when everyone in your neighborhood is using the Internet connection, than at off hours when many people are sleeping or at work.

    Of course, it could also just be that you pay for a very slow internet planin which case youll need to call your internet provider and pay more to upgrade your service!

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