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Move Your Wireless Router

This Device Will SPEED UP Your Internet! AmpliFi Alien Mesh WiFi 6 Router

If the bandwidth test you did shows dead spots in your home, try moving your wireless router. Its not at all unusual for a Wi-Fi router to be stuck in the corner of a house or apartment, near the wall where service enters your home. Thats the worst place for it. Wi-Fi is radio radios have limited range and sometimes have trouble penetrating walls. If its practical, try moving your router to a more central location by running a longer coax or Ethernet cable from the wall jack.

Try to keep the router away from big pieces of metal, like refrigerators or microwave ovens. Wi-Fi doesnt do well around lots of water, either, so stay away from 100-gallon aquariums.

Then try the speed checks again to see if it helped.

Mesh Networking Vs Traditional Wi

We explain the differences and discuss the best options available for home setups and remote working.

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Mesh networking is a relatively new entry into the consumer market, so you would be forgiven to think it would automatically be ‘better’ than a standard router. However, a mesh network is an overkill for some.

A standard router acts as a central hub for Internet connectivity. Traffic and requests from devices granted permission to connect to the main router’s internet service — usually through a password — are funneled through one access point.

The benefits:

The disadvantages:

  • Coverage issues: As Internet access is distributed through a single point, this can mean that areas far away from your router will have slow or spotty connections that drop. However, range extenders can help remove this barrier and can still end up being cheaper than investing in a mesh network.

  • Overload: Unless extenders or channel separation features are used, too many connections may result in overloading, bottlenecks, lag, and drops.

  • Tweaking: If you want to tweak the more advanced settings on a router, this can often require annoying visits to a platform via desktop, rather than seamless mobile app connectivity we have learned to enjoy for many of our modern services.


    Tips To Speed Up Your Internet Connection

    Theres no one way to boost your internet speed. Your speed could be suffering from a number of unrelated reasons, so its in your best interest to explore as many avenues as possible. With each step you try, we also recommend re-running your speed tests to see whether or not you are achieving any noticeable results.

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    What Are The Best Mesh Networks For My Needs

    First, understand that different systems target different needs.

    Are you just looking to get rid of dead spots? Do you want to extend your coverage outside? Do you need a mesh system to improve your gaming experience?

    If you just want to get rid of all the dead spots and extend your WiFi coverage, tri-band mesh systems are great for whole-home coverage. If you are a gamer or someone in your family is a gamer, there are specific mesh systems available for gamers, like the AmpliFi Gamer Edition by Ubiquiti. They are designed to provide optimal speeds and prevent gaming latency.

    Regardless of which brand you go with, always check the specs. Look at the square footage they support, the 802.11 standard they use, the bandwidth, and the frequency bands.

    What Are The Differences Between Mesh And Traditional Wi

    Speed Up WiFi Internet Connection

    The key difference between mesh systems and traditional routers is that the former is centralised while the latter is not.

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    With an old-school router, all wireless traffic is going to rely on that single point-of-access. Your router is connected to your NBN or ADSL connection and then passes that connectivity on to however many devices you connect to it. Devices that are further away will often experience worse quality of service than those closer to your router.

    Recent advances like MU-MIMO and Wi-Fi 6 have addressed these shortcomings to a limited degree but have done little to tinker with the inherently centralised structure that comes as part of this style of home network.

    Meanwhile: a mesh Wi-Fi system gives you multiple points of access. This fundamental difference can allow mesh-based networks to offer better real world coverage and speeds in some – but not all – situations. If you live in a large home or one with multiple floors, you’re going to notice more of a difference than you would in a small, single-storied locale.

    It should be said that, compared to many modern routers, Mesh Wi-Fi systems tend to have slower processors and less antennas. Even if they’re sometimes more efficient or effective at handling connections from multiple devices, that can mean that you’ll get worse performance from them compared to a top-line traditional router like the Netgear Nighthawk XR1000 or TP-Link’s Archer AX73.

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    Keep Your Internet From Getting Bogged Down With The Best Wireless Routers For Fast Performance At The Farthest Range Possible

    Smart devices are making homes smarter and smarter, and thats plenty to get excited about. But the more tech-savvy and automated your home is, the more of a drag it can be on your Internet, reducing the lightning-fast speeds youre used to.

    Keep your internet from getting bogged down with your smart home and entertainment devices by installing the best wireless routers, boosting performance and range.

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      Best Mesh Router: Eero Mesh Wifi Routers


      Eero, a startup acquired by Amazon in 2019, is responsible for popularizing mesh WiFi router systems, and its Pro system is still the one we recommend.

      It comes with three routers: An Eero Pro, which needs to be connected to your cable modem with an Ethernet cable, and two eero Beacons. The Beacons can be plugged in anywhere, and have a discrete look that helps them blend in with lighter colored walls.

      Eero says this system has a maximum range of 5,500 sq. ft., and can achieve speeds of up to 1,300Mbps. Ive personally tested this mesh WiFi system for several years in a two floor condo with notoriously harsh conditions. The system worked very well, with consistent speeds and no dropouts, even when more than a dozen devices were connected to the same network on different floors.

      You can set up and troubleshoot Eeros routers by downloading its app . It has a very easy to understand interface, which makes testing your internet speed, seeing if a router isnt working properly, or changing your password very simple. These settings used to be hidden behind hard-to-understand web interfaces, so this is a big upgrade. Another nice feature is that these routers automatically update themselves overnight , to add new features and patch security holes.

      Ease of use and consistent performance are why I personally recommend Eero mesh routers for anyone looking to upgrade from the one provided by their ISP.

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      Tip #1: Use A Vpn To Bypass Isp Throttling

      If you notice that your internet connection only seems to slow down at certain times, or when you try to access specific websites , theres a chance youre being throttled by your ISP.

      ISP throttling is the term we use to describe when an internet service provider purposely slows down a users internet connection. There are a number of reasons why your ISP might be doing this, which can include:

      • ISP policies against using certain websites
      • Broad throttling during periods of high congestion
      • Purposeful throttling of certain data-intensive websites, such as online streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video
      • Enforced data caps

      If you have an internet plan with a data cap, theres little you can do once you reach that cap. The type of speed throttling that occurs in that case is delivered through different methods.

      However, if your ISP is throttling your speeds as you try to access certain websites, you can bypass that throttling using a virtual private network, or VPN.

      A VPN will encrypt your internet connection in a private tunnel between you and the VPN servers. From there, you can access any website without your ISP knowing what sites or services youre using. As a result, your internet service provider is forced to treat all of your internet traffic the same, effectively bypassing any automatic filtering that might occur due to the sites or services youre trying to access.

      Tip #: Check To See If You Have Unwanted Guests Using Your Wifi

      Netgear Orbi AX6000 WiFi 6 Mesh System – Reliable High Speed Internet for all your devices in 2020

      If youre using an unsecured wifi connection, stop what youre doing and secure it right away. If youre in an urban or suburban area with an unsecured wifi connection, theres a good chance one of your neighbors or anyone else is hopping onto your wifi and using up your bandwidth. They may be doing this intentionally or unintentionally, as many devices are set to automatically connect to any unsecured wifi connection available.

      Once youve double checked your security, you can browse your routers connection logs to determine who else is currently or has been connected to your homes wifi.

      You may need to check your routers instructions for the proper LAN IP address to connect to the router through a web browser. Many use or, but yours may also other LAN IPs. My router uses

      Once Ive logged into the interface, I can go to several different areas to check on what devices are connected to my wifi. Your routers interface may label this differently. For me, I can find the log of connected devices under Network or under Wireless.

      Here, I can see that there are 6 named devices currently connected to my router:

      If you see a section shows Hostname, MAC Address and IP Address as labels, youve found what youre looking for. Youll need to draw your attention to Hostname in particular, as this will indicate the name of the devices connected to your network.

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      Do I Need A Mesh Network

      Mesh networks are a great solution for eliminating poor internet connections in those hard to reach areas, like the basement, backyard, garage, etc. However, they are not the best solution for every situation.

      If you have a large home that is 3,000 sq ft or more, a home with building material obstructions , or a multistory home, you will benefit from a wireless mesh network. The multiple nodes will help expand the coverage into every room for a whole-home WiFi coverage and reduce the interference caused by obstacles.

      On the other hand, if you live in an apartment or a small home, and only experience dead zones or poor speeds occasionally, you might not need a mesh network. A range extender will work just as well and will be a more cost-effective solution that can help patch up the problem area.

      Tip #: Check Your Task Manager And Turn Off Unwanted Background Processes

      While most applications on your computer arent constantly drawing on your available bandwidth, some are designed to continuously upload and download data. Web browsers are a key offender, as are online file storage applications like Dropbox, or automatic data backup services like AOMEI Backupper.

      On a Windows computer, you can check your Task Manager to see which apps are pulling down data. You can get to Task Manager by typing in Task Manager in your system search bar or by pressing ALT+CTRL+DEL and selecting Task Manager from the menu.

      After opening Task Manager, do a simple scan of your Network section. If nothing on your computer is drawing data at the moment, it will read 0%. But if theres an application or process drawing data, youll see some fluctuations in that percentage. If you find a process drawing data on your network, you can close it down easily from task manager.

      For Mac OS X users, the process youre looking for is called Activity Monitor. You can open the Activity Monitor by opening up Spotlight and typing in Activity Monitor in the search bar.

      Related: You can also look into using a bandwidth limiter to control application usage

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      Why Your Next Wi

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      By Brian X. Chen

        The next time you upgrade your Wi-Fi equipment, take a bold step: Throw out your stand-alone router and instead consider investing in a so-called mesh system.

        A mesh network could solve most, if not all, of your Wi-Fi problems. Its basically a system of multiple Wi-Fi stations that work together to blanket every corner of your home with a strong wireless data connection.

        Unlike stand-alone routers that lose signal the farther you move away from them, mesh stations piggyback on one another to create a continuous wireless link throughout your home, minimizing the possibility of dead zones. The network technology is quickly becoming popular: After the start-up Eero released a mesh system last year, bigger brands like Google and D-Link followed with similar products.

        Obviously, large houses with many rooms would benefit from multiple Wi-Fi hubs. But based on my tests with several mesh systems over the last year, I would go a step further and recommend a mesh network for most people, including those with modestly sized homes, for a variety of reasons.

        For one, mesh Wi-Fi systems like Eero and Google Wifi include intuitive smartphone apps that make managing your network easier to understand. For another, some mesh systems are aesthetically pleasing unlike traditional routers, which are bulky contraptions of hideous antennas that look as if they were made on the Death Star.

        Update Your Routers Firmware

        8 Best Wi

        Since youve already logged in to your routers interface to check your Wi-Fi channel from step six, you might as well check to see if there are any available firmware updates. Updating your router keeps it as secure as possible and up to date with the latest software fixes for known problems.

        Many newer routers have automatic firmware updates, but if your router doesnt, you should periodically check for them to make sure your router works as fast as possible.

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        Gryphon Guardian Mesh Wifi Route

        Since were starting to go on the higher end of the price range, its expected that there will be a router mesh system that will offer more features than the previous models on the list. Well, Gryphon Guardian has enough to give you a good WiFi signal while protecting your network.

        You can control the 3-pack devices with the help of a smartphone app that is easy to install. Although it comes with malware protection software by ESET, this program is free for only 6 months. After that, expect to pay $79 for another year.

        The Gryphon mesh router dual-band system will give you up to 5,000 square feet of signal coverage of up to 867 Mbps on the 5 GHz band, while you can have 300 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band.

        Whats best about this system are the parental controls. You can create one profile for each member of your family and set age-appropriate filters. Also, Screen Time Management lets you restrict the time your kid spent online.

        The Gryphon Guardian does not excel in the 30-foot signal test, but if your main interest is to easily control what your kids do online and to have a secure network, then this is the mesh system for you.

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